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This section is your ultimate resource for latest news and developments in real estate market of Vancouver , Burnaby , Richmond , New Westminster , Surrey and other cities of Fraser Valley. The articles posted here are handpicked by Real Estate Experts based on the fact that Buying or selling a property is a big decision and everyone should have access to all sources of information related to these deals in this ever changing real estate market of North America. We are always maintaining archives of the news articles and this content is searchable using the search functionality below. All the articles are always linked to the main source of the information.

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# Article Publish Date Source
1 Torino 8699 Hazelbridge Way Richmond 405 homes, 185 in first tower, by Pinnacl 2018/07/14 The Vancouver Sun
2 Location key in winding up a strata 2018/07/12 The Province
3 Fern Grove 34 single family homes at 24012 127B Avenue Maple Ridge by Epic Homes 2018/07/12 The Province
4 Vancouver housing sales drop as prices flatline 2018/07/07 The Globe and Mail
5 The Crestline 1422 Portage Road Pemberton 36 townhomes and garden apartments b 2018/07/07 The Vancouver Sun
6 Linea 236 homes at 13318 104 Avenue Surrey by Rize Developments 2018/07/07 The Vancouver Sun
7 Real Estate market news - Significant slowdown in Vancouver and Toronto 2018/07/05 other
8 Pricey Vancouver market weakens with buyers on sidelines 2018/07/05 Mortgage Broker News
9 Chinese inquired about US$1.45B worth of Canadian properties last year: Juwai 2018/07/05 Mortgage Broker News
10 Detached homes entering buyers’ market in Vancouver 2018/07/05 REP
11 An RBC report says housing affordability in Canada worsened 2018/07/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
12 Money laundering draws ire of political class 2018/07/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
13 George 3010 St. George Street Port Moody 179 condos and 73 townhomes by Marcon 2018/07/05 The Province
14 Vancouver real estate - Supply of homes for sale hits three-year high 2018/07/05 The Province
15 Engel & Völkers reveals Chinese buyers’ checklists 2018/07/04 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
16 Housing affordability reaches crisis level in Vancouver, says RBC report 2018/07/04 The Province
17 Don’t delay when pests invade 2018/07/04 Times Colonist
18 How Land Transfer Tax Impacts Home Affordability Across Canada 2018/07/03 other
19 British real estate disruptor heads to Canada 2018/07/03 Mortgage Broker News
20 Real estate linked to B.C. opioid crisis 2018/07/03 Mortgage Broker News
21 Rate hike likely this month but then a pause? 2018/07/02 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
22 Nearly half of Vancouver home purchasers are overshooting their home buying budget 2018/07/01 other
23 Urbana 55 homes at 1770 Richter Street Kelowna by Mission Group 2018/06/30 The Vancouver Sun
24 Haven 45 townhomes at 2560 Pitt River Road Port Coquitlam by Boffo Properties 2018/06/30 The Vancouver Sun
25 Homebuyers overestimate impact of foreign investors 2018/06/28 Mortgage Broker News
26 Bidding wars increasingly prevalent in Toronto, Vancouver 2018/06/28 Mortgage Broker News
27 Juwai issues conditions forecast for Chinese buyers 2018/06/28 Mortgage Broker News
28 Zillow to include Canadian listings after partnering with Century 21 2018/06/28 other
29 Many alterations don’t comply with building codes 2018/06/28 Times Colonist
30 Courtenay 3101 Burfield Place West Vancouver 39 homes in this 7 storey complex 2018/06/28 The Province
31 B.C., federal governments sign 10-year deal worth nearly $1bln 2018/06/27 REP
32 B.C. government back on offensive 2018/06/25 REP
33 BIGHORN MEADOWS Resort on the Springs golf course in Radium BC 44 duplexes by 2018/06/23 The Vancouver Sun
34 Fern Grove 24012 127B Avenue Maple Ridge 34 single-family homes by Epic Homes 2018/06/23 The Vancouver Sun
35 Planned residential towers in Toronto to reach as high as 92 storeys 2018/06/22 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
36 Can this developer be trusted? 2018/06/22 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
37 Vancouver CRE sales activity slips from 2017 high 2018/06/22 Mortgage Broker News
38 Toronto's Redpin Brokerage -WOW (Virtual Office Website) goes bankrupt with $6 2018/06/22 REP
39 GTA new condo sales "very encouraging" says Altus Group 2018/06/22 REP
40 Bank of Canada decision could go either way 2018/06/22 REP
41 Commercial real estate sales drop off in much of Metro Vancouver 2018/06/21 The Georgia Straight
42 AMENDED: New Rules to Profoundly Change How REALTORS® Work With Consumers 2018/06/21 The Vancouver Sun
43 B.C. has tax cheats in crosshairs 2018/06/21 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
44 Home sales set for stronger 6 months, rates to rise 2018/06/21 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
45 B.C. to make owners names of properties available in the fall of 2018 2018/06/21 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
46 Here's how Empty Homes Tax revenue will be spent 2018/06/21 Vancouver Courier
47 Taking shortcuts with insurance not a smart move 2018/06/21 The Province
48 8888 Osler 76 homes at 8888 Osler Street Vancouver by Tria Homes 2018/06/21 The Province
49 Province to reveal ‘hidden owners’ of B.C. real estate 2018/06/20 Western Investor
50 TheRedPin closes down: Being a tech disruptor isn’t easy 2018/06/20 REM
51 Housing market will reach a "convincing bottom" in Q3 says TD 2018/06/20 REP
52 B.C. ski resorts free from speculation tax 2018/06/19 Western Investor
53 "Real estate agents will be obsolete in a few years." claims tech chief 2018/06/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
54 Strata condo windups ‘creative’ Vancouver property investments 2018/06/19 Business in Vancouver
55 Dual agency rules will disrupt housing market, real estate agents claim 2018/06/18 Western Investor
56 Vancouver officials push for vertical expansion to increase liveable space 2018/06/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
57 Could the Immigrant Investor Program save Vancouver? 2018/06/18 REP
58 GEORGE 2010 St. George Street Port Moody 173 condos and 73 townhomes by Marcon 2018/06/16 The Vancouver Sun
59 CREA cuts home sales forecast, May sales down 16.2% compared with year ago 2018/06/16 The Vancouver Sun
60 What does blockchain technology mean for real estate in Canada? 2018/06/15 REP
61 New Rules to Profoundly Change How REALTORS® Work With Consumers 2018/06/14 BCREA
62 Canadian home prices have stabilized index shows 2018/06/14 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
63 Contract outcomes start with purchasing process 2018/06/14 The Province
64 Coco Oakridge 5733 Alberta Street fiftyseven 1 to 3 bedroom homes by Keltic Ca 2018/06/14 The Province
65 Brick and mortar realty brokerages turning into relics, says agent 2018/06/13 REP
66 Speculation tax doomed, hurts B.C. reputation: panel 2018/06/13 Western Investor
67 Toronto getting new skyscraper 2018/06/13 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
68 Did the market kill millennial home ownership? 2018/06/12 Mortgage Broker News
69 IMF warns of multiple risks to Canadian real estate prices 2018/06/12 Mortgage Broker News
70 Private lending becomes new normal 2018/06/12 Mortgage Broker News
71 Anti-money laundering obligations for real estate brokers 2018/06/11 REM
72 American firm could alleviate turbulence in Canadian real estate market 2018/06/11 REP
73 Housing starts decline as urban multi-family spike ends 2018/06/11 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
74 Courtenay 3101 Burfield Place West Vancouver 39 homes in a 7 storey building b 2018/06/09 The Vancouver Sun
75 Affordability remains an ever-distant dream for Vancouver’s would-be buyers 2018/06/08 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
76 Bank of Canada identifies key risks to financial system 2018/06/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
77 Royal LePage forecasts vacation property prices 2018/06/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
78 Stratas required to have a form of rental inventory 2018/06/07 The Province
79 1555 West Eighth the 20 three bedroom homes are at 1555 West 8th Avenue Vancou 2018/06/07 The Province
80 Expanded property taxes can offset B.C. home price growth – analyst 2018/06/06 REP
81 Pressure eases for Fraser Valley homebuyers 2018/06/06 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
82 Greater Vancouver home sales slow in May 2018 as real estate listings increase 2018/06/05 The Province
83 Vancouver home sales figures for May released 2018/06/05 REP
84 Sales down again in Toronto as competition intensifies 2018/06/05 REP
85 Vancouver home sales figures for May released 2018/06/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
86 Supply improving in Vancouver but for the wrong reason 2018/06/05 Mortgage Broker News
87 TREB releases May sales figures 2018/06/04 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
88 Bellewood Park 1201 Fort St, 150 Pentreelew Place Victoria 83 homes by Abstrac 2018/06/02 The Vancouver Sun
89 8888 Osler at 8888 Osler Street Vancouver 76 homes in a 6 storey building by T 2018/06/02 The Vancouver Sun
90 Vancouver proposes $2.6 billion capital plan, with 55 per cent paid by develop 2018/06/01 The Province
91 B.C. resale prices predicted to keep climbing - at a slower rate 2018/06/01 Western Investor
92 BC’s housing market will continue its slowdown into 2020: BCREA 2018/06/01 other
93 U.S. steel tariffs threaten Canadian condo markets 2018/06/01 REP
94 Renovation spending plans fall to 5-year low 2018/06/01 Mortgage Broker News
95 Townline Connect Magazine 2018/05/31 other
96 Interest rate held but is the economy set to worsen? 2018/05/31 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
97 Slower Growth Expected for Economy and Housing Market 2018/05/31 BCREA
98 Critics challenge Vancouver's plans to protect existing rental stock 2018/05/31 The Province
99 Monitoring, restricting fobs must be approved by owners 2018/05/31 The Province
100 Bordeaux 140 homes in a 23 storey tower at 4488 Juneau Street Burnaby by Solte 2018/05/31 The Province
101 Bank of Montreal releases Q2 report 2018/05/30 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
102 Bank of Canada makes interest rate announcement Wednesday 2018/05/30 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
103 Banks brush off debt concerns 2018/05/29 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
104 Scotiabank releases Q2 report 2018/05/29 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
105 Two Canadian banks hit by cyber attack 2018/05/29 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
106 CRA nets $43.7 million in fines relating to real estate transactions 2018/05/28 REM
107 RE/MAX INTEGRA signs up for automated luxury listing program 2018/05/28 REP
108 REMAX along with the Western Hockey League have raised money for organ donations 2018/05/28 REP
109 South Campbell Heights development sent back to City of Surrey for reconsideration 2018/05/27 The Vancouver Sun
110 City of Vancouver Zoning Map 2018/05/26 other
111 Westcoast Outbuildings - Laneway Housing Catalogue 2018/05/26 other
112 ST. PAUL 1215 St. Paul Street Kelowna 50 homes in a five storey wood frame bui 2018/05/26 The Vancouver Sun
113 Avani Centre at King George Blvd and Fraser Hwy in Surrey 181 homes in a 30 st 2018/05/26 The Vancouver Sun
114 Coco Oakridge 5733 Alberta Street 57 homes in a 6 storey building by Keltic Ca 2018/05/26 The Vancouver Sun
115 6 Public Speaking Tips for the First 2 Minutes of Any Presentation 2018/05/25 other
116 TD, RBC second quarter profit bump helped by rising rates, macro environment 2018/05/25 REP
117 Provincial bank profits up 82%, more Big Banks report 2018/05/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
118 RBC releases Q2 report 2018/05/24 REP
119 Mortgages felt in chartered banks' Q2 reports 2018/05/24 REP
121 Sales of new homes in the GTA hit lowest April in 20 years 2018/05/24 Mortgage Broker News
122 Variable rate mortgages may offer savings for borrowers in current environment 2018/05/24 Vancouver Courier
123 Owners not responsible for common property repairs 2018/05/24 The Province
124 Crest 161 condos and 18 towhomes in two six storey buildings at 150 8th Street 2018/05/24 The Province
125 CIBC releases Q2 report 2018/05/23 REP
126 Greater Toronto area will have a housing shortage in the near future 2018/05/23 REP
127 Sharp rise in major deals for Vancouver's suburban office market 2018/05/23 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
128 Class action lawsuit launched against BC government over speculation tax 2018/05/23 other
129 1555 West Eighth at 1555 West 8th Avenue 20 homes in South Granville by Kensto 2018/05/19 The Vancouver Sun
130 Two-thirds of speculation tax payers will be B.C. residents 2018/05/18 Western Investor
131 Anti-speculation tax group fundraises as BC minister stands firm 2018/05/18 REP
132 Foreign buyer tax being contested in court 2018/05/18 REP
133 RentalMiles a property management service with a difference 2018/05/17 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
134 HSBC five-year variable mortgage rate at 2.39 percent 2018/05/17 REP
135 Victoria is ranked top global luxury market 2018/05/17 REP
136 Two-thirds of homes hit by new speculation tax will be B.C.-owned 2018/05/17 The Vancouver Sun
137 Stratas able to renegotiate management services agreements 2018/05/17 The Province
138 Berkeley Village 16433 19th Avenue Surrey 183 two and three bedroom townhomes 2018/05/17 The Province