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Welcome to the Real Estate news section of BCCondos.net

This section is your ultimate resource for latest news and developments in real estate market of Vancouver , Burnaby , Richmond , New Westminster , Surrey and other cities of Fraser Valley. The articles posted here are handpicked by Real Estate Experts based on the fact that Buying or selling a property is a big decision and everyone should have access to all sources of information related to these deals in this ever changing real estate market of North America. We are always maintaining archives of the news articles and this content is searchable using the search functionality below. All the articles are always linked to the main source of the information.

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# Article Publish Date Source
1 Toronto’s real estate market is heating up, with July setting a new year-on- 2020/08/07 Mortgage Broker News
2 How far Covid-19 assistance Canadians can cover some expensive 2020/08/07 Mortgage Broker News
3 Despite of Covid-19 22.3% increase of home sales compare same month last year 2020/08/07 other
4 Maintenance issues - you can pay now or pay even more later 2020/08/06 The Province
5 Juniper West at 2049 Highland Drive, Kamloops 675 multi-family and single-fami 2020/08/06 The Province
6 Mass-timber methods call for designs to be drawn using sophisticated 3-D compu 2020/08/05 The Vancouver Sun
7 Access to transit is more valuable, home buyers are willing to pay extra. 2020/08/04 other
8 Q2 BC taxpayers biggest transactions were hotels, temporary shelter for homele 2020/07/31 Western Investor
9 Greater Vancouver Condo Pre-Sales Cut In Half, New Inventory Delayed 2020/07/30 other
10 Bill 197 condo owners needs to know 2020/07/30 Mortgage Broker News
11 Using hashtags to maximize your real estate presence on Instagram 2020/07/29 REM
12 B.C.’s economy will be benefitting from the construction of three energy meg 2020/07/29 Western Investor
13 COVID-19 pandemic reduced the number of M&A deals 2020/07/28 other
14 High End building consider monthly rental, aside from prefer long term lease 2020/07/26 The Province
15 The impact of Covid-19 increasing the rental availability in downtown Toronto 2020/07/24 Mortgage Broker News
16 1 out of 10 Canadians thinking to move back home 2020/07/23 Western Investor
17 Vancouver Approves 28-storey rental building at the corner of Broadway and Bir 2020/07/22 The Province
18 Teranet-National Bank data report that housing market will slowdown 2020/07/21 Mortgage Broker News
19 Developer wants to rezone the land for social housing units across Oakridge Center 2020/07/18 The Vancouver Sun
20 Facebook Advertising platform become an important marketing tool in Real Estat 2020/07/17 REW
21 The road to a full recovery, defined as economic activity reaching its pre-COV 2020/07/17 Western Investor
22 Some economist predicting those near zero-rates still continue 2020/07/16 Western Investor
23 PM Trudeau announced the extended wage subsidy program 2020/07/15 Mortgage Broker News
24 Buyers agency exclusive contract explanation 2020/07/15 BCREA
25 Another platform has announced for AirBnB investors 2020/07/15 Mortgage Broker News
26 BC Housing Markets Bounce Back in June 2020/07/14 BCREA
27 Rural properties increasing demand during the pandemic 2020/07/13 Western Investor
28 How long this Pandemic affects the rental market 2020/07/13 Western Investor
29 Rural retreats beckon buyers as B.C. opens up 2020/07/13 Western Investor
30 Reverse mortgage as an exit strategy is a good idea? 2020/07/13 Mortgage Broker News
31 Residential units sold for $6.6 million, or the equivalent of more than $25 mi 2020/07/11 Western Investor
32 Multi-family sites push $25 million an acre 2020/07/11 Western Investor
33 Conference Board of Canada foreseeable outlook for Canadian Real Estate economy 2020/07/11 Mortgage Broker News
34 CRA’s eyeing tax audit for Canadian property transaction in the US 2020/07/10 REM
35 Landlords can now issue a Notice to End Tenancy for any reason(unpaid or late 2020/07/08 Western Investor
36 REW, B.C’s real estate leading platform expanding their established listing 2020/07/08 other
37 Prices steady as resale home sales increase Metro Vancouver's June housing sal 2020/07/08 Western Investor
38 RE/MAX: COVID-19 can’t slow demand in Toronto real estate market 2020/07/08 Mortgage Broker News
39 Sales gone down but home prices goes up, Northern B.C 2020/07/07 Western Investor
40 Developers, Investors strapped for cash. Does refundable deposit program will 2020/07/07 Mortgage Broker News
41 CoreLogic launches AI driven platform for real estate agents 2020/07/07 other
42 Canadian REIT index benchmark fluctuates during Q1 2020/07/06 Western Investor
43 Telling Tale of Two Hotel Sales in Victoria, an Award-winning Waterfront Property. 2020/07/06 Western Investor
44 Homebuyers pulling the trigger in the Fraser Valley and beyond 2020/07/05 The Province
45 New condo sales, starts plummet in Metro Vancouver 2020/07/01 Western Investor
46 Brokers: Vancouver market still a long way from full recovery 2020/06/30 Mortgage Broker News
47 CRA to conduct cross-border investigation on real estate tax evasion 2020/06/30 Mortgage Broker News
48 CRA: Thousands abusing federal financial assistance programs 2020/06/29 Mortgage Broker News
49 Canadian Housing Market is due for a crash 2020/06/25 Mortgage Broker News
50 Macroeconomic research foresee about housing market is due for a crash 2020/06/25 Mortgage Broker News
51 Banks, Borrowers, Broker or There has clearly been a communication breakdown e 2020/06/25 Mortgage Broker News
52 Macro Research Board reports that Canadian housing market on thin ice 2020/06/25 Mortgage Broker News
53 Just West 46-96 King Edward Avenue 55 garden suites and townhomes by Sightline 2020/06/25 The Province
54 Pandemic's economic effects could haunt Metro Vancouver housing into 2022 2020/06/25 The Province
55 CMHC projects trajectories for Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal real estate in new 2020/06/24 Mortgage Broker News
56 Crown corporation announces loan program for mid-sized businesses hurt by COVID-19 2020/06/24 Mortgage Broker News
57 LGBTQ home buyers can now look for Zillow listings in states with anti-discrim 2020/06/24 other
58 Consumer Gen-Zers and millennials forcing to delay home purchase because of Covid-19 2020/06/23 Mortgage Broker News
59 Metro Vancouver condominium rental market ride out during pandemic 2020/06/23 The Vancouver Sun
60 Property management goes handy because of the latest technology 2020/06/23 Western Investor
61 Toronto city council mandates residents to wear mask 2020/06/20 CBC Radio
62 COVID-19: Government Extends CERB, delays CEBA Update 2020/06/20 other
63 Shockwave increase in sublease space nearly doubled the vacancy rate in downto 2020/06/19 Western Investor
64 Eastridge Panorama 5528 148 St, Surrey, 36 rancher-style 3 bedroom townhomes b 2020/06/19 The Vancouver Sun
65 Getting commercial buildings ready for back to work 2020/06/17 REM
66 Home prices rise as B.C. real estate market continues to slump 2020/06/16 The Province
67 Commercial check-in: What's in store for office real estate in Canada? 2020/06/16 Mortgage Broker News
68 Major Canadian bank warns of historic price declines in Toronto 13% and Vancouver 12% 2020/06/16 Mortgage Broker News
69 Concord Pacific acquires former Cresford site The Clover on Yonge 2020/06/15 Livabl
70 Chelsea Estate 9747 Cameron Road Vernon 234 acre waterfront property for sale 2020/06/15 The Province
71 Housing Market Activity Shows Signs of Recovery in May 2020/06/15 BCREA
72 COVID-19 magnifies B.C.’s property assessment woes 2020/06/14 Western Investor