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This section is your ultimate resource for latest news and developments in real estate market of Vancouver , Burnaby , Richmond , New Westminster , Surrey and other cities of Fraser Valley. The articles posted here are handpicked by Real Estate Experts based on the fact that Buying or selling a property is a big decision and everyone should have access to all sources of information related to these deals in this ever changing real estate market of North America. We are always maintaining archives of the news articles and this content is searchable using the search functionality below. All the articles are always linked to the main source of the information.

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# Article Publish Date Source
1 8 Essential Questions to Ask at an Open House 2019/05/17 REW
2 Long overdue beneficial ownership registry would curb money laundering 2019/05/16 Mortgage Broker News
3 President can’t have total control at meeting 2019/05/16 The Province
4 Latimer Heights 8207 202B Street Langley approximately 2000 homes of different 2019/05/16 The Province
5 Re/Max withdraws from referral deal with Redfin 2019/05/15 REM
6 Damp April for B.C. home sales, average price down 6.2%: BCREA 2019/05/15 Western Investor
7 BoC will cut interest rates twice this year says Capital Economics 2019/05/15 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
8 Parq Vancouver’s debt problems spark questions about public incentives 2019/05/14 Western Investor
9 New home prices flat in March say builders across Canada 2019/05/14 REP
10 Affordability Continues to Weigh on Housing Demand 2019/05/14 BCREA
11 Trudeau says new mortgage rules cut froth in Toronto, Vancouver 2019/05/14 Mortgage Broker News
12 Anti-money laundering measures target Mortgage Broker Act 2019/05/14 Mortgage Broker News
13 Find Vancouver real estate expensive? Check out these exorbitant markets 2019/05/13 Western Investor
14 BC’s REALTORS® Welcome Government Recommendations on Money Laundering 2019/05/13 BCREA
15 Are Toronto, Vancouver facing an office vacancy surge? 2019/05/13 Mortgage Broker News
16 Western Canada drives rise in building permits 2019/05/13 Mortgage Broker News
17 Most of B.C.’s dirty money laundered through real estate – report 2019/05/12 REP
18 Industry weighs in on B.C. money laundering 2019/05/12 REP
19 Money laundering causes 5% price spike in B.C. 2019/05/12 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
20 Kira 750 Dogwood Street Coquitlam 116 homes in a 6 storey building by Woodbrid 2019/05/11 The Vancouver Sun
21 BC Assessments Vs. What Your Home is Truly Worth 2019/05/10 REW
22 Purplebricks is a real estate brokerage disruptor providing fixed-fee real est 2019/05/09 REP
23 Peerage Realty Partners acquires Sotheby’s International Realty Canada 2019/05/09 REM
24 Vancouver's luxury market: 'There's something wrong with this picture' 2019/05/09 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
25 Money laundering drove up B.C. real estate prices by 5%: reports 2019/05/09 Western Investor
26 Confirm everything in writing before you buy 2019/05/09 The Province
27 Amira 612 Brantford Street New Westminster 41 homes in a 6 storey building by 2019/05/09 The Province
28 Money laundering funded $5.3B in B.C. real estate purchases in 2018, report reveals 2019/05/08 other
29 Province cracks down on tenancy law-breakers - whether renters or landlords 2019/05/08 Western Investor
30 First-Time Home Buyers Incentive – What Does it Really Mean? 2019/05/07 REW
31 Coquitlam realtor faces discipline over unexpected $17K roof assessment 2019/05/07 Western Investor
32 Vancouver sales volume falls due to slackened demand 2019/05/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
33 30-year lease touted as alternative to luxury purchase 2019/05/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
34 Transit is increasingly a deal-breaker for Canadian homebuyers 2019/05/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
35 Article about the contractors and suppliers below, we do not get paid a referr 2019/05/06 REM
36 Slower market is a positive for Fraser Valley affordability 2019/05/06 REP
37 Squamish Nation to build 3000 rental units by Burrard street bridge in Vancouver 2019/05/06 Mortgage Broker News
38 Far less homes were sold last year due to B-20 2019/05/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
39 Vancouver home sales slump again to 43% below average 2019/05/03 other
40 Wondering what sells in Vancouver’s slower market? 2019/05/03 REW
41 CMHC: Housing market is no longer “highly” vulnerable 2019/05/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
42 Analysis: Only 43 Metro Vancouver homes over $7M have sold in past year 2019/05/03 Western Investor
43 Home-alone trend is adding fuel to housing crisis 2019/05/02 Western Investor
44 Metro Vancouver residential property prices still sliding as listings pile up: REBGV 2019/05/02 Western Investor
45 Reduced demand and increased supply remain the trend across Metro Vancouver’ 2019/05/02 other
46 Condo Smarts: Owners must be given proper notice of meetings 2019/05/02 The Province
47 Luxury home market experiencing 'carnage' in some spots 2019/05/01 other
48 Altus Group launches new edition of investment platform 2019/05/01 Mortgage Broker News
49 B-20 unquestionably pulled down national sales – economists 2019/05/01 Mortgage Broker News
50 The Income Group You Need to Be in to Buy a Home in these Canadian Cities 2019/05/01 other
51 Latest stats make interest rate hikes highly unlikely in 2019 2019/05/01 REP
52 Self-employed borrowers seek private lenders for mortgages 2019/05/01 Mortgage Broker News
53 Canmore, Leduc top list of Alberta's best real estate investment towns 2019/04/30 Western Investor
54 Moving Checklist: Handy Guide for Moving House 2019/04/30 REW
55 When should you list a home for sale? (INFOGRAPHIC) 2019/04/29 Western Investor
56 Here's What The Bank Of Canada Says Is The Real Reason For The Housing Slowdown 2019/04/29 other
57 Redfin launches to ‘‘fantastic response’’ in Vancouver 2019/04/29 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
58 BoC predictions for next year are far too optimistic – observer 2019/04/28 Mortgage Broker News
59 Millennial demand will not be deterred by high prices 2019/04/28 Mortgage Broker News
60 Under 3% of Vancouverites can afford a house 2019/04/28 Mortgage Broker News
61 Intergenerational wealth transfer will buoy housing market 2019/04/28 REP
62 Self-employed increasingly turning to private lenders for mortgages 2019/04/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
63 Vancouver industrial market activity exceeds $150M in Q1 2019 2019/04/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
64 Strata council should consider other units when planning patio expansion 2019/04/25 The Province
65 One Central 550 homes in a 44 storey tower at 13350 Central Avenue Surrey by A 2019/04/25 The Province
66 The taxes that sent Vancouver’s luxury housing market reeling 2019/04/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
67 Downhill credit conditions paving the way for banking crisis 2019/04/24 REP
68 Canada should revisit mortgage rules as housing cools, CIBC says 2019/04/24 REP
69 Vancouver home prices are going to fall further this year 2019/04/23 other
70 TREB bars property listing portal, Monghouse, from using its data 2019/04/22 Mortgage Broker News
71 Heritage buildings shown some love by Vancouver 2019/04/22 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
72 Federal stress test caused up to $15B drop in new mortgages: economist 2019/04/22 Western Investor
73 B.C real estate sector makes money-laundering recommendations 2019/04/19 Western Investor
74 13 strategic questions to identify whether an agent is the best fit 2019/04/18 REW
75 Towers envisioned for West Georgia White Spot site 2019/04/18 Western Investor
76 Economists rule out rate change next week 2019/04/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
77 The Oaks 731 Anskar Court Coquitlam 135 homes in a 6 storey building by Strand 2019/04/18 The Province
78 Balancing security rights with safety 2019/04/18 The Province
79 MODE 3438 Sawmill Crescent Vancouver a 25 storey tower with 257 homes by Wesgr 2019/04/18 The Province
80 Owners of West Georgia White Spot site propose two luxury condo towers 2019/04/18 The Province
81 Luxury homeowners renting to avoid Vancouver’s EHT 2019/04/17 REP
82 B.C. multi-family market continues magnetizing investment 2019/04/17 Mortgage Broker News
83 Vancouver's spate of new rules discouraging foreign investors 2019/04/17 Mortgage Broker News
84 Negative impact of B-20 massively apparent in residential mortgages 2019/04/17 Mortgage Broker News
85 After a long boom, most Vancouver homebuilders don’t know what a housing cra 2019/04/16 other
86 Home sales remain in a “holding pattern” says CREA 2019/04/16 REP
87 House price index posts first non-recession March fall in 20 years 2019/04/15 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
88 BC Real Estate Sector Submits Anti-Money Laundering Recommendations To Government 2019/04/15 BCREA
89 Stress Test Creating Pent-up Demand 2019/04/15 BCREA
90 Vancouver vacancies, supply drop further this year 2019/04/14 Mortgage Broker News
91 Ottawa to strengthen National Housing Strategy 2019/04/12 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
92 Squamish Nation expects debate over plans for 3,000 housing units at Burrard Bridge 2019/04/12 The Vancouver Sun
93 Squamish Nation plans large housing development at south end of Burrard Bridge 2019/04/11 other
94 Gather evidence quickly when common property is damaged 2019/04/11 The Province
95 Record high for Vancouver industrial sector amid ‘unrealistic’ boom 2019/04/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
96 IMF says Canada’s housing market is risky, similar to the bust 2019/04/08 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
97 Toronto holds strong while Vancouver dips and Montreal soars 2019/04/07 Mortgage Broker News
98 Vancouver added record number of new homes in past 2 years 2019/04/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
99 Canada’s major housing markets still at high risk of price drops, says IMF 2019/04/05 Western Investor
100 Despite lower prices, Vancouver housing remains out of reach 2019/04/05 REP
101 Survey reveals housing market off to a sluggish start 2019/04/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
102 GTA home sales for March were almost exactly the same as in 2018 2019/04/04 Mortgage Broker News
103 Real estate slowdown in major cities has ‘silver lining’ for buyers: Royal LePage 2019/04/04 Western Investor
104 Altus Group forecasts, risk assesses Vancouver housing market 2019/04/04 Mortgage Broker News
105 Conditions may be imposed for common property alterations 2019/04/04 The Province
106 CMHC releases statement on Liberals’ mortgage plan 2019/04/04 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
107 New registry plans to expose hidden Vancouver property owners 2019/04/03 REP
108 Almost half of Airbnb listings in Vancouver remain unlicensed 2019/04/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
109 Meridian’s new digital bank has launched with a 3.09% mortgage 2019/04/03 REP
110 Canada Post building redevelopment called ‘the post’ will be occupied by 5 2019/04/03 Mortgage Broker News
111 St. Paul’s Hospital Burrard Street site for sale 2019/04/03 Western Investor
112 Spring Market Off to a Stable Start: March TREB Report 2019/04/03 other
113 Steps to Finding Exactly the Right Real Estate Agent 2019/04/03 REW
114 Metro Vancouver’s March residential sales lowest in 33 years 2019/04/02 Western Investor
115 Dirty money in real estate reports submitted to province 2019/04/01 Western Investor
116 Missed speculation tax declaration deadline? There’s still time 2019/04/01 Western Investor
117 Toronto real estate ripe for laundering money 2019/03/31 Mortgage Broker News
118 Davie and Nicola a 21 storey highrise with 128 homes at 1485 Davie Street by V 2019/03/28 The Province
119 GTA new single-family home sales jumped 147% in February 2019/03/27 other
120 Legal Cannabis is Smoking Up Neighbourhoods in Toronto & Vancouver 2019/03/26 REW
121 What becomes of B-20 if interest rates fall? 2019/03/26 Mortgage Broker News
122 High-rise commercial towers to be erected in Toronto, Vancouver 2019/03/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
123 Chinese buyers will continue to hunger for Canadian property 2019/03/25 Mortgage Broker News
124 Duet 707 Como Lake Avenue Coquitlam 72 homes in a 6 storey building plus townh 2019/03/23 The Vancouver Sun
125 District of North Vancouver cancels another affordable housing project 2019/03/22 Western Investor
126 Saskatchewan real estate associations vote to amalgamate 2019/03/21 REM
127 New measures might pull down sales activity until fall 2019 2019/03/21 Mortgage Broker News
128 Strata age restriction bylaws - BCREA Legally Speaking 2019/03/21 BCREA
129 Strata must inform tenants of all bylaw changes 2019/03/21 The Province
130 Soleil 178 homes at 1588 Johnston Road White Rock by RDG Management 2019/03/21 The Province
131 REBGV launches home listings site 2019/03/20 Mortgage Broker News
132 Mixed reactions to budget housing measures 2019/03/20 Mortgage Broker News
133 BCREA Pleased With Housing Focus in Federal Budget 2019 2019/03/20 BCREA
134 Demand for commercial real estate declines in 2018 2019/03/20 other
135 New First-Time Home Buyer Incentive Unveiled in Federal Budget 2019/03/20 other