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Welcome to the Real Estate news section of BCCondos.net

This section is your ultimate resource for latest news and developments in real estate market of Vancouver , Burnaby , Richmond , New Westminster , Surrey and other cities of Fraser Valley. The articles posted here are handpicked by Real Estate Experts based on the fact that Buying or selling a property is a big decision and everyone should have access to all sources of information related to these deals in this ever changing real estate market of North America. We are always maintaining archives of the news articles and this content is searchable using the search functionality below. All the articles are always linked to the main source of the information.

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# Article Publish Date Source
1 Metro Vancouver purchase 97 hectares of land for a new regional park on Bowen Island 2022/08/10 The Vancouver Sun
2 Edmonton real estate investments bounced back from a slow with a surge in comm 2022/08/10 Western Investor
3 20-storey building has no ETA for the elevator service to be restored 2022/08/09 The Vancouver Sun
4 Housing boom after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic 2022/08/08 other
5 A massive 43.3% Home sales annual drop | REBGV 2022/08/04 other
6 Canada’s once-hottest housing markets continues to gather pace 2022/08/04 other
7 Home buyers are exercising more caution in today’s market in response to ris 2022/08/03 REBGV
8 New system save brokers valuable time and effort as strengthen their relations 2022/08/03 other
9 Canada had a total reverse mortgage volume of $6B as of Q1 2022 2022/08/03 other
10 Metro Vancouver home sales down again in July | REBGV 2022/08/03 The Vancouver Sun
11 The 5 most affordable place to live in B.C. in 2022 2022/08/02 The Vancouver Sun
12 Residential sale values across Toronto having fallen by 3.3% 2022/08/02 other
13 Victoria plans to build an 18-storey tower with 180 rental units of affordable 2022/08/02 Western Investor
14 BoC raises its interest rates to 2.5% since 1998 2022/07/30 BCREA
15 $7M from Feds to assist builders of the 11-storey tower to meet “net zero en 2022/07/29 Western Investor
16 Canadians’ ultimate ambition to own a home appears undimmed 2022/07/29 other
17 19,227 sqft multi-family sells for $7.5 Million located in 14333 104 Avenue, Surrey 2022/07/29 Western Investor
18 B.C. announces 3-day cooling period to allow buyers to conduct due diligence 2022/07/29 other
19 GTA average rent reaches new high in Q2 as competition heats up 2022/07/29 other
20 78.8 acres land in Squamish District sells for $5.8 million 2022/07/28 Western Investor
21 Long-term growth is expected to continue despite fears surrounding higher inte 2022/07/28 other
22 National average home price drop 1.8% in June, despite rising interest rate 2022/07/27 other
23 Most dense highrise development ever proposed for Canada 2022/07/27 The Vancouver Sun
24 New development proposal for downtown Kelowna has been turned down by city council 2022/07/27 Western Investor
25 Kitsilano supportive housing project approved by Vancouver City Council 2022/07/27 The Vancouver Sun
26 B.C seeks cash control to tackle Canada’s immigration mess 2022/07/26 The Vancouver Sun
27 New home sales numbers for June reinforced the expected easing of sales from l 2022/07/26 other
28 Metro Vancouver’s vacancy rate has eased to 0.5% due to huge increase in sup 2022/07/26 Western Investor
29 Canada’s housing market in the throes of a sharp decline in sales 2022/07/26 other
30 Mortgage brokers recommend to clients who can’t qualify through a bank 2022/07/25 other
31 85 acres Crown land in Edmonton sells for $13.5 Million 2022/07/21 Western Investor
32 Homebuyer protection period includes a cancellation fee of 0.25% of the purcha 2022/07/21 The Vancouver Sun
33 Luxury properties intensified in 2021 with both domestic and non-resident activity 2022/07/21 other
34 Affordable new housing units it intends to create by 2028 | The Province 2022/07/21 Western Investor
35 Re/Max housing affordability surveyed conducted by Leger 2022/07/20 The Vancouver Sun
36 Canada's inflation rate rises to 8.1% in June 2022 2022/07/20 other
37 Bank of Canada announces a 1% interest rate increase 2022/07/19 other
38 Housing starts activity in Canada remains historically high since 2020 2022/07/18 Livabl
39 BoC’s intention to “frontload” policy rate could peak as early as Septem 2022/07/18 other
40 Canadian real estate in recent weeks has been a spike in “delistings,” 2022/07/18 The Vancouver Sun
41 Majority of metro areas rental markets went up in July 2022/07/18 other
42 The provincial economy is too dependent on large-scale in-migration to bring i 2022/07/16 The Vancouver Sun
43 Canadian home sales fall by 5.6% between May and June 2022 2022/07/15 BCREA
44 Home prices posted their largest monthly decrease | CREA 2022/07/15 other
45 Buyers qualify both primary and secondary residences at 2%, without rental inc 2022/07/15 The Vancouver Sun
46 Westbank and Squamish nation to build 6000 units next to Burrard Bridge 2022/07/15 The Vancouver Sun
47 405 units multi-family tower in Burnaby sells for $184.9 Million 2022/07/15 Western Investor
48 Canada’s eight largest lenders, drop 3.8% since June 2022 2022/07/15 other
49 Property management firm in Vancouver sells for $720,000 2022/07/14 Western Investor
50 BoC raises key interest rate to 2.5%, compared with 1.75% ahead of the COVID-1 2022/07/14 other
51 Bank of Canada has raised its benchmark interest rate from 1.5% to 2.5% 2022/07/13 other
52 Canada needs 3.5M additional homes to achieve any level of affordability | CMHC 2022/07/13 The Vancouver Sun
53 BoC raises key interest rate by 1 percentage point, the biggest increase since 1998 2022/07/13 The Vancouver Sun
54 Canadian home price expected to drop 19% by 2023 2022/07/13 other
55 Bank’s policy rate had grown after Canada’s inflation rate recently hit a 2022/07/13 other
56 The surging popularity of variable-rate mortgages continue in the second half of 2021 2022/07/12 other
57 Colliers looks at 13 areas in Vancouver to understand why vacancy rates are low 2022/07/12 The Vancouver Sun
58 CMHC expects housing values will remain elevated despite the price drops in bo 2022/07/12 other
59 BoC increases policy interest rate by 75 basis points 2022/07/11 other
60 RBC predicts Canada heading moderate and short-lived recession in 2023 2022/07/08 other
61 Shangri-La tower used a real estate appraiser to assess how the market value w 2022/07/08 The Vancouver Sun
62 Investors are definitely “taking a hard look at their costs” when making i 2022/07/08 other
63 0.7 acres retail in Gaston area sells for $2.7 million 2022/07/07 Western Investor
64 5.27 acres industrial parcel in Penticton sells for $12.6 Million 2022/07/07 Western Investor
65 Price of lumber near $1,200 per thousand board feet — up nearly 250% since l 2022/07/07 other
66 After 1,000 columns, some common issues that prevail in the industry 2022/07/07 The Vancouver Sun
67 Residential mortgage debt in Canada climbed by 9% in 2021 over the previous ye 2022/07/06 other
68 Toronto home price fell 3% in June, 11% since February — TRREB 2022/07/06 Bloomberg
69 BoC triggering a recession through interest rate hikes is “high” 2022/07/05 other
70 The median price for all housing types across Metro Vancouver fell by 13.5% to 2022/07/05 The Vancouver Sun
71 Vancouver proposes huge condo-rentals-social housing development at north end 2022/07/05 The Vancouver Sun
72 9,108 square feet mixed-use strata rental in New Westminster sells for $5.6 Million 2022/07/04 Western Investor
73 10,032 square feet industrial in Delta sells for $6.45 Million 2022/07/04 Western Investor
74 Ontario Teachers' announces completion of its acquisition of HomeEquity Bank 2022/07/04 other
75 New stress test level makes it harder to qualify for a mortgage in Canada 2022/06/29 other
76 OSFI implement stricter requirements for some types of loans to protect homeowners 2022/06/29 other
77 Vancouver’s industrial market is just blistering white hot | Susan Thompson 2022/06/25 Western Investor
78 Downtown office vacancy rate hit 7.4% Q2 in 2022 2022/06/24 Western Investor
79 REBGV: Land remain the strongest asset class in the region in Q1 2022/06/24 Western Investor
80 Canada needs 3.5 million more homes by 2030 to ensure affordability | CMHC 2022/06/24 other
81 Canadian bank stocks fall 20% from highs record 2022/06/24 other
82 Lower Mainland’s commercial real estate market saw a steady pace of sales in 2022/06/23 REBGV
83 Halifax registered its largest monthly increase in new home sales 2022/06/23 other
84 CMHC identified supply as “the biggest issue affecting housing affordability” 2022/06/23 The Vancouver Sun
85 Carbon emissions have been described as ‘the blind spot’ of the building i 2022/06/23 The Vancouver Sun
86 1.51 acres industrial property in Alaska Rd. Sells for $3.85 million 2022/06/23 Western Investor
87 0.82 acres retail in Burnaby sells for $9.3 million 2022/06/23 Western Investor
88 Grosvenor acquires Oakridge transit centre plans to begin redevelopment in 2025 2022/06/23 Western Investor
89 Minimum mortgage stress test rate climb to 7% or higher | John Lusink 2022/06/22 other
90 240,000-square-foot distribution centre in Richmond expected to open in spring 2024 2022/06/22 Western Investor
91 Canada inflation rate hits 7.7% in May 2022/06/22 other
92 April’s federal budget contained a flurry of measures aimed at tackling Cana 2022/06/21 other
93 Prices continued to trend upward thanks to higher building costs 2022/06/21 Livabl
94 Homes sales are dropping fast and housing projects are being cancelled 2022/06/21 The Vancouver Sun
95 Amenity contributions are a “double-edged sword” that create “a big reve 2022/06/21 The Vancouver Sun
96 Demand for industrial strata developments continued including Tri-Cities 2022/06/21 Western Investor
97 Canadian home sales down in April as mortgage rates rise 2022/06/20 other
98 Canadian inflation rate reach four-decade high of 7.3% in May 2022/06/20 other
99 GTA home sales decline monthly and annual basis in May | TRREB 2022/06/20 other
100 Kits social housing project faces neighbourhood opposition 2022/06/18 other
101 Vancouver Real Estate: An agreement is not binding on court decisions 2022/06/17 other
102 3 recommendations how to make home ownership more affordable in June 2022 | REBGV 2022/06/17 REBGV
103 Canadian real estate market correction is going on, but not a crash | Desjardins 2022/06/17 The Vancouver Sun
104 Strata office of 1,051 square feet in downtown Vancouver sells for $1.29 Million 2022/06/17 Western Investor
105 Average rents in Canada increase 10.5% year over year 2022/06/17 Western Investor
106 Glass suppliers hit B.C. construction sector with a 40% increase price of glass 2022/06/16 Western Investor
107 11,878 square feet mixed use commercial in Surrey sells for $4.12 million 2022/06/16 Western Investor
108 8.78 acres industrial site in Okanagan Falls sells for $4 million 2022/06/16 Western Investor
109 Take a benchmark interest rate of 3% or above to tame inflation | Macklem 2022/06/16 other
110 National home price index fell by 0.8% on a seasonally adjusted basis in May |CREA 2022/06/16 other
111 The 26 and 34 storey condo towers located in 20049 82nd Avenue, Langley 2022/06/16 Western Investor
112 Home sales fell by 8.6% in May, 588,288 properties are still expected to sell in 2022 2022/06/15 other
113 Canadian home sales slow again in May 2022/06/15 The Vancouver Sun
114 Fed raises key interest rate by 0.75% in a bid to tackle the mounting inflati 2022/06/15 other
115 Canada's housing starts up 8% in May compared with April | CMHC 2022/06/15 other
116 The market for detached homes in Greater Vancouver has statistically become balanced 2022/06/14 The Georgia Straight
117 Proposed university tower to be the highest building in Metro Vancouver 2022/06/14 Western Investor
118 Sunshine Coast realtor struggling with the housing crisis and a lack of rental 2022/06/13 The Vancouver Sun
119 Canada ranks ninth in hosting high-net-worth individuals with a net inflow of 2022/06/13 Western Investor
120 Housing market as sales and home values slid in May over the previous month 2022/06/13 The Vancouver Sun
121 B.C. remain the most affordable detached houses on the market in 2022 2022/06/11 Western Investor

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