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This section is your ultimate resource for latest news and developments in real estate market of Vancouver , Burnaby , Richmond , New Westminster , Surrey and other cities of Fraser Valley. The articles posted here are handpicked by Real Estate Experts based on the fact that Buying or selling a property is a big decision and everyone should have access to all sources of information related to these deals in this ever changing real estate market of North America. We are always maintaining archives of the news articles and this content is searchable using the search functionality below. All the articles are always linked to the main source of the information.

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# Article Publish Date Source
1 What’s in Store for 2020? Zoocasa’s 5 Housing Market Predictions 2020/12/30 other
2 A 5-storey rental project at 1805 Larch Street approved by council 2020/12/18 Vancouver Courier
3 Bylaw on deductible won't benefit insurance renewal 2020/01/23 The Province
4 5 Financial Benefits Only Available for Homeowners 2020/01/22 REW
5 Go Big: Multi-family and commercial projected for continued strong growth in 2 2020/01/21 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
6 Demand for rental units outstrips supply 2020/01/21 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
7 Vancouver poised to get back on its feet 2020/01/21 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
8 Canadian office sector to see even more space allocated to flex plans 2020/01/20 Mortgage Broker News
9 303 - 1680 Bayshore home takes in stunning outlooks 2020/01/18 The Vancouver Sun
10 Briza 10616 132 Street Surrey a 5 storey building with 61 condos and 4 townhou 2020/01/18 The Vancouver Sun
11 Commercial real estate financing - Agreement For Sale and Vender Take Back mortgage 2020/01/16 Western Investor
12 Canadian home sales slipped in December 2020/01/16 Mortgage Broker News
13 Canadian vacancy rate declines for third straight year 2020/01/16 Mortgage Broker News
14 Options available to repay annual deficits 2020/01/16 The Province
15 Parker 13929 105A Avenue Surrey 218 homes in a 4 storey low rise by Mosaic Homes 2020/01/16 The Province
16 Plaza of Nations redevelopment moving forward, including new Canucks practice rink 2020/01/16 The Province
17 Toronto and Vancouver lead Canada’s top-tier housing recovery 2020/01/15 Mortgage Broker News
18 What the 2020 BC Real Estate Assessment Report is Telling You 2020/01/15 REW
19 7 Common Travel Scams and How to Avoid Them 2020/01/15 other
20 Phishing, Doxxing, Botnets, and Other Email Scams: What You Need to Know 2020/01/15 other
21 The Most Common Home Improvement Scams after a Natural Disaster: How to Avoid Fraud 2020/01/15 other
22 Online Scams Targeting Teens and Young Adults 2020/01/15 other
23 How to Avoid these 6 Common Senior Scams 2020/01/15 other
24 BC housing markets rebounded in second half of 2019 2020/01/14 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
25 Did You Earn as Much as GTA Real Estate in 2019? 2020/01/14 other
26 BC real estate agents now have to learn about money laundering 2020/01/14 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
27 Metro Vancouver clocks record-high housing starts 2020/01/14 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
28 Housing Markets Flat in 2019 After Strong Second Half 2020/01/13 BCREA
29 Picasso Collection at Galleria 8671 and 8611 Hazelbridge Way Richmond 344 home 2020/01/11 The Vancouver Sun
30 Canadian housing starts trended lower as 2019 ended 2020/01/10 REP
31 BoC says housing market at risk of "froth" but debt is less risky 2020/01/10 REP
32 Metro Vancouver rental market had a remarkable boom year 2020/01/10 Mortgage Broker News
33 Demand for condos not quieting down any time soon 2020/01/10 Mortgage Broker News
34 Canadian buyers increasingly worried about qualifying for mortgage 2020/01/10 Mortgage Broker News
35 New Westminster office building and development site sold for $16M 2020/01/10 Western Investor
36 Winnipeg’s Hudson’s Bay flagship site appraised as worthless 2020/01/09 Western Investor
37 Polling ballots will force decisions to be disclosed 2020/01/09 The Province
38 3535 Princeton 27 three and four bedroom townhomes at 3535 Princeton Avenue Co 2020/01/09 The Province
39 Which Canadian cities are people moving to right now? 2020/01/09 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
40 Why the next few months are the best time to put homes on sale 2020/01/08 REP
41 BC lowers value threshold for tax grant 2020/01/08 REP
42 Expect a seller's market this year 2020/01/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
43 Metro Vancouver commercial real estate's 10-year bull run faces rare red flags 2020/01/07 Western Investor
44 Is Canada still in a housing bubble? 2020/01/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
45 Detached-home market recovery may be slower than predicted - 89,000 residentia 2020/01/06 Western Investor
46 BC sets home owner grant threshold for 2020 2020/01/06 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
47 $11,800 a month and all the BMWs you can drive: Vancouver House condos listed 2020/01/04 other
48 The Holland 133 Street and Old Yale Road Surrey 250 homes of one and two bedro 2020/01/04 The Vancouver Sun
49 Langley condo owners reeling after strata insurance deductible jumps from $5K 2020/01/03 other
50 BC Assessments Vs. What Your Home is Truly Worth 2020/01/03 REW
51 Metro Vancouver home sales skyrocket 88% over last year as prices rise 2020/01/03 Western Investor
52 Vancouver home sales post huge 88 percent increase in December 2020/01/03 Livabl
53 Home values continue downward trend in Metro Vancouver 2020/01/03 The Province
54 These are BC's top 10 most expensive homes 2020/01/02 other
55 Grouse Mountain Resort sells for second time in two years 2020/01/02 Western Investor
56 Poll finds broad support for B.C. speculation, foreign-buyer’s taxes 2020/01/02 Western Investor
57 Here are the 10 most expensive properties in Vancouver 2020/01/02 Western Investor
58 BC Assessments show modest overall value declines, steeper in Lower Mainland 2020/01/02 Western Investor
59 Northland Properties Corporation buying Grouse Mountain Resort 2020/01/02 other
60 Real estate profession revises Professional Development Program for BC’s REALTORS® 2020/01/02 BCREA
61 Make your listing tell a story 2019/12/27 REM
62 Murrayville condo developer, Mark Chandler spending Christmas in jail 2019/12/22 The Province
63 Oakridge Centre redevelopment by Westbank’s founder Ian Gillespie will be hi 2019/12/21 The Vancouver Sun
64 BC home sales just saw a billion-dollar increase in November 2019/12/20 Livabl
65 Colliers International to control US mortgage, real estate firms 2019/12/20 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
66 Winding up a Strata corporation - legal precedent 2019/12/19 BCREA
67 Six real estate trends to watch for in 2020 2019/12/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
68 Provincial and federal governments sign Canada's first housing benefit 2019/12/19 Mortgage Broker News
69 HomeEquity Bank announces sale of reverse mortgage portfolio loans 2019/12/19 Mortgage Broker News
70 Think safety first over the holidays 2019/12/19 The Province
71 RE/MAX Acquires Data Science Startup First, Continuing the Brand's Technologic 2019/12/18 other
72 Vancouver approves first moderate-income rentals 2019/12/17 REP
73 Demand for Fraser Valley homes poised to swell 2019/12/17 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
74 Canadian Home Sales and Prices Surge for 9th Month in a Row in November: CREA 2019/12/16 other
75 Vancouver’s massive Squamish Nation development exempt from foreign-buyer tax 2019/12/16 Western Investor
76 Westbank founder calls out Vancouver's "high level of mediocracy" 2019/12/16 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
77 Middle-income renters to get supply boost in Langley 2019/12/16 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
78 BoC expects surge of bankruptcies 2019/12/13 Mortgage Broker News
79 Rental investor confidence points to rising market 2019/12/13 Western Investor
80 Now there's a kind of Dragon's Den for real estate agents 2019/12/13 REP
81 BC home sales are "firming around long-term averages" 2019/12/13 REP
82 Plaza of Nations redevelopment at False Creek will be built in three phases 2019/12/12 other
83 BC speculation tax set to rise 2019/12/12 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
84 Vancouver firm claims a world first for real estate AI platform 2019/12/12 REP
85 Home Sales Firming Across the Province BCREA Statistics December 2019 2019/12/12 BCREA
86 Commercial real estate activity remains below the pace of recent years 2019/12/12 REBGV
87 Comprehensive inventory vital for new strata corporations 2019/12/12 The Province
88 Natura 73 one, two and three bedroom homes at 3182 Gladwin Abbotsford by Natur 2019/12/12 The Province
89 Squamish Nation approves $3-billion housing project in Kitsilano 2019/12/12 The Province
90 First-Time Home Buyer Incentive (FTHBI) 2019/12/11 other
91 Government extends speculation tax exemptions for some strata owners 2019/12/11 The Province
92 B.C. speculation tax increases to 2% for overseas owners 2019/12/10 Western Investor
93 Canadian housing starts were flat in November says CMHC 2019/12/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
94 Steady housing starts recorded in November 2019/12/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
95 Vancouver CRE investment sluggish as residential land drags 2019/12/09 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
96 3535 Princeton 27 three and four bedroom townhomes at 3535 Princeton Avenue Co 2019/12/07 The Vancouver Sun
97 Ontario plan to rebuild confidence in new homes welcomed by OREA 2019/12/06 REP
98 Swanepoel report says iBuying is No. 1 trend 2019/12/06 REM
99 After years of delay, construction begins in downtown parking lot on Vancouver 2019/12/06 The Province
100 Victoria poised to become a sellers' market in 2020 2019/12/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
101 Coping with rising cost of insurance for strata Properties 2019/12/05 The Province
102 Latimer Village at Latimer Heights 8242 200 Street Langley the first two build 2019/12/05 The Province
103 Metro homeowners hit by weak market 2019/12/05 The Province
104 Metro Vancouver home sales return to near normality 2019/12/04 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
105 Bank of Canada announces interest rate decision 2019/12/04 Mortgage Broker News
106 November Toronto Home Sales and Prices See Greatest 2019 Growth: TREB 2019/12/04 other
107 Construction to begin on new $14.5-million downtown Vancouver public park 2019/12/04 other
108 B.C. hotel activity stays strong as the sector languishes in Alberta 2019/12/04 Western Investor
109 ‘Silver Tsunami’ to flood housing market over next 20 years – Zillow 2019/12/02 Mortgage Magazine
110 CMHC reports notable increase in the number of insured rental homes 2019/12/02 Mortgage Broker News
111 Greater Vancouver’s stock of new homes fell by over 70% 2019/12/02 Mortgage Broker News
112 Federal government meets with Vancouver housing partners 2019/12/02 Mortgage Broker News
113 Healthy price increases expected for Canadian housing market 2019/12/02 Mortgage Broker News
114 Signs of real estate innovation after Supreme Court decision opens housing data 2019/12/02 Mortgage Broker News
115 Creekside 24076 112 Avenue Maple Ridge 130 three bedroom homes by StreetSide D 2019/11/30 The Vancouver Sun
116 It's about to get costlier to leave a Vancouver home vacant 2019/11/29 The Vancouver Sun
117 Where to Live in Canada: Vancouver Neighbourhood Guide 2019/11/29 REW
118 Anatomy of money laundering in B.C. real estate: 12 cases, $1.7 billion, 20 co 2019/11/29 The Vancouver Sun
119 National foreign vacancy tax on residential properties expected soon 2019/11/28 The Vancouver Sun
120 Spinning Chandelier draws attention to 'neo-gothic form' under Granville Stree 2019/11/28 The Vancouver Sun
121 Vancouver announces boost for supply of affordable rental homes 2019/11/28 REP
122 Agencies want to improve home financing for First Nations 2019/11/28 REP
123 Prudent to do homework before contracting out work 2019/11/28 The Province
124 $12.7M land deal a crossroads for Shaughnessy 2019/11/27 Western Investor
125 Toronto millennial realtor marketing on social media incl Instagram and Facebook 2019/11/27 REM
126 Wealthier, more confident consumers to drive home price growth in 2020 2019/11/27 Mortgage Broker News
127 Vancouver council approves measures to encourage development of rental housing 2019/11/27 Vancouver Courier
128 Telus, Polygon sue each other over collapsed $175M Burnaby land deal 2019/11/26 Western Investor
129 What Ontario's Bill 108 means for developers 2019/11/26 Mortgage Broker News
130 BC housing market recovering faster than expected says Central 1 Credit Union 2019/11/26 REP
131 Vancouver condos continue to impel demand, despite muted annual growth 2019/11/26 Mortgage Broker News