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Welcome to the Real Estate news section of BCCondos.net

This section is your ultimate resource for latest news and developments in real estate market of Vancouver , Burnaby , Richmond , New Westminster , Surrey and other cities of Fraser Valley. The articles posted here are handpicked by Real Estate Experts based on the fact that Buying or selling a property is a big decision and everyone should have access to all sources of information related to these deals in this ever changing real estate market of North America. We are always maintaining archives of the news articles and this content is searchable using the search functionality below. All the articles are always linked to the main source of the information.

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# Article Publish Date Source
1 Higher building costs and supply-chain issues continue to hamper investment an 2023/01/26 Western Investor
2 Metro Vancouver area drove rental demand in 2022 | CMHC 2023/01/26 Western Investor
3 GTA new home sales started strongly in 2022 before easing in the second half o 2023/01/25 other
4 Ministry of Housing making mandatory for developers and strata corporations to 2023/01/24 CBC Radio
5 B.C. had record spending on exploration in 2022 2023/01/24 Western Investor
6 Housing market in 2022 generally outperformed expectations both in terms of sa 2023/01/20 other
7 Vancouver property owners can now start make their EHT property status declara 2023/01/20 REBGV
8 Fed announces a joint investment $3M to support the development of new afforda 2023/01/20 other
9 391,000 sqft office building in Calgary sells for $17.25 Million 2023/01/19 Western Investor
10 3.41 acres land assembly sells for $24.42 Million located at Langley, B.C. 2023/01/19 Western Investor
11 1.5 acres land assembly in Vancouver sells for $100 Million 2023/01/19 Western Investor
12 Canada’s luxury real estate market cooled significantly last year, setting 2 2023/01/18 other
13 14 acres industrial land sells for $75 Million located at 12091 88th Avenue, S 2023/01/18 Western Investor
14 Canadian average rent increase 10.9% in 2022, 5% increase forecast for 2023 2023/01/18 other
15 Sales, listings, and prices are expected to drop across all property types 2023/01/18 CBC Radio
16 Housing starts in Canada fall by 5% in December 2023/01/17 other
17 Canada annual inflation rate falls to 6.3% in December 2023/01/17 USA Today
18 Canadian home prices fell by the most on record in 2022 2023/01/16 other
19 Canadian home prices fell by the most on record in 2022 2023/01/16 other
20 Canadian home sales increase by 1.3% in December | CREA 2023/01/16 other
21 Metro Vancouver’s industrial vacancy rate ended 2022 unchanged at 0.2%, desp 2023/01/14 Western Investor
22 Toronto’s housing market was still ongoing – but “may be moderating,” 2023/01/13 other
23 WonderFi confirms in Jan. 12 statement that it has held discussions both as a 2023/01/13 other
24 Tesla Inc. slash prices dramatically Friday on several versions of its electri 2023/01/13 other
25 David Eby predict the fund will protect “thousands” of renters from gougin 2023/01/13 The Vancouver Sun
26 CIBC appoints new head of Canadian banking 2023/01/13 other
27 Canadian home prices decline since the the global financial crisis in 2022 2023/01/13 other
28 0.375 acres office building in Vancouver sells for $63 Million 2023/01/13 Western Investor
29 3.08 acres commercial site sells for $24 Million located at Langley, B.C. 2023/01/12 Western Investor
30 Greystone Housing Impact Investors announces close the sale of two multifamily 2023/01/12 other
31 Smith first offer to buy Home Capital Group Inc. for CA$44, but the lender’s 2023/01/11 other
32 Vancouver Island sees 10% to 20% increase in property valuations, according to 2023/01/10 Mortgage Magazine
33 Vancouver’s Dec. home sales down 19.8% month-over-month | REBGV 2023/01/10 other
34 Canada’s housing market since 2001 as affordability challenges continue to w 2023/01/10 other
35 Romspen Investment Corp. of Toronto, Bowra suspended the SISP “until the bui 2023/01/09 Western Investor
36 VICI Properties acquires four Canadian Gaming Properties in sale leaseback tra 2023/01/09 Western Investor
37 55% reports filed to the FCC are due to unwanted calls, including telemarketin 2023/01/09 USA Today
38 The strong headline readings raises the probability of another 25bp hike at th 2023/01/09 other
39 Canadian mortgage industry’s most prestigious awards ceremony is returning for 2023 2023/01/09 other
40 10.23 acres industrial land in Monitor sells for $5.11 Million 2023/01/06 Western Investor
41 10 acres vacant industrial land in Manitoba sells for $2.8 Million 2023/01/06 Western Investor
42 30,000 sqft industrial in Edmonton sells for $15 Million 2023/01/06 Western Investor
43 Bank of Canada began to raise interest rates in March — whether prices conti 2023/01/06 The Vancouver Sun
44 BC’s increase supply in 2023 to meet housing and immigration targets 2023/01/06 Western Investor
45 Canada's biggest challenge going forward won't be job losses in the oilpatch | 2023/01/06 CBC Radio
46 Canadian economy adds 104,000 jobs in Dec, unemployment rate falls to 5.0% 2023/01/06 other
47 Calgary’s real estate activity and prices have grown compared to pre-pandemi 2023/01/06 other
48 1.03 acres townhouse development sells for $3.2 Million located at Coquitlam, B.C. 2023/01/05 Western Investor
49 Metro Vancouver on track for strong but not record-breaking performance in 2022 2023/01/05 Western Investor
50 Pent-up demand for travel is fuelling hoteliers’ growth plans despite ongoin 2023/01/05 Western Investor
51 Despite the sharp drop in sales, benchmark prices remained stable in December | REBGV 2023/01/04 Western Investor
52 BoC's increase the policy rate at seven of the eight interest rate announcemen 2023/01/04 The Vancouver Sun
53 Canada added more than 431,000 new permanent residents in 2022 2023/01/04 other
54 Housing sales in B.C. in 2022 down 50% compared to a year earlier | BCREA 2023/01/04 Western Investor
55 Calgary continues to report activity that is better than levels seen before th 2023/01/03 CBC Radio
56 Blackwater construction team has made significant progress in Q4 2022 2023/01/03 Western Investor
57 HELOC load just one sign of the “extreme level” of indebtedness that curre 2023/01/03 other
58 Demand and home prices hit new highs, before abruptly turning in the opposite 2023/01/03 other
59 14.2 acres industrial land sells for $111 Million located at 19469 92 Avenue, Surrey 2022/12/29 Western Investor
60 2 acres industrial land in Surrey sells for $14 Million 2022/12/29 Western Investor
61 Canada’s ban on foreign homebuyers comes into effect on Jan. 1 2022/12/22 Western Investor
62 The aggregate price of a Canadian residential unit drop 1% by Q4 2023 2022/12/14 other
63 BoC’s final announcement of 2022 is a welcome one that presents “stability 2022/12/14 other
64 Calgary’s multi-family rental market is firing on all cylinders coming into 2023 2022/12/10 Western Investor
65 Despite headwinds, rental investments appear solid into 2023 2022/12/09 Western Investor
66 10-storey medical office next to the under-construction new St. Paul’s Hospi 2022/12/09 Western Investor
67 6.5 acres development site in Surrey sells for $170 Million 2022/12/08 Western Investor
68 Close to 90% of Canadians will visit shopping malls in December | JLL Canada 2022/12/06 Western Investor
69 November housing sales and price data continue downward spiral seen over the p 2022/12/02 Western Investor
70 1.8 acres development land in Burnaby sells for $145 Million 2022/12/02 Western Investor
71 56 detached-house lots in Port Moody sells for $157.2 Million 2022/12/01 Western Investor
72 Goran Bucan broker and developer Keltic closes on $150M Burnaby land deal 2022/12/01 Western Investor
73 Vancouver’s the top market for investment in Western Canada 2022/11/30 Western Investor

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