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This section is your ultimate resource for latest news and developments in real estate market of Vancouver , Burnaby , Richmond , New Westminster , Surrey and other cities of Fraser Valley. The articles posted here are handpicked by Real Estate Experts based on the fact that Buying or selling a property is a big decision and everyone should have access to all sources of information related to these deals in this ever changing real estate market of North America. We are always maintaining archives of the news articles and this content is searchable using the search functionality below. All the articles are always linked to the main source of the information.

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# Article Publish Date Source
1 Conference Board of Canada foreseeable outlook for Canadian Real Estate economy 2020/07/11 Mortgage Broker News
2 Prices steady as resale home sales increase Metro Vancouver's June housing sal 2020/07/08 Western Investor
3 RE/MAX: COVID-19 can’t slow demand in Toronto real estate market 2020/07/08 Mortgage Broker News
4 CoreLogic launches AI driven platform for real estate agents 2020/07/07 other
5 Telling Tale of Two Hotel Sales in Victoria, an Award-winning Waterfront Property. 2020/07/06 Western Investor
6 Homebuyers pulling the trigger in the Fraser Valley and beyond 2020/07/05 The Province
7 New condo sales, starts plummet in Metro Vancouver 2020/07/01 Western Investor
8 Brokers: Vancouver market still a long way from full recovery 2020/06/30 Mortgage Broker News
9 CRA to conduct cross-border investigation on real estate tax evasion 2020/06/30 Mortgage Broker News
10 CRA: Thousands abusing federal financial assistance programs 2020/06/29 Mortgage Broker News
11 Macroeconomic research foresee about housing market is due for a crash 2020/06/25 Mortgage Broker News
12 Banks, Borrowers, Broker or There has clearly been a communication breakdown e 2020/06/25 Mortgage Broker News
13 Macro Research Board reports that Canadian housing market on thin ice 2020/06/25 Mortgage Broker News
14 Just West 46-96 King Edward Avenue 55 garden suites and townhomes by Sightline 2020/06/25 The Province
15 Pandemic's economic effects could haunt Metro Vancouver housing into 2022 2020/06/25 The Province
16 CMHC projects trajectories for Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal real estate in new 2020/06/24 Mortgage Broker News
17 Crown corporation announces loan program for mid-sized businesses hurt by COVID-19 2020/06/24 Mortgage Broker News
18 LGBTQ home buyers can now look for Zillow listings in states with anti-discrim 2020/06/24 other
19 Consumer Gen-Zers and millennials forcing to delay home purchase because of Covid-19 2020/06/23 Mortgage Broker News
20 Metro Vancouver condominium rental market ride out during pandemic 2020/06/23 The Vancouver Sun
21 Property management goes handy because of the latest technology 2020/06/23 Western Investor
22 COVID-19: Government Extends CERB, delays CEBA Update 2020/06/20 other
23 Shockwave increase in sublease space nearly doubled the vacancy rate in downto 2020/06/19 Western Investor
24 Eastridge Panorama 5528 148 St, Surrey, 36 rancher-style 3 bedroom townhomes b 2020/06/19 The Vancouver Sun
25 Getting commercial buildings ready for back to work 2020/06/17 REM
26 Home prices rise as B.C. real estate market continues to slump 2020/06/16 The Province
27 Commercial check-in: What's in store for office real estate in Canada? 2020/06/16 Mortgage Broker News
28 Major Canadian bank warns of historic price declines in Toronto 13% and Vancouver 12% 2020/06/16 Mortgage Broker News
29 Concord Pacific acquires former Cresford site The Clover on Yonge 2020/06/15 Livabl
30 Chelsea Estate 9747 Cameron Road Vernon 234 acre waterfront property for sale 2020/06/15 The Province
31 Housing Market Activity Shows Signs of Recovery in May 2020/06/15 BCREA
32 COVID-19 magnifies B.C.’s property assessment woes 2020/06/14 Western Investor
33 CMHC is making to the minimum credit score required for insured mortgages 2020/06/12 Mortgage Broker News
34 Canadian home prices forecast to drop 10% in pandemic fallout 2020/06/12 Livabl
35 CMHC's new minimum Beacon requirement: Who's going to suffer? 2020/06/12 Mortgage Broker News
36 OSC investigation reveals Quadriga mystery was old-fashioned fraud wrapped in 2020/06/11 The Vancouver Sun
37 CHMC is only one insurer of high ratio mortgages - others are Genworth and Can 2020/06/11 Mortgage Broker News
38 36-unit development proposed for 4128 Ash Street in South Cambie 2020/06/10 Livabl
39 The Link 3583 Kingsway 104 rental homes 44 subsidized rental homes and strata 2020/06/10 Western Investor
40 Multi-family sales soar 900 per cent across Lower Mainland 2020/06/10 Western Investor
41 BCREA Housing Forecast Second Quarter 2020/06/10 BCREA
42 Office fundamentals solid despite COVID-19 2020/06/09 Western Investor
43 New CMHC requirements will have buyers flocking to the market – brokers 2020/06/09 other
44 Resilient Canadian homebuilders face threat of slower population growth 2020/06/08 Livabl
45 Eli Report - Condo Document Review Platform Jamie Hankinson News Article 2020/06/08 The Province
46 Hong Kong real estate still costly despite strife 2020/06/07 Bloomberg
47 CMHC adds new level of stress to homebuyers 2020/06/05 Western Investor
48 Despite COVID-19, online real estate portal Point2 posts record-high visitor volume 2020/06/05 Mortgage Broker News
49 The Eventide 1460 Bute 3 Luxury Rental homes by Stanley Dee 2020/06/04 Western Investor
50 Why landlords are not applying to the commercial rent relief program 2020/06/04 REM
51 New CMHC Rule changes in effect July 1st! 2020/06/04 other
52 Plenty to consider before re-opening shared facilities 2020/06/04 The Province
53 Horizon 21 at 218 Blue Mountain Street Coquitlam 150 homes in a 21 storey towe 2020/06/04 The Province
54 Fraser Valley market shows robust month-over-month recovery 2020/06/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
55 Toronto Home Sales Rise 55% Since April, Average Price Down 5% From February: TRREB 2020/06/03 other
56 May home sales dip 44% compared to last year 2020/06/02 Bloomberg
57 B.C. bans evictions by commercial landlords who refuse rent assistance 2020/06/02 The Province
58 The Sentinel 200 Klahanie Court West Vancouver selling out fast 2020/06/02 Western Investor
59 Surrey 1008A Land Development going forward in Anniedale-Tynehead - will bring 2020/06/02 Western Investor
61 Buyers inquiries flourishing despite pressure from COVID-19 – RE/MAX of west 2020/06/01 Mortgage Broker News
62 Home Buyers' Plan for First-Time Buyers: Withdraw Up to $35,000 Tax-Free From 2020/05/28 other
63 The MLS® HPI is the most advanced and accurate tool to gauge a neighborhood 2020/05/28 other
64 How technology can help your business during and after COVID-19 2020/05/28 REM
65 Borrowing, homebuying in Toronto to accelerate after COVID-19 – Ispsos 2020/05/28 Mortgage Broker News
66 Metro down, but not out, for China 2020/05/28 The Vancouver Sun
67 This is the death knell for fHong Kong make no mistake of it 2020/05/28 The Vancouver Sun
68 A labour shortage amid record joblessness 2020/05/28 The Vancouver Sun
69 Addressing the challenges of electronic AGMs 2020/05/28 The Province
70 50 Electronic Avenue at 50 Electronic Avenue Port Moody 220 homes in the Phase 2020/05/28 The Province
71 CMHC offers dire predictions for house-price drops in B.C. 2020/05/28 The Province
72 Housing dip brutal but brief: Realtors 2020/05/27 Western Investor
73 OREA sets new ground rules for realtors as Ontario's economy restarts 2020/05/27 Mortgage Broker News
74 ReMax challenges CMHC home price projections 2020/05/27 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
75 Nanos - Consumer confidence in housing market still low 2020/05/27 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
76 Heritage home spurs bidding war amid pandemic real estate slump 2020/05/27 The Province
77 Separating during the pandemic - What homeowners need to know about selling 2020/05/26 REM
78 Stress test 2.0? What a 10% minimum down payment requirement would mean for Ca 2020/05/25 Mortgage Broker News
79 Expect rapid post-pandemic recovery – BoC's Poloz 2020/05/25 Mortgage Broker News
80 Why it's time for companies to change or be changed 2020/05/23 The Vancouver Sun
81 Who will buy Vancouver housing in a time of COVID-19? 2020/05/23 The Vancouver Sun
82 Bank of Canada to drop qualifying rate 2020/05/22 Mortgage Broker News
83 Household debt growth outstripping all other debt types 2020/05/22 Mortgage Broker News
84 Key trends indicate slower housing market for rest of 2020 2020/05/22 Mortgage Broker News
85 Why does CMHC's Evan Siddall think Canada is headed for a 'deferral cliff'? 2020/05/22 Mortgage Broker News
86 Some business better off staying closed 2020/05/22 Western Investor
87 With many courthouses shut due to COVID-19, federal government looks to extend 2020/05/21 The Vancouver Sun
88 5 Ways Real Estate Agents Should Change Their Messaging During COVID-19 2020/05/21 REW
89 CMHC might trim mortgage underwriting arm – Siddall 2020/05/21 Mortgage Broker News
90 Allied Properties REIT buys Gastown’s Landing 2020/05/21 Western Investor
91 What if your staff isn't comfortable working from home? 2020/05/21 Mortgage Broker News
92 Rental fraud spikes in wake of COVID-19 2020/05/20 other
93 Can rent relief soothe the commercial market's woes? 2020/05/20 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
94 Alberta housing markets may surprise investors post-recovery – report 2020/05/20 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
95 Toronto affordability might improve after COVID-19 – economists 2020/05/20 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
96 How to hire amazing talent as the market rebounds 2020/05/20 REM
97 Delta mega “agri-hood” finally underway 2020/05/20 Western Investor
98 Virtual home staging thrives during pandemic 2020/05/20 REM
99 Pent-up consumer demand mounts - 2020/05/19 other
100 Re/Max broker Whitney Garside explains how agents are dealing with pandemic re 2020/05/19 Western Investor
101 Stress test rate may inch down soon – RateSpy 2020/05/19 Mortgage Broker News
102 How the pandemic will reshape the rental market 2020/05/19 REM
103 Creating a cash cow 2020/05/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
104 Province pays $18.5 million to buy hotel for homeless 2020/05/15 Western Investor
105 Conservative MPs urge feds to eliminate First-Time Homebuyer Incentive 2020/05/15 Mortgage Broker News
106 COVID-19 will create new real estate winners 2020/05/15 Bloomberg
107 Redfin co-founder sues company 2020/05/15 other
108 Make updates and reduce risks to tame rising insurance cost 2020/05/14 The Province
109 Altus 1526 Finlay Street White Rock 126 homes in a 13 storey building by Ovied 2020/05/14 The Province
110 Multi-family starts accelerated in April – CMHC 2020/05/13 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
111 The Ultimate Video Guide to Vancouver Neighbourhoods 2020/05/13 REW