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This section is your ultimate resource for latest news and developments in real estate market of Vancouver , Burnaby , Richmond , New Westminster , Surrey and other cities of Fraser Valley. The articles posted here are handpicked by Real Estate Experts based on the fact that Buying or selling a property is a big decision and everyone should have access to all sources of information related to these deals in this ever changing real estate market of North America. We are always maintaining archives of the news articles and this content is searchable using the search functionality below. All the articles are always linked to the main source of the information.

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# Article Publish Date Source
1 Vancouver’s industrial market is just blistering white hot | Susan Thompson 2022/06/25 Western Investor
2 Downtown office vacancy rate hit 7.4% Q2 in 2022 2022/06/24 Western Investor
3 REBGV: Land remain the strongest asset class in the region in Q1 2022/06/24 Western Investor
4 Canada needs 3.5 million more homes by 2030 to ensure affordability | CMHC 2022/06/24 other
5 Canadian bank stocks fall 20% from highs record 2022/06/24 other
6 Halifax registered its largest monthly increase in new home sales 2022/06/23 other
7 CMHC identified supply as “the biggest issue affecting housing affordability” 2022/06/23 The Vancouver Sun
8 Carbon emissions have been described as ‘the blind spot’ of the building i 2022/06/23 The Vancouver Sun
9 1.51 acres industrial property in Alaska Rd. Sells for $3.85 million 2022/06/23 Western Investor
10 0.82 acres retail in Burnaby sells for $9.3 million 2022/06/23 Western Investor
11 Grosvenor acquires Oakridge transit centre plans to begin redevelopment in 2025 2022/06/23 Western Investor
12 Minimum mortgage stress test rate climb to 7% or higher | John Lusink 2022/06/22 other
13 240,000-square-foot distribution centre in Richmond expected to open in spring 2024 2022/06/22 Western Investor
14 Canada inflation rate hits 7.7% in May 2022/06/22 other
15 April’s federal budget contained a flurry of measures aimed at tackling Cana 2022/06/21 other
16 Prices continued to trend upward thanks to higher building costs 2022/06/21 Livabl
17 Homes sales are dropping fast and housing projects are being cancelled 2022/06/21 The Vancouver Sun
18 Amenity contributions are a “double-edged sword” that create “a big reve 2022/06/21 The Vancouver Sun
19 Demand for industrial strata developments continued including Tri-Cities 2022/06/21 Western Investor
20 Canadian inflation rate reach four-decade high of 7.3% in May 2022/06/20 other
21 GTA home sales decline monthly and annual basis in May | TRREB 2022/06/20 other
22 Kits social housing project faces neighbourhood opposition 2022/06/18 other
23 Vancouver Real Estate: An agreement is not binding on court decisions 2022/06/17 other
24 3 recommendations how to make home ownership more affordable in June 2022 | REBGV 2022/06/17 REBGV
25 Canadian real estate market correction is going on, but not a crash | Desjardins 2022/06/17 The Vancouver Sun
26 Strata office of 1,051 square feet in downtown Vancouver sells for $1.29 Million 2022/06/17 Western Investor
27 Average rents in Canada increase 10.5% year over year 2022/06/17 Western Investor
28 Glass suppliers hit B.C. construction sector with a 40% increase price of glass 2022/06/16 Western Investor
29 11,878 square feet mixed use commercial in Surrey sells for $4.12 million 2022/06/16 Western Investor
30 8.78 acres industrial site in Okanagan Falls sells for $4 million 2022/06/16 Western Investor
31 Take a benchmark interest rate of 3% or above to tame inflation | Macklem 2022/06/16 other
32 National home price index fell by 0.8% on a seasonally adjusted basis in May |CREA 2022/06/16 other
33 The 26 and 34 storey condo towers located in 20049 82nd Avenue, Langley 2022/06/16 Western Investor
34 Home sales fell by 8.6% in May, 588,288 properties are still expected to sell in 2022 2022/06/15 other
35 Canadian home sales slow again in May 2022/06/15 The Vancouver Sun
36 Fed raises key interest rate by 0.75% in a bid to tackle the mounting inflati 2022/06/15 other
37 Canada's housing starts up 8% in May compared with April | CMHC 2022/06/15 other
38 The market for detached homes in Greater Vancouver has statistically become balanced 2022/06/14 The Georgia Straight
39 Proposed university tower to be the highest building in Metro Vancouver 2022/06/14 Western Investor
40 Sunshine Coast realtor struggling with the housing crisis and a lack of rental 2022/06/13 The Vancouver Sun
41 Canada ranks ninth in hosting high-net-worth individuals with a net inflow of 2022/06/13 Western Investor
42 Housing market as sales and home values slid in May over the previous month 2022/06/13 The Vancouver Sun
43 B.C. remain the most affordable detached houses on the market in 2022 2022/06/11 Western Investor
44 Vancouver’s council made significant amendments to the long-awaited and wide 2022/06/10 The Vancouver Sun
45 Young people who bought homes at market top could be sacrificed by BoC 2022/06/10 CBC Radio
46 Canadian housing affordability plummeted in Q1 2022 2022/06/10 other
47 Burnaby approves 40-acre Willingdon Lands project 2022/06/10 REBGV
48 Saskatoon will lead Canada in economic growth in 2022 | RBC 2022/06/10 Western Investor
49 Home buying activity across the country is experiencing an inevitable drop | CMP 2022/06/09 other
50 2 units office strata in Surrey sells for $1.95 Million 2022/06/09 Western Investor
51 0.48 acres retail in Lloydminster sells for $815,000 2022/06/09 Western Investor
52 CMHC to introduce limits on first-time home buyer incentive amid falling home prices 2022/06/09 REBGV
53 Home prices increased by about 50% on average during the pandemic 2022/06/09 CBC Radio
54 2.65 acres retail at Sherwood Park sells for $7.25 million 2022/06/09 Western Investor
55 60.06 acres land in Edmonton sells for $3.35 million 2022/06/09 Western Investor
56 Oak Bay is setting a new record for sale through the multiple listing service 2022/06/09 Western Investor
57 Ideal housing type for first time home buyer 2022/06/09 other
58 Home price appreciation continue to slow in Canada’s housing market 2022/06/08 other
59 Prairies provinces will boast the strongest economic expansion in 2022 | RBC 2022/06/08 Western Investor
60 Atrium MIC declares $0.075 dividend for the month of June 2022 2022/06/08 other
61 A double digit drop in home sales in May 2022/06/07 The Vancouver Sun
62 The easing of supply shortage in housing market 2022/06/06 other
63 Home sales in Vancouver calmer in May as interest rates cool market 2022/06/06 The Georgia Straight
64 39% decline in May sales compared with the same time last year | TRREB 2022/06/06 other
65 Scarcity in the market is now one of the most challenging in the country due t 2022/06/06 The Vancouver Sun
66 Canada’s hottest housing markets shot through the roof during the first two 2022/06/06 other
67 B.C. penthouse owners sue layers for vacancy taxes in common area battles 2022/06/06 The Vancouver Sun
68 Alarming rate as hot demand for housing leads sold for redevelopment 2022/06/05 The Vancouver Sun
69 Vancouver area overall dipped to $922,000 in May 2022/06/04 other
70 BoC increase interest rates by 0.5 percent up to 1.5 percent 2022/06/03 The Georgia Straight
71 B.C. ran into issues with some of the local contractors they used. 2022/06/03 Western Investor
72 BoC’s report new rate of 1.5%, an increase of 50 basis points 2022/06/03 other
73 2.17 acres of retail strip sells for $4.23 Million located in 5401 43 Street, 2022/06/03 Western Investor
74 Greater Vancouver home sales down 31.6% from May of 2021, 9.7% from April of t 2022/06/03 Western Investor
75 Greater Toronto area increase of 12% year over year in April 2022/06/02 other
76 5.5 acre multi-family in Alberta sells for $2.3 million 2022/06/02 Western Investor
77 Bank’s latest statements considering a 0.75% hike in July to tackle an infla 2022/06/02 other
78 Burnaby mega-development plans 5,000 homes, film studio 2022/06/02 Western Investor
79 Vancouver’s plenty of works ahead as it targets net-zero by 2050 2022/06/02 Western Investor
80 Vancouver’s plenty of works ahead as it targets net-zero by 2050 2022/06/02 Western Investor
81 VGH’s fundraising charity makes $100M acquisition of Vancouver property 2022/06/01 The Province
82 What is the best way forward for prospective home buyers as the cost to borrow 2022/06/01 other
83 A 3-bedroom apartment in Port Moody rent up to $6,050 a month, or $5.08 square foot 2022/06/01 Western Investor
84 Canada’s housing market 10% decrease in new purchases and renewals in its May data 2022/06/01 other
85 BoC raised its rate a half point to 1.5 per cent 2022/06/01 other
86 BC’s government plans for cooling-off period in the purchasing process 2022/05/31 other
87 Central bank set to to stop at around 3% |Economist 2022/05/31 other
88 B.C. markets are now adjusting to a much different interest rate environment | BCREA 2022/05/31 Western Investor
89 Metro Vancouver’s office market is the strongest in Canada 2022/05/31 Western Investor
90 Work on rental market to increase the supply | Michael Ferreira 2022/05/30 Western Investor
91 Challenges overcome during this pre and post pandemic at Willoughby 2022/05/30 Livabl
92 65 acres farm in 3598 Highway 97A, Armstrong B.C. sells for $1.76 million 2022/05/27 Western Investor
93 7.41 acres Retail Centre in Langley sells for $57.25 million 2022/05/27 Western Investor
94 Metro Vancouver multiple projects hit in the market place in the second half of 2022 2022/05/27 Livabl
95 79-units of multi family rental sells for $36.8 Million located in 1124 5th Av 2022/05/26 Western Investor
96 Canadian home prices fall 6% in April, down for 2nd month in a row 2022/05/26 other
97 B.C. implement a "modest'' termination fee of 0.1 to 0.5% home price to be pai 2022/05/26 CBC Radio
98 Parkland to spend $600 million to upgrade Burnaby refinery 2022/05/26 Western Investor
99 Get into the market for the first time? List of the terms you need to know whe 2022/05/25 other
100 CREA home sales decreased by 12.6% across Canada between March and April 2022 2022/05/25 other
101 Province to purchase $53.5M worth of Laurentian U. assets 2022/05/25 CBC Radio
102 Vancouver, Squamish Nation sign deal to ensure services for Kitsilano project 2022/05/25 Western Investor
103 16 real estate terms you should know before you buy 2022/05/25 other
104 Alternative mortgage lending on rise, say brokers 2022/05/24 CBC Radio
105 Vancouver votes to change building codes to tackle climate crisis 2022/05/21 The Vancouver Sun
106 $1.4 Billion in capital spending to build Saskatchewan 2022/05/20 Western Investor
107 26-unit multi-family rental in Vancouver sold for $18.6 Million 2022/05/19 Western Investor
108 7.78 acres manufactured home park in Kootenay sells for $ 3.6 Million 2022/05/19 Western Investor
109 Canadian inflation hits a new three-decade high with pressure to raise interes 2022/05/18 other
110 Home prices across the country will plummet 24% by the middle of 2024 2022/05/17 other
111 Majority of people agree that there is a home shortage and more housing should 2022/05/17 Livabl
112 Deal leased 548,000 square feet in APEX Business Park to MTE Logistix 2022/05/17 Western Investor
113 Counsil approved 46 acres for industrial development, with price tag of $160,0 2022/05/17 Western Investor
114 Canadian home sales dropped by 12.6% on a month-over-month basis in April 2022/05/16 other
115 National home sales drop in April, still the third-highest April sales figure 2022/05/16 other
116 Sales dropped precipitously as housing market cooled off 2022/05/16 The Vancouver Sun
117 New mortgage agent and broker licensing requirements 2022/05/16 other
118 Canada’s housing starts rose 8% in April compared the previous month 2022/05/16 other
119 Canada's housing market cooled off “pretty sharply” over the last 2 months 2022/05/16 other
120 Winnipeg’s industrial availability in Q1 was 2.8% on an inventory of 77.7 mi 2022/05/13 Western Investor
121 1.47 acres commercial land in Edmonton sells for $4.2 million 2022/05/13 Western Investor
122 A shift away from the intense heat of Canada’s pandemic-era housing market 2022/05/13 other
123 0.4 acres multi-family strata sold for $100,000 above the list price 2022/05/13 Western Investor
124 2.36 acres retail centre sell for $7.27 Million located in 175 Street NW, Edmonton 2022/05/13 Western Investor
125 Manitoba mineral development fund has approved $1M to support exploration in Q 2022/05/13 Western Investor
126 34.9 percent decrease from the provincial sales record set in April 2021 2022/05/12 Livabl
127 City of Humboldt to submit grant application for Humboldt Broncos Tribute Centre 2022/05/12 Western Investor
128 Raising rates put B.C. housing “a path to normalizing” as prices and sales 2022/05/12 CBC Radio
129 8,008 homes sold through MLS in April 2022 |GTA Realtors 2022/05/11 The Vancouver Sun
130 Industry faces limitations to meet promises for housing 2022/05/11 Livabl
131 16.8% year over year decline in home sales in April | Saskatchewan 2022/05/11 other
132 Vancouver housing approvals were purpose-built-rentals or for social housing in 2021 2022/05/10 Livabl
133 Calgary housing sales set record high for the month of April | CREB 2022/05/10 Western Investor
134 New condo prices increase amidst higher demand 2022/05/09 Livabl
135 A 32-storey office tower begins construction in downtown Vancouver 2022/05/09 The Vancouver Sun
136 Blackstone targets Canadian real estate, opens office in Toronto 2022/05/09 other
137 Advisory group could help proposed Saskatoon downtown arena district become reality 2022/05/09 Western Investor
138 5 acres industrial land in Port Coquitlam sells for $10.6 million 2022/05/06 Western Investor
139 Housing trends indicate that the BOC rate tightening cycle to have significant 2022/05/06 other
140 Multi family rental in Vancouver sold for $5.59 Million 2022/05/06 Western Investor
141 2.12 acres land sells for $9.95 Million located in 3547 Skaha Lake Road, Penti 2022/05/06 Western Investor
142 Families priced out of Kelowna moving back to Alberta and beyond 2022/05/06 Western Investor
143 How housing supply trends keep its pace amidst population growth 2022/05/05 Livabl
144 Vancouver housing market gradually saw change in realestate activities 2022/05/05 The Vancouver Sun
145 Sales were off 41% from last April and down 27% from the month prior |TRREB 2022/05/04 The Vancouver Sun
146 Fraser Valley sales dip below 10-year average for first time in nearly two years 2022/05/04 other
147 GTA based on average composite home price index. 2022/05/04 other
148 Vancouver small business owners difficulty in coming back to it’s spotlight 2022/05/04 Western Investor
149 Increasing market demand is the goal to help farmers in this industry. 2022/05/04 Western Investor
150 Cold Calling steps that will help generate more profits and sales process 2022/05/04 other
151 REBGV latest data showed a total of 3,232 sales last April 2022/05/04 other
152 Housing Market total sales in April fallen to 27% compared to March 2022/05/04 other
153 Metro Vancouver home sales ease down from the record-breaking pace of the last 2022/05/04 Western Investor
154 Saskatchewan to raise minimum wage to $13 per hour in October, $15 by 2024 2022/05/04 Western Investor
155 A developer paid $10.6M for one of the last big empty land parcels in Port Coquitlam 2022/05/04 Western Investor
156 GoPeer launches personal loans on origination platform 2022/05/03 other
157 41-suite three-storey apartment building located in 3940 Pender Street, Burnaby 2022/05/03 Western Investor
158 Metro Vancouver home prices remained steady, despite the slowdown in sales in April 2022/05/03 The Vancouver Sun
159 Canada’s housing market is set to return to some degree of normality | Rober 2022/05/02 other
160 How are the country’s mortgage investment corporations MICs faring? 2022/05/02 other
161 Vancouver’s EHT increase a “big blow to housing speculators” | Kennedy Stewart 2022/04/29 Livabl
162 3.2 acre Industrial land in Abbotsford sells for $6.5 million 2022/04/29 Western Investor
163 Vancouver city council to decide whether to increase empty homes tax to five per cent 2022/04/29 other
164 Townhouse decreasing to 22.6 percent compared to other property types. 2022/04/28 Livabl
165 2022 budget commitments on improving the housing situation | FHSA 2022/04/28 other
166 Some ideas of what options for investing in real estate 2022/04/27 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
167 Sustained sales strength and inventory shortfalls in March | Altus Group 2022/04/27 other
168 10-storey office and retail building coming to No. 3 Road and Leslie Road corner 2022/04/27 Western Investor
169 Report finds ”missing middle” solution to Metro Vancouver housing crisis 2022/04/27 The Vancouver Sun