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This section is your ultimate resource for latest news and developments in real estate market of Vancouver , Burnaby , Richmond , New Westminster , Surrey and other cities of Fraser Valley. The articles posted here are handpicked by Real Estate Experts based on the fact that Buying or selling a property is a big decision and everyone should have access to all sources of information related to these deals in this ever changing real estate market of North America. We are always maintaining archives of the news articles and this content is searchable using the search functionality below. All the articles are always linked to the main source of the information.

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# Article Publish Date Source
1 Raised $10 million funding to use laser scans and AI to identify errors prior 2021/04/01 Livabl
2 Housing bubble might be coming due to pandemic-driven shift in buyer preferences 2021/04/01 Mortgage Broker News
3 Canadians are stretching and “worrying” sign of too much debt to buy into 2021/04/01 Mortgage Broker News
4 Real estate market is extremely hot starting the Q1 2021 2021/04/01 Mortgage Broker News
5 Bank of Canada Governor “Worrying”sign in Canada’s hot housing market to 2021/03/31 other
6 Legal and real estate professionals play a critical role in preventing title fraud 2021/03/31 The Vancouver Sun
7 Possible Canadian housing market starting slow down in the next Q2-Q3 2021/03/31 Livabl
8 Real estate hot market activity seems significant long term risk 2021/03/31 Mortgage Broker News
9 Vancouver condo sales increase 52.2 % month-to-month from January 2021 2021/03/30 Livabl
10 Canadian retailers experience biggest decline since 2009 recession - Statistic 2021/03/30 Western Investor
11 Wealthy families with more cash in bank are the main drivers of purchasing pro 2021/03/29 The Vancouver Sun
12 Business sectors like tourism, hospitality and management are among the hard-h 2021/03/26 Western Investor
13 Agriculture Land sells for $1.70 million located at Hamilton Road, Agassiz, B 2021/03/26 Western Investor
14 32-storey office tower located at 1166 West Pender Street in downtown Vancouver 2021/03/26 Western Investor
15 CMHC rates five country’s major markets having a “high degree of vulnerability” 2021/03/26 Mortgage Broker News
16 Two male real estate agents terminated effective immediately after allegations 2021/03/26 The Province
17 Marpole multi-family unit sells for $10.5 million located at Laurel Street, Vancouver 2021/03/26 Western Investor
18 Canadian home sales MLS system dropped by 2.3% last month compared Q4 2020 - CMHC 2021/03/25 The Province
19 Toni Gravelle provided insight into how the central bank plans to pare back it 2021/03/24 Mortgage Broker News
20 Company’s growth into a mortgage giant from coast to coast by Butler Mortgage 2021/03/24 Mortgage Broker News
21 Metro Vancouver rental apartments increase up to 34% in Q1 2021 despite freeze 2021/03/24 Western Investor
22 Proposed $10 billion facility Powell River to reduce Lower Mainland road traff 2021/03/23 Western Investor
23 $10 million donated by Teck Resources to build an emergency room at new St. Pa 2021/03/20 The Province
24 Vancouver hit the highest monthly listing record as of March 15 by REBGV 2021/03/19 Western Investor
25 1.05-acre industrial land at West Abbotsford sold for $2,988,800 2021/03/19 Western Investor
26 16.3 - acre development site sold for $1.88 million located at White Avenue,Mi 2021/03/18 Western Investor
27 Vancouver housing market - records keep increasing for the new listings in March 2020 2021/03/18 Livabl
28 $3.6 million provincial funding to enhance regional airpot infrastructure—B.C’s 2021/03/18 Western Investor
29 Zone RT-2 Two Family Residential unit sold for $11.5 million located 4940 & 49 2021/03/18 Western Investor
30 City Hall rejected a proposed 11-storey condo building across from a subway st 2021/03/18 The Province
31 More tips for this generation regarding Mortgage Lending during this pandemic 2021/03/17 REW
32 Canadian home price continue to increase 0.5 percent in February 2021/03/17 Livabl
33 Canada’s real estate market is getting stronger - learn how to take advantage on it 2021/03/17 other
34 Rental prices drop in metropolitan cities but Vancouver city remains number 1 2021/03/17 The Vancouver Sun
35 Residential land assembly sold for $2.1 million located at 291 Island Highway 2021/03/16 Western Investor
36 Toronto and Vancouver rental markets continue to fall to lowest levels recorde 2021/03/16 Livabl
37 Canadian housing market “stronger-than-expected-trend”over from 2020 to 2021 2021/03/16 Livabl
38 New commercial building at a prime lot location at 4330 Kingsway in Metrotown 2021/03/16 Western Investor
39 Five year fixed mortgage rates beginning to increase - Here’s 6 ideas to nai 2021/03/16 The Province
40 Beedie Group’s proposed condo tower vs. City of Vancouver Court of Appeal 2021/03/16 The Vancouver Sun
41 Metro Vancouver still maintained its spot as the top preferred market by investors 2021/03/16 Western Investor
42 Vancouver’s housing market price increase compared to other metropolitan centers 2021/03/16 Western Investor
43 Canada housing market still soaring in Q1 of 2021 despite of Covid-19 2021/03/15 Livabl
44 How Covid-19 affects metropolitan areas in terms of living in major cities 2021/03/15 The Vancouver Sun
45 Different marketing strategy used by Mount Pleasant instead of traditional brochure 2021/03/14 The Vancouver Sun
46 Freezing rents for 18 months can only increase 2 percent for landlords 2021/03/14 Western Investor
47 Five-building office portfolio sells for $2.14 million located at 50th Avenue, 2021/03/12 Western Investor
48 New Democrats are “committed to” ensuring that “90 per cent of homeowner 2021/03/12 The Vancouver Sun
49 Multi-family rental building unit sold for $8.63 million located at 200 Street 2021/03/11 Western Investor
50 Canada’s housing market price gains in a “huge bubble” - David Rosenberg 2021/03/10 other
51 36th storey tower - worth $10 million highest-priced condo listing in the hist 2021/03/10 Western Investor
52 2021 issued building permits increase 300 percent compared to February 2020 de 2021/03/09 Western Investor
53 42 - storey Mixed Family Building located at 300 Main Street, Winnipeg 2021/03/09 Western Investor
54 Condo investor recent return of interest in presale market 2021/03/09 The Vancouver Sun
55 The advantage of purchasing a pre-sales condominium unit 2021/03/08 Western Investor
56 Cinema District located at 1502 McCallum Road, Abbotsford, BC holds presale 2021/03/07 The Province
57 Metro Vancouver region is experiencing a critical shortage of industrial land 2021/03/05 Western Investor
58 Covid-19 pandemic cause increase demand for housing 2021/03/03 Mortgage Broker News
59 February 2021 home sales increase up to 73.3 percent, from same month in 2020 - REBGV 2021/03/02 Livabl
60 B.C extend freeze rent till 2021 due to pandemic 2021/03/01 CBC Radio
61 Bank of Canada has observed excess exuberance in Canada’s housing market 2021/02/28 The Georgia Straight
62 Jack Chow well-known Chinatown figure has died at the age of 90 2021/02/27 CBC Radio
63 Cranbook building permit values double in the past year 2021/02/26 Western Investor
64 Does SPACs is ready for a pre - IPO company? 2021/02/26 other
65 The pros and cons of purchasing the upgraded condo building compare to the new 2021/02/26 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
66 Canadians are spending more money on extravagant homes despite of crisis 2021/02/26 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
67 RBC helps Canadian investors explore their investments outside the country 2021/02/26 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
68 Metro Vancouver more than 4 million office space vacant due to COVID-19 2021/02/26 Western Investor
69 Whats the effect of the five year fixed mortgage rates to Canada’s economy? 2021/02/25 Mortgage Broker News
70 Metro Vancouver office space vacancy rate facing the highest vacancy rate in y 2021/02/24 Western Investor
71 Q1 net income increase compare to previous quarter 2021/02/24 Mortgage Broker News
72 BMO has reported as a higher trading revenue in 2021 2021/02/23 Mortgage Broker News
73 Less supply high demand in 18 Canadian Cities 2021/02/23 The Vancouver Sun
74 Condo insurance price in Ontario increase up to 8 percent at the end of 2020 2021/02/22 Mortgage Broker News
75 Canada export terminal located at Kitimat salvaged B.C construction pace in 2020 2021/02/22 Western Investor
76 2021 industrial real state vacancy rate below 1 percent for the first time - CBRE 2021/02/19 Western Investor
77 Zillow’s innovative approach to provide a better customer experience in Real 2021/02/19 other
78 The CSA believes that the existing quarantine protocols should remain in place 2021/02/19 other
79 Metro Vancouver’s sales increase of rental properties up to 2.7 percent in 2 2021/02/18 Western Investor
80 Community engagement will define future real estate development 2021/02/17 Western Investor
81 80 acres redevelopment site located between Cambie and Burrard Street on South 2021/02/16 Western Investor
82 Platform developed by Fraction Technologies designed at the refinancing of exi 2021/02/12 Western Investor
83 BCREA: The lowest listing record down to 21.5 percent in January compared last 2021/02/12 The Province
84 Shangri-la tower strata minutes omits details about the risk and cost of repla 2021/02/12 The Province

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