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This section is your ultimate resource for latest news and developments in real estate market of Vancouver , Burnaby , Richmond , New Westminster , Surrey and other cities of Fraser Valley. The articles posted here are handpicked by Real Estate Experts based on the fact that Buying or selling a property is a big decision and everyone should have access to all sources of information related to these deals in this ever changing real estate market of North America. We are always maintaining archives of the news articles and this content is searchable using the search functionality below. All the articles are always linked to the main source of the information.

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# Article Publish Date Source
1 Canada lost 13,000 jobs last month says ADP 2019/01/18 REP
2 More rate cuts expected following RBC move 2019/01/18 REP
3 Vacancy Tax Explained 2019/01/18 other
4 Seniors housing touted as 2019's safest investment 2019/01/17 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
5 Ontario Collective and Ontario Regional Technology & Information Systems to merge 2019/01/17 REM
6 Redfin to launch in Canada in March 2019/01/17 REM
7 Vacancy Tax explanation from city of Vancouver 2019/01/17 other
8 RBC cuts 5-year fixed mortgage rate 2019/01/17 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
9 Condo Smarts: Unit-entitlement errors not uncommon 2019/01/17 The Province
10 Cedar Ridge 70 Seaview Drive Port Moody 28 three and four bedroom townhomes by 2019/01/17 The Province
11 In Canada's housing slowdown, Vancouver proves to be the weakest link 2019/01/16 The Vancouver Sun
12 US real estate brokerage disruptor to launch in Canada 2019/01/15 REP
13 Reverse mortgage demand hits 8-year high 2019/01/15 Mortgage Magazine
14 Montreal's luxury market attracts outsized sales activity 2019/01/15 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
15 Ins and outs of vendor take-backs 2019/01/15 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
16 Home prices trended lower in the second half of last year 2019/01/15 REP
17 BC Home Sales Decline 25% in 2018 2019/01/15 BCREA
18 High cost of housing sparks exodus from Vancouver 2019/01/14 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
19 Canada’s home prices recovering from "significant correction" 2019/01/14 REP
20 Canadian House Prices To Drop As 'Huge' Wave Of New Homes Arrives: Report 2019/01/13 other
21 Interest rates might remain flat until next year 2019/01/13 REP
22 Vancouver office market's strength at a record high 2019/01/13 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
23 The waning of Vancouver and the waxing of Toronto 2019/01/13 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
24 This BC city just saw its biggest homebuilding boom since 1976 - will it conti 2019/01/12 other
25 Akimbo 4295 Dawson Street 350 homes in a 40 storey tower by Imani Development 2019/01/12 The Vancouver Sun
26 What you need to know about claiming the principal residence exemption on the 2019/01/12 The Vancouver Sun
27 Commercial buildings drive permit growth with 11-year high 2019/01/11 REP
28 HomeEquity Bank reports 26% rise in reverse mortgage originations 2019/01/11 REP
29 Montreal prices accelerate as sales reach new record 2019/01/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
30 GGH region forecast to lead growth in new home sales 2019/01/10 REP
31 Despite concerns there could be 2 rate rises in 2019 2019/01/10 REP
32 Survey owners before proceeding with plan to sell suite 2019/01/10 The Province
33 COURT 153 homes at 2814 Gladwin Road two 6 storey buildings by Heinrichs Developments 2019/01/10 The Province
34 Bank of Canada announces interest rate decision 2019/01/09 REP
35 Montreal closes out 2018 with a new record high 2019/01/09 REP
36 Disruption from adopting new tech is inevitable, but it can be managed 2019/01/09 REP
37 Fraser Valley home sales hit 5-year-low last year 2019/01/08 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
38 Radon: what you need to know 2019/01/08 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
39 Canadians view murkier fiscal, economic prospects in 2019 2019/01/08 REP
40 Vancouver home sales fall to lowest point since 2000 2019/01/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
41 Toronto posts 16% decline in sales for 2018 2019/01/07 REP
42 I’m grateful for these 5 things in the real estate industry 2019/01/07 REM
43 Real estate is poised for a tech disruption in 2019 2019/01/04 REP
44 FINTRAC Publishes its First Assessment on Terrorist Activity Financing 2019/01/04 other
45 Vancouver home sales fall to lowest yearly total in 18 years, detached home pr 2019/01/04 The Province
46 Metro condo market at odds with gains in property assessment 2019/01/04 The Province
47 Metro Vancouver home sales decline below historical averages in 2018 2019/01/03 other
48 Fraser Valley can expect "modest" tax assessment change 2019/01/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
49 Clarity needed on possible change to rental bylaws 2019/01/03 The Province
50 B.C.’s five most expensive neighbourhoods 2019/01/03 The Province
51 Some Metro homes see decline in assessed value 2019/01/03 The Vancouver Sun
52 British Columbia’s most expensive homes took a value hit in 2018 2019/01/02 other
53 Technology to play bigger role in real estate transactions 2019/01/02 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
54 Vancouver Home Prices Fall Most Since 2008, Extending Declines 2019/01/02 REP
55 The hottest Canadian real estate market in 2019 will be… 2019/01/01 REP
56 Only 2 out of 10 first-time buyers in BC covered their downpayments by themsel 2018/12/31 other
57 Crash? Recovery? 4 Things That Will (And Won’t) Happen In Canada’s Housing 2018/12/30 other
58 Real estate agent barred over sexual messages, offering tenants weed 2018/12/22 other
59 The biggest real estate stories of 2018 2018/12/20 REP
60 Demand surges for strata office space 2018/12/20 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
61 Vancouver empty homes tax to help homeowners, renters 2018/12/20 REP
62 BC’s housing market is in a full-out recession, but it’s not all bad news 2018/12/19 other
63 BC housing market to remain subdued says Central 1 2018/12/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
64 Commercial Real Estate: 20-per-cent drop in commercial property sales 2018/12/18 The Vancouver Sun
65 B.C. housing market in 'mild recession' likely thru 2021: Report 2018/12/18 The Province
66 CIBC economists question BoC’s view of housing market 2018/12/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
67 Sales decline looms large 2018/12/17 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
68 Duet Two, a stacked townhouse project approved for Burquitlam 2018/12/15 Vancouver Courier
69 Lower Mainland affordability map showing income needed to buy a home 2018/12/15 other
70 Cedar Ridge 70 Seaview Drive Port Moody 28 three and four bedroom townhomes by 2018/12/15 The Vancouver Sun
71 Investors speak out against Fortress Real 2018/12/14 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
72 Making money in paradise 2018/12/13 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
73 Morgage Rate Forecast 2018/12/13 BCREA
74 Home price index posts rare November decline 2018/12/13 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
75 REMAX predicts balanced 2019 market 2018/12/13 Mortgage Broker News
76 Repair bill should be paid by strata 2018/12/13 The Province
77 Renovictions top rental housing concerns: Report 2018/12/13 The Province
78 Renovictions top rental housing concerns: Report 2018/12/13 The Province
79 Huawei executive arrest could impact Vancouver real estate prices: Barron's 2018/12/12 Western Investor
80 Alberta investment transaction increase led by large-scale Edmonton sales 2018/12/12 Western Investor
81 REMAX forecasts Canadian markets in 2019 2018/12/12 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
82 Condominium market still 'a lot better' than normal in Vancouver suburbs 2018/12/12 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
83 Tax evaders now risk property seizure 2018/12/12 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
84 No major residential price drops for Metro Vancouver and B.C. next year: forecasts 2018/12/11 Western Investor
85 13 and 4: Real estate's unlucky numbers and what some cities are doing about it 2018/12/11 Mortgage Broker News
86 Builders are planning to increase housing supply 2018/12/11 REP
87 Housing starts snap downward trend 2018/12/11 REP
88 Bidding wars: Big bad bully 2018/12/11 REM
89 Montreal to be the star market for 2019 says Royal LePage 2018/12/11 REP
90 Zillow expands Canadian network with 3 new affiliates 2018/12/10 REP
91 Lower Mainland commercial real estate sales moderated in Q3 2018/12/09 REP
92 BC property assessments to reflect easing market 2018/12/09 REP
93 Court 2814 Gladwin Road Abbotsford 153 homes in two 6 storey buildings by Hein 2018/12/08 The Vancouver Sun
94 Commercial real estate sales decline and price activity varies across the Lowe 2018/12/07 other
95 'Wait-and-see' approach pulling down Vancouver demand 2018/12/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
96 42.5% sales decline signals hard times ahead 2018/12/07 REP
97 Modest growth for Vancouver’s CRE market 2018/12/07 REP
98 Could this be the answer to Vancouver’s affordability crisis? 2018/12/07 REP
99 Commercial real estate sales down across all sectors: REBGV 2018/12/07 Western Investor
100 Vancouver's new home market to remain stable in 2019 2018/12/07 other
101 U.S.-based real estate marketplace expands further in Canada 2018/12/06 Mortgage Broker News
102 1450 West Georgia 49-storey highrise proposed with 162 rental units and 187 co 2018/12/06 Western Investor
103 Fraser Valley sales in line with historic averages 2018/12/06 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
104 Any owner eligible for council 2018/12/06 The Province
105 Politics cited as prices of Metro rental buildings fall 2018/12/05 Western Investor
106 Vancouver sales, prices decelerating due to various pressures 2018/12/05 Mortgage Broker News
107 Vancouver sales slump continued in November 2018/12/05 REP
108 Canadian markets next year will look like… 2018/12/05 REP
109 B-20 Stress Test (Bill 20) is doing more harm than good - totally Shut down th 2018/12/05 REP
110 Investors have little to fear of a housing meltdown 2018/12/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
111 Bank of Canada makes key interest rate announcement 2018/12/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
112 Vancouver real estate sales and prices down to more ‘historical’ levels, b 2018/12/05 The Province
113 Metro Vancouver home sales down 42.5% in November 2018/12/04 Western Investor
114 Naive politicians will keep Metro Vancouver tenants in turmoil 2018/12/03 Western Investor
115 6137 Collingwood Place to be auctioned off in Hong Kong 2018/12/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
116 Multiple factors will weigh upon Canadian housing next year 2018/12/03 REP
117 Stack Tower to meet ‘net zero carbon’ emissions 2018/12/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
118 Future Development Sites by Concorde 2018/12/01 The Vancouver Sun
119 Avani Centre 13586 98 Avenue Surrey 181 homes in a 30 storey tower by avani In 2018/12/01 The Vancouver Sun
120 Cambie Gardens phase one a 24 storey and 26 storey towers at 650 West 57th Ave 2018/12/01 The Vancouver Sun
121 No, detached home prices in Vancouver aren’t collapsing, according to this i 2018/11/30 other
122 Vancouver’s empty homes tax revenue higher than expected 2018/11/29 Western Investor
123 Stack office tower by Oxford Properties stands 161.5 metres 2018/11/29 Mortgage Broker News
124 Limited common property bylaws quite often misunderstood 2018/11/29 The Province
125 Tsawwassen Landing 30 townhomes at 4738 Hemlock Way by Onni Group 2018/11/29 The Province
126 Metro’s 2018 vacancy rate remains tight while rents continue to soar 2018/11/29 The Province
127 Whistler condo prices skyrocket as retirees, investors drive demand 2018/11/28 Western Investor
128 Canada's reverse mortgage load continues to grow 2018/11/28 Mortgage Broker News
129 Housing-backed cryptocurrencies could change homebuying 2018/11/28 REP
130 BCREA welcomes provincial crackdown on money laundering 2018/11/28 REP
131 GTA new home sales post best month of 2018 so far 2018/11/28 REP
132 Toronto affordability already in a ‘crisis’ state - observer 2018/11/28 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
133 $10.79M downtown Victoria penthouse sale doubles the previous record 2018/11/27 Western Investor
134 Housing collapse unlikely say Canada’s accountants 2018/11/27 REP
135 $1 billion money laundered by crime networks in BC real estate? 2018/11/27 REP
136 Bidding wars: Ministration, deliberation and orchestration 2018/11/26 REM
137 Why this economist says Vancouver’s housing recovery will probably be roughe 2018/11/26 other
138 Canada's big banks to end strong financial year with a 'whimper' 2018/11/26 Mortgage Broker News
139 BoC to buy Canadian Mortgage Bonds for first time 2018/11/26 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
140 Housing Strategy to nurture the next generation of experts 2018/11/25 REP
141 Little Mountain development site awaiting on planning department approval 2018/11/24 The Vancouver Sun
142 Maywood on the Park 6463 Silver Avenue Burnaby 298 homes in a 32 storey tower 2018/11/24 The Vancouver Sun
143 Berkeley Tower at 1770 Davie due for renovation and tenants offered huge buyout 2018/11/24 The Vancouver Sun
144 In Sweden, cash is almost extinct and people implant microchips in their hands 2018/11/23 other
145 Vancouver project promises 6 decades of affordability 2018/11/22 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
146 12,000 BC rental homes could be stifled by regulation 2018/11/22 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
147 Landlords may allow tenants to run for council 2018/11/22 The Province
148 Belle Isle 88 stacked townhomes at 2060 Curling Road North Vancouver by Citimark 2018/11/22 The Province
149 Notable weakness observed in Western Canada – CREA 2018/11/21 Mortgage Broker News
150 B.C.’s anti-laundering drive goes online 2018/11/21 Mortgage Broker News
151 B.C. gov’t has yet to make good on affordability commitments 2018/11/21 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
152 Inventory glut and government intervention slow Vancouver 2018/11/21 Canadian Real Estate Wealth