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This section is your ultimate resource for latest news and developments in real estate market of Vancouver , Burnaby , Richmond , New Westminster , Surrey and other cities of Fraser Valley. The articles posted here are handpicked by Real Estate Experts based on the fact that Buying or selling a property is a big decision and everyone should have access to all sources of information related to these deals in this ever changing real estate market of North America. We are always maintaining archives of the news articles and this content is searchable using the search functionality below. All the articles are always linked to the main source of the information.

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# Article Publish Date Source
1 The Wex at 20829 77A Avenue Langley a 94 unit 9-storey building by RDG Management Ltd 2017/03/23 The Province
2 The Crossing at 246 171st Street South Surrey 67 townhomes by Gramercy Group 2017/03/23 The Province
3 Only the chair can determine voting eligibility 2017/03/23 The Province
4 The Smithe 23-storey tower at 885 Cambie Street has 94 two and three bedroom h 2017/03/23 The Province
5 Liberal budget released- These are the housing related promises 2017/03/22 REP
6 Richmond construction company sues Vancouver Trump Tower developer 2017/03/21 The Province
7 Land shortage, economy prompt surge in B.C. commercial real estate sales 2017/03/20 The Vancouver Sun
8 GTA market is approaching “full blown affordability crisis” – CIBC economist 2017/03/20 Mortgage Broker News
9 B.C. home sales “typical” for February but far short of February 2016 2017/03/20 Mortgage Broker News
10 BC extends foreign buyer tax exemptions 2017/03/20 REP
11 CREA 2016 Annual Report 2017/03/18 other
12 Juniper at 2632 Library Lane North Vancouver 58 homes in a 5-storey low-rise b 2017/03/18 The Vancouver Sun
13 5 key takeaways from CREA's latest release 2017/03/17 REP
14 Simple alterations can be messy without bylaw enforcement 2017/03/16 The Province
15 Kindred 600 East 3rd Street North Vancouver 96 homes in two 5 storey buildings 2017/03/16 The Province
16 The Federal Reserve has raised its benchmark interest rate 2017/03/15 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
17 CREA releases monthly housing stats 2017/03/15 REP
18 Can the recent mortgage rules be reversed? 2017/03/14 Mortgage Broker News
19 Architect transformed communities worldwide 2017/03/13 The Vancouver Sun
20 Navio at the Creek 1678 / 1688 Pullman Porter Street Vancouver 177 homes in tw 2017/03/11 The Vancouver Sun
21 Chinese home buyers aren’t primarily after profit in Canada, survey says 2017/03/10 REP
22 3D virtual reality listings are here now 2017/03/10 REP
23 3 Civic Plaza 13483 103rd Avenue Surrey BC. 55 storeys with 349 units by Centu 2017/03/09 The Province
24 Bellevue 2289 Bellevue Avenue West Vancouver BC 35 homes in a 16 storey tower 2017/03/09 The Province
25 Canada’s residential construction exceeds $5 billion 2017/03/09 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
26 Does the CRA flipping reporting have you worried? 2017/03/08 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
27 CMHC mortgage insurance hike scheduled for this month 2017/03/08 REP
28 A plan to improve housing affordability 2017/03/08 REP
29 New home construction picks up, offering latest evidence of economic momentum 2017/03/08 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
30 According to Juwaii, Chinese investment in Canada to be $16B in 2017, enquirie 2017/03/08 Mortgage Broker News
31 Chinese Buyers Turning from Vancouver Real Estate – Except at High End - enq 2017/03/07 REW
32 Chinese interest in Vancouver real estate not limited to high-end sector 2017/03/07 Business in Vancouver
33 Proposed class action against B.C. says foreign buyers' tax unconstitutional 2017/03/06 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
34 Fraser Valley’s February numbers point to a market on the rise 2017/03/06 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
35 $1 million ain’t what it used to be 2017/03/06 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
36 Look at your home with buyer’s eye before you’re ready to sell 2017/03/04 The Vancouver Sun
37 The Smithe at 885 Cambie Street Vancouver a 27-storey tower with 94 homes by B 2017/03/04 The Vancouver Sun
38 New rules home in on condo flippers 2017/03/04 The Vancouver Sun
39 Fraser Valley home sales slump but real estate pros are happy 2017/03/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
40 BoC holds rates amid ‘economic slack’ 2017/03/02 The Vancouver Sun
41 Mega-mansions on Richmond farmland spur huge concerns 2017/03/02 The Vancouver Sun
42 Greater Vancouver condo prices rise despite tumbling sales 2017/03/02 The Globe and Mail
43 Vancouver home sales drop in February 2017/03/02 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
44 Housing options coming to single-family neighbourhoods 2017/03/02 Vancouver Courier
45 Problematic for strata to impose alteration agreements retroactively 2017/03/02 The Province
46 Horseshoe Bay 158 condos at 6409 Bay Street West Vancouver by developer Westbank 2017/03/02 The Province
47 Vancouver's historic downtown Rosewood Hotel Georgia to be sold for $145 million 2017/03/02 The Province
48 Is This The Future Of Real Estate Marketing? 2017/03/01 other
49 Bank of Canada announces rate - March 1, 2017 2017/03/01 REP
50 Millennials really want to buy but face barriers says HSBC 2017/03/01 REP
51 BC Commercial Leading Indicator Ends Year on a High Note 2017/02/28 BCREA
52 The Civil Resolution Tribunal: Opening a Pandora’s Box of Strata Disputes? 2017/02/27 REW
53 A report on the future of BC housing by Resonance Consultancy 2017/02/27 other
54 Fourth Quarter Report 2016 from Fifth Dimension 2017/02/27 other
55 Kindred 600 East 3rd Street North Vancouver 96 homes by Fairborne Homes 2017/02/25 The Vancouver Sun
56 RBC CEO says Toronto real estate market ‘not sustainable,’ company posts r 2017/02/25 The Vancouver Sun
57 Trump hotel at 1151 West Georgia Street Vancouver is akin to other luxury choices 2017/02/25 The Vancouver Sun
58 An investment that pays itself off in six months? 2017/02/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
59 Vancouver Chinese Buyer in a Landmark ruling ordered to repay Chinas Citic Ban 2017/02/23 Business in Vancouver
60 Ontario budget leaning heavily on Toronto housing market 2017/02/23 Mortgage Broker News
61 Analysts weigh in on recent Toronto market developments 2017/02/23 Mortgage Broker News
62 Tax relief for first-time buyers 2017/02/23 Mortgage Broker News
63 Alberni tower at 1550 Alberni Street Vancouver’s unique design by Kengo Kuma 2017/02/23 The Province
64 Airbnb not considered rentals under strata act 2017/02/23 The Province
65 Parc East homes ideal for a range of buyers 2017/02/23 The Province
66 Pinnacle on the Park 140 homes in an 18 storey tower at 1708 Ontario Street by 2017/02/23 The Province
67 Vancouver mayor takes frank tone on housing crisis 2017/02/22 The Vancouver Sun
68 Post-industrial wave washes over Mount Pleasant's heavy-industry buildings 2017/02/22 The Vancouver Sun
69 A quarter of the city’s homes may be torn down by 2030, UBC prof says 2017/02/22 The Vancouver Sun
70 PTT exemption for 1st time buyers raised to $500K today and for purchase of ne 2017/02/22 BCREA
71 No improvement in sight for affordability says report 2017/02/21 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
72 Calgary developer invests in Mexico's booming resort market 2017/02/20 Western Investor
73 Victoria-to-Vancouver ferry launching in May targets luxury market 2017/02/18 The Vancouver Sun
74 Bellevue 2290 Marine Drive, West Vancouver a 16-storey tower with 35 homes by Cressey 2017/02/18 The Vancouver Sun
75 The Real Force Behind Canada's Housing Boom 2017/02/18 The Vancouver Sun
76 The rising cost of homes compared to household incomes and rents will mean a s 2017/02/17 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
77 How would Vancouver’s housing bubble burst? Look to China 2017/02/17 The Vancouver Sun
78 Toronto housing is in a bubble says BMO economist 2017/02/16 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
79 Tips for getting the best price 2017/02/16 The Province
80 Summit 14058 61st Avenue Surrey 89 townhomes by Hayer Builders Group 2017/02/16 The Province
81 Two Metro Vancouver properties heading for the auction block as part of new sa 2017/02/16 The Province
82 Chinese influence on Canada’s real estate market may be coming to an abrupt 2017/02/15 REP
83 Zillow hit with $8.32 million penalty in copyright infringement suit 2017/02/15 other
84 CREA spotlights challenges 2017/02/15 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
85 Middle-class buyers finding it harder to get into the Vancouver housing market 2017/02/15 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
86 Home sales in B.C. return to 'historic averages’ says real estate board 2017/02/15 The Vancouver Sun
87 CRA is coming ... 2017/02/14 other
88 Madini says the housing bubble has burst 2017/02/14 REP
89 Chunk of foreign buyers locked out of market 2017/02/14 Mortgage Broker News
90 CRA Whistle Blower program - Federal programs tackle offshore avoidance evasion 2017/02/11 The Vancouver Sun
91 Housing market imbalances could threaten economy 2017/02/11 The Vancouver Sun
92 Infographic: Fraser Valley Real Estate, January 2017 2017/02/10 REW
93 Infographic: Greater Vancouver Real Estate, January 2017 2017/02/10 REW
94 Population shrinks in high-priced neighbourhoods 2017/02/10 The Vancouver Sun
95 Airbnb said to be in talks to acquire Luxury Retreats 2017/02/10 The Vancouver Sun
96 The Crossing 246 171st Street Surrey 67 townhomes by Gramercy Group 2017/02/09 The Province
97 Strata Property Act doesn’t apply to air space parcel agreements 2017/02/09 The Province
98 Opal 438 West King Edward Avenue 130 units in two buildings 44 condos, 56 rent 2017/02/09 The Province
99 New census counts 25,502 unoccupied homes in Vancouver, for 15 per cent jump o 2017/02/09 The Province
100 For Chinese Home Buyers, Seattle Is the New Vancouver 2017/02/08 other
101 Fraser Valley buyers broaden home requirements 2017/02/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
102 Metro Vancouver housing sales plunge nearly 40% to start 2017 2017/02/06 REP
103 Paying the price for Liberal’s flip-flop on homebuyers tax 2017/02/05 The Province
104 ‘Amazing’ hourly service on Sunshine Coast ferries will likely end in April 2017/02/05 The Province
105 Vancouver real estate developer, James Schow, found guilty of fraud 2017/02/05 The Province
106 West Van realtor, Shahin Behroyan, alleges ‘jealous’ rival defamed him on 2017/02/05 The Province
107 OPAL by Element revolutionizes retirement living with intergenerational concept 2017/02/04 The Vancouver Sun
108 Real Estate Magazine 2017/02/04 other
109 Pre-sale concrete condo market in Vancouver a reliable bet in 2017 2017/02/04 REP
110 Pinnacle on the Park 1708 Ontario Street 140 homes in an 18 storey tower by Pi 2017/02/04 The Vancouver Sun
111 Small all-rental apartment building plans to densify West End laneway 2017/02/03 The Province
112 Trump to remove safeguard put in place to protect against another financial crisis 2017/02/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
113 Vancouver Home sales fell by 39% in January (1500 home sales) 2017/02/03 REP
114 Beijing's tight new currency curbs could affect Vancouver real estate 2017/02/03 The Vancouver Sun
115 Home sales plummet in Vancouver as previously red-hot market softens 2017/02/03 The Province
116 Vancouver looks to boost energy-efficiency standards in new homes under seven storeys 2017/02/02 The Province
117 City invites feedback on Northeast False Creek plans, report 2017/02/02 The Vancouver Sun
118 3 Civic Plaza 13483 103 Avenue North Surrey 349 homes in a 51-storey tower by 2017/02/02 The Vancouver Sun
119 Price, location key to the success of The Wex condo project in Langley 2017/02/02 other
120 Counting of votes causes problems 2017/02/02 Times Colonist
121 Promenade at the Quay 118 Carrie Cates Court North Vancouver 117 homes in a 12 2017/02/02 The Province
122 The Canadian housing market is not invincible 2017/02/01 Mortgage Broker News
123 Canadian consumer confidence takes a hit after Trump succession 2017/02/01 Mortgage Broker News
124 Calgary market’s prospects as an affordability haven 2017/02/01 Mortgage Broker News
125 Ontario Real Estate Association Looking at Foreign Buyers Tax 2017/02/01 Mortgage Broker News
126 GTA has record year 2017/02/01 REP
127 Toronto Real Estate Board foresees another year of double digit price increases 2017/01/31 Mortgage Broker News
128 B.C. Premier Christy Clark to lift foreign buyers tax for those with work permits 2017/01/30 The Province
129 No end in sight for growth of demand in Vancouver rental sector - report 2017/01/30 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
130 GTA has a crisis level inventory 2017/01/30 REP
131 Foreign buyer tax amended 2017/01/30 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
132 No bubble for Vancouver says real estate leader 2017/01/30 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
133 Zoocasa and competition in the Canadian real estate broker system 2017/01/30 other
134 Alberni Condo at 1550 Alberni Street a 43 storey tower with 188 units by archi 2017/01/28 The Vancouver Sun
135 Overseas buyers mainly responsible for Toronto, Victoria price growth 2017/01/28 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
136 Summit at 14058 61st Avenue Surrey 89 townhomes by Hayer Builders Group 2017/01/28 The Vancouver Sun
137 Toronto Agent supplying SOLD data hearing nearing conclusion 2017/01/27 REP
138 The Zuckerberg Effect: Qualities of a Good Boss 2017/01/27 other
139 World’s biggest real estate buyers suddenly short on cash 2017/01/27 Bloomberg
140 Housing red flags from RBC with more regulations expected 2017/01/27 REP
141 Strong evidence of problematic conditions persists in real estate market: CMHC 2017/01/26 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
142 Reverse mortgage sales soar for HomEquity 2017/01/26 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
143 Strata budget hit hard by unexpected snowfall 2017/01/26 The Province
144 Belmont at Heritage 22084 Fraser Highway Langley 55 condos in a four level woo 2017/01/26 The Province
145 Metro Vancouver rental housing remains in short supply 2017/01/25 The Vancouver Sun
146 Airbnb pays better than long-term rentals 2017/01/25 The Province
147 Vancouver near the bottom of global housing affordability rankings 2017/01/25 Mortgage Broker News
148 Equifax unveils multi-million-dollar credit data platform 2017/01/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
149 Elegant Mott 32 close to opening at Trump Tower 2017/01/24 The Vancouver Sun
150 216 & 83rd interchange upsetting the locals 2017/01/24 The Province
151 Vancouver remains one of the world’s most expensive cities 2017/01/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
152 ancouver the most expensive Canadian city to move to 2017/01/23 The Province
153 Kijiji Q&A on real estate Part 2 2017/01/23 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
154 Tech company turns home ownership into a game 2017/01/23 REP
155 Warning over flood risk for homebuyers 2017/01/23 Canadian Real Estate Wealth