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Welcome to the Real Estate news section of BCCondos.net

This section is your ultimate resource for latest news and developments in real estate market of Vancouver , Burnaby , Richmond , New Westminster , Surrey and other cities of Fraser Valley. The articles posted here are handpicked by Real Estate Experts based on the fact that Buying or selling a property is a big decision and everyone should have access to all sources of information related to these deals in this ever changing real estate market of North America. We are always maintaining archives of the news articles and this content is searchable using the search functionality below. All the articles are always linked to the main source of the information.

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# Article Publish Date Source
1 Q1 net income increase compare to previous quarter 2021/02/24 Mortgage Broker News
2 BMO has reported as a higher trading revenue in 2021 2021/02/23 Mortgage Broker News
3 Less supply high demand in 18 Canadian Cities 2021/02/23 The Vancouver Sun
4 Canada export terminal located at Kitimat salvaged B.C construction pace in 2020 2021/02/22 Western Investor
5 2021 industrial real state vacancy rate below 1 percent for the first time - CBRE 2021/02/19 Western Investor
6 Zillow’s innovative approach to provide a better customer experience in Real 2021/02/19 other
7 The CSA believes that the existing quarantine protocols should remain in place 2021/02/19 other
8 Metro Vancouver’s sales increase of rental properties up to 2.7 percent in 2 2021/02/18 Western Investor
9 Community engagement will define future real estate development 2021/02/17 Western Investor
10 80 acres redevelopment site located between Cambie and Burrard Street on South 2021/02/16 Western Investor
11 Platform developed by Fraction Technologies designed at the refinancing of exi 2021/02/12 Western Investor
12 BCREA: The lowest listing record down to 21.5 percent in January compared last 2021/02/12 The Province
13 Shangri-la tower strata minutes omits details about the risk and cost of repla 2021/02/12 The Province
14 Surrey vacancy rate office market fallen to 4.8 percent tightest in Metro Vancouver 2021/02/11 Western Investor
15 Greater Vancouver housing market remains strong in January 2021 2021/02/10 The Vancouver Sun
16 Let’s see whats the real implications on the market economy this third quart 2021/02/10 other
17 Bitcoin cryptocurrencies a flawed method of payment - Deputy Gov. Tim Lane 2021/02/10 other
18 The realities of Canada’s pandemic-triggered urban exodus 2021/02/09 Mortgage Broker News
19 Pandemic wont stop REITS in rental markets even if manifested by the increase 2021/02/09 The Vancouver Sun
20 Canada’s home reverse mortgage pushed up some business sector during this pandemic 2021/02/08 Mortgage Magazine
21 Saskatoon’s industrial vacancy rate declined as of Q4 2020 2021/02/04 Western Investor
22 Increase in sales of single-detached houses market in the City of Delta, REBGV 2021/02/04 Western Investor
23 U.S FBI agents joined investigation the 13-year-old homicide of Victoria Real 2021/02/03 Western Investor
24 17-acre light industrial property at 3990 Marine Way in South Burnaby with a m 2021/02/03 Western Investor
25 B.C $6B investments projects that could help trigger fast economic returns 2021/02/02 Western Investor
26 Increase in sales of a single-family home market in Greater Victoria, VREB 2021/02/02 Western Investor
27 FedEx 38-acres, second industrial acquisition that Crestpoint has made in Winnipeg 2021/02/01 Western Investor
28 30 storeys with 401 residential units at 1728 Alberni St. and 735 Bidwell St. 2021/01/30 The Vancouver Sun
29 Canada’s housing market will correct at some point 2021/01/29 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
30 Multi-family rental building with land size of 12,432 square feet sold for $7 million 2021/01/28 Western Investor
31 SEC is actively monitoring the surge of GameStop as stock mania continues 2021/01/28 other
32 Rental vacancies in Metro Vancouver spikes up to 2.6 percent in 2020 due to pandemic 2021/01/28 The Vancouver Sun
33 Investors need to know before putting resources on gaming GameStops 2021/01/27 other
34 Top Five Cities in Canada’s unaffordable for homebuyers 2021/01/26 Mortgage Broker News
35 Home prices expect to fall but crash isn’t on the card 2021/01/26 Mortgage Broker News
36 Home prices expect to fall but crash isn’t on the card 2021/01/26 Mortgage Broker News
37 BCREA sales forecast for 2021, 15 percent higher than 2020 2021/01/26 The Vancouver Sun
38 $15 million secured funds led by former DoorDash execs on a property managemen 2021/01/25 Livabl
39 $15 million secured funds led by former DoorDash execs on a property managemen 2021/01/25 Livabl
40 190-acre residential development in Kelowna, sold for $22 million 2021/01/25 Western Investor
41 Learn about Speculation and Vacancy Tax 2021/01/22 other
42 Over 2000 Active Listings for Condo Apartments for Sale, over 172% of Supply a 2021/01/21 other
43 ATM machines being used to wash drug money are ‘devoid of any evidence’ - 2021/01/19 The Vancouver Sun
44 Condo market is up with sales surging 90% y-o-y on the MLS on the first two we 2021/01/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
45 The latest housing boom has also driven eye-popping price increases in areas t 2021/01/16 other
46 7.25 acre high demand housing market with ocean view residential development o 2021/01/15 Western Investor
47 Townhouses has become more trendy since the pandemic sparked desire in people 2021/01/12 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
48 Housing experts doubt that the tax has had much effect on either the rental ma 2021/01/12 Western Investor
49 2021 multi-family deal of the year by InterRent, Crestpoint pay $292.5M in Vancouver 2021/01/11 Western Investor
50 1.32 acres located at 3210 Lake City Way, Burnaby, B.C sold for $12.25 million 2021/01/11 Western Investor
51 Economist are optimistic for Canada’s economy that will recovery from the pandemic 2021/01/08 The Vancouver Sun
52 REBGV, B.C year ending sales report shows that home sales were strong 2021/01/06 The Province
53 B.C Government administer the grant for homeowner and sets this year's thresho 2021/01/06 The Province
54 REBGV - 53.4% home sales increase over the same time in 2019 2021/01/05 Livabl
55 Let’s take a look with regards forecast buying and selling for Canadian real 2021/01/05 Mortgage Broker News

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