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This section is your ultimate resource for latest news and developments in real estate market of Vancouver , Burnaby , Richmond , New Westminster , Surrey and other cities of Fraser Valley. The articles posted here are handpicked by Real Estate Experts based on the fact that Buying or selling a property is a big decision and everyone should have access to all sources of information related to these deals in this ever changing real estate market of North America. We are always maintaining archives of the news articles and this content is searchable using the search functionality below. All the articles are always linked to the main source of the information.

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# Article Publish Date Source
1 601 Beach - new 55 storey proposed ‘twisting’ tower with 303 condo units a 2020/09/28 The Vancouver Sun
2 American innovative tool to reduce cost effective and save time 2020/09/25 other
3 Covid disrupt housing market expected by several Canadian 2020/09/25 Mortgage Broker News
4 1.6 acres zoned for Single-family residential sells $1 million over ask 2020/09/24 Western Investor
5 Marriott suffered the worst market decline in 2020 2020/09/23 Western Investor
6 Pandemic increases industrial properties interest 2020/09/22 Western Investor
7 Multi-family real estate in Canada are exceptionally strong 2020/09/22 Mortgage Broker News
8 Will the new CMHC plan on Rapid Housing Initiative can stimulate the economic 2020/09/22 Mortgage Broker News
9 Helping Tenants and Small Businesses Act passed, big help for Canadian family 2020/09/22 Mortgage Broker News
10 High numbers of CERB recipients will crash out once CERB ends 2020/09/22 Mortgage Broker News
11 CMHC predicted home prices could fall 18 percent due to pandemic 2020/09/21 Mortgage Broker News
12 34-storey condo tower in downtown Kelowna 2020/09/18 Western Investor
13 Canadian Millennials are more optimistic purchasing home despite of Pandemic 2020/09/18 Mortgage Broker News
14 Renters are facing the threat of eviction during Pandemic 2020/09/18 Mortgage Broker News
15 Mayor Kennedy Steward viable plan for affordable homes in Vancouver 2020/09/18 Mortgage Broker News
16 0.3 Acres in Abbotsford lot sells $400K over assessed value at $1.4 million 2020/09/17 Western Investor
17 200 rental apartments with industrial and offices soon to rise at Main Street 2020/09/17 Western Investor
18 B.C Economic Recovery Plan fails to offer help for small businesses 2020/09/17 Western Investor
19 Fed would keep near 0% rates for the foreseeable future 2020/09/17 other
20 BC Real Estate investment decline to its lowest level since 2015 2020/09/17 Mortgage Broker News
21 CREA: Home price shot up by 18.5% 2020/09/17 Mortgage Broker News
22 Canadian inflation rate remains firm in August 2020/09/17 Mortgage Broker News
23 As Pandemic goes on, what should Canadians strategic plan with their U.S. properties? 2020/09/17 Mortgage Broker News
24 B.C Multi-family rental building insurance increase while raise rents is frozen 2020/09/16 Western Investor
25 Bank of Canada 4.79% benchmark rate might be the right time to secure the mortgage 2020/09/15 Mortgage Broker News
26 Homeless people in Vancouver are increasing 2020/09/15 Western Investor
27 Opendoor a distruptive online marketplace for buying and selling houses 2020/09/15 other
28 CMHC: Mortgage payment will significantly increase once deferral program end t 2020/09/14 Mortgage Broker News
29 Equifax’s new mortgage inquiry process guidelines started effectively today 2020/09/14 Mortgage Broker News
30 A 100 - Days Break it Habit to Successfully ‘Onboard’ New Agents 2020/09/12 other
31 4,438-square-foot industrial building sells $2.55 million 2020/09/11 Western Investor
32 Offices and warehouse soon to rise in Seaspan Victoria Shipyards projected pri 2020/09/11 Western Investor
33 Housing market still getting strong despite given forecast on housing recession 2020/09/11 Western Investor
34 CMHC housing activity at highest level since 2007 2020/09/11 Mortgage Broker News
35 Mortgage Stress test updated 2020/09/11 Mortgage Broker News
36 Toronto enforcement of new registration program for Airbnb impact properties investor 2020/09/11 Mortgage Broker News
37 2800-square-foot development site sells $2.45million below assessed value 2020/09/10 Western Investor
38 Top 5 reasons Canadians are confident about housing market 2020/09/10 Mortgage Broker News
39 Top 5 reasons Canadians are confident about housing market 2020/09/10 Mortgage Broker News
40 Vancouver city council approve the rezoning application of a 28 storey rental tower 2020/09/10 The Georgia Straight
41 BC Housing market still strong even with Pandemic 2020/09/09 BCREA
42 Canadian housing market price increases faster than anyone predicted 2020/09/09 Mortgage Broker News
43 Federal government mandates rental extension 2020/09/09 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
44 Rents extends ban on small business eviction, Ontario government 2020/09/09 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
45 Canadians have around 500,000 mortgage on payment deferral with the Big Six 2020/09/09 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
46 Covid-19 heading Canada to a recession, painting worst case scenario- wealth manager 2020/09/08 Mortgage Broker News
47 Arrears might go high as 0.53% in Q2 2021 if mortgage payment deferral aren’ 2020/09/08 Mortgage Broker News
48 Landlords are allowed to raise rents up to 1.4 percent starting December 2020, B.C 2020/09/08 Western Investor
49 Dr. Bonnie Henry issued effective immediately liquor ban 10 p.m onwards and ni 2020/09/08 Western Investor
50 Federal government extending Canada Emergency Commercial Rent Assistance (CECR 2020/09/08 Western Investor
51 Industrial property in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan sells for $4 million 2020/09/05 Western Investor
52 5 storey luxury commercial complex sells for $55 million, New Kelowna 2020/09/02 Western Investor
53 Nearly 10 acres sells for $64.5 million, Delta B.C 2020/08/31 Western Investor
54 Useful tips to be more successful work from home 2020/08/29 other
55 Vancouver’s Trump Hotel has permanently closed 2020/08/29 The Vancouver Sun
56 Trump International Hotel Management firm, has declared bankruptcy 2020/08/29 Western Investor
57 CMHC providing a low cost rental construction projects valued at $1m and higher 2020/08/28 Mortgage Broker News
58 7 Tips for Sellers can Make their home more enticing 2020/08/28 REW
59 BCREA: a robust pace of recovery in housing market, B.C. 2020/08/28 Mortgage Broker News
60 Major Mall owners redeveloping premises from retail to market housing, Vancouver 2020/08/27 Western Investor
61 Investors, philanthropists foreseeing future Downtown Eastside 2020/08/26 Western Investor
62 5 innovative pointers for connecting with new and existing clients in 2020 2020/08/26 Mortgage Broker News
63 Analyst see a housing inventory surge once payment deferrals end 2020/08/26 Mortgage Broker News
64 20 Storey Rental building nixed by City of Vancouver 2020/08/26 The Vancouver Sun
65 Port Moddy 14 Hectares site will have 1400 Condos 2020/08/26 The Vancouver Sun
66 Province applied to court to a Mexican Businessman to produce documents in a B 2020/08/22 The Vancouver Sun
67 Steve Nash Fitness World, Langley one of the fallen victim of the pandemic 2020/08/22 The Province
68 Prop-Tech, one of the innovative technology in Real Estate Brokerage industry 2020/08/21 other
69 A.E Philp 3rd generation appalled the club has long blocked off a walking tra 2020/08/21 The Vancouver Sun
70 Multi-family rentals with 12 units captures $312,500 per door, Victoria 2020/08/20 Western Investor
71 Stunning 0.10-acre waterfront retail sells for $8.6 million, Vancouver 2020/08/20 Western Investor
72 Declined immigration to Canada due to pandemic will affect the real estate? 2020/08/20 Mortgage Broker News
73 Price growth in Toronto's hottest real estate markets during Pandemic 2020/08/19 Mortgage Broker News
74 1575 W Georgia, And-Co New office concept could lure remote workers back + a f 2020/08/19 Western Investor
75 1 out of 10 Canadians altered living experience due to Covid-19 2020/08/17 Mortgage Broker News
76 Canada’s housing shortage: Goods news to investor, skeptical for residents 2020/08/15 The Vancouver Sun
77 Low mortgage rates for homes and multi-family properties could last 2 years 2020/08/13 Western Investor
78 Canadian housing starts hit 2 years high because of high increases in Multi-fa 2020/08/13 The Province
79 Strata management oversight involves standard safeguards 2020/08/13 The Province
80 The Oak 7858 Oak Street 16 townhomes by Triton Group 2020/08/13 The Province
81 Vancouver's St. Paul's Hospital land sold to Concord Pacific for $1 billion 2020/08/13 The Province
82 Scenic properties view on summer 2020 2020/08/12 Western Investor
83 Old St.Paul’s Hospital to modern facilities soon to rise by 2026 2020/08/12 The Province
84 Top 5 Frequently ask question from new real estate agent 2020/08/11 REM
85 Council pushing more rental housing-Vancouver 2020/08/11 The Province
86 Office tower leasing could tremble due to increasing work from home 2020/08/11 Western Investor
87 Mixed outlook on real estate and the Pandemic 2020/08/08 The Vancouver Sun
88 5 Cost effective, environment friendly features that Buyers love 2020/08/07 REW
89 COVID-19 doesn't affect Toronto housing demand led to record-breaking sales wi 2020/08/07 other
90 COVID-19 doesn’t affect Canadanians decision in purchasing a home 2020/08/07 REM
91 Toronto’s real estate market is heating up, with July setting a new year-on- 2020/08/07 Mortgage Broker News
92 How far Covid-19 assistance Canadians can cover some expensive 2020/08/07 Mortgage Broker News
93 Despite of Covid-19 22.3% increase of home sales compare same month last year 2020/08/07 other
94 Insights on Pandemic effect in Real Estate Sales 2020/08/06 REM
95 Maintenance issues - you can pay now or pay even more later 2020/08/06 The Province
96 Juniper West at 2049 Highland Drive, Kamloops 675 multi-family and single-fami 2020/08/06 The Province
97 Canada needs condominium insurance program 2020/08/05 The Province
98 Calgary housing market needs to brace itself for a long-term downturn - Calgar 2020/08/05 Mortgage Broker News
99 Mass-timber methods call for designs to be drawn using sophisticated 3-D compu 2020/08/05 The Vancouver Sun
100 Ontario’s Bill 184, needs to know and why? 2020/08/04 REM
101 MLA Canada showed that condo inventory delays hound the Greater Vancouver market 2020/08/04 Mortgage Broker News
102 Ideal solution in bridging the gap between renters and homeowners 2020/08/04 Mortgage Broker News
103 Access to transit is more valuable, home buyers are willing to pay extra. 2020/08/04 other