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This section is your ultimate resource for latest news and developments in real estate market of Vancouver , Burnaby , Richmond , New Westminster , Surrey and other cities of Fraser Valley. The articles posted here are handpicked by Real Estate Experts based on the fact that Buying or selling a property is a big decision and everyone should have access to all sources of information related to these deals in this ever changing real estate market of North America. We are always maintaining archives of the news articles and this content is searchable using the search functionality below. All the articles are always linked to the main source of the information.

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# Article Publish Date Source
1 Canada's homeownership rate decline 66.5% after peaking in 2011 at 69% 2022/09/22 other
2 Metro Vancouver commercial real estate sales drop by 2% in Q2 2022/09/21 Western Investor
3 Federal plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from Canadian homes face ma 2022/09/21 Western Investor
4 Credit unions and private lenders accounted for just 3.7% of Canada’s mortga 2022/09/20 other
5 BoC’s housing affordability index show that homes were now less affordable f 2022/09/20 other
6 Canada’s inflation rate fall 7% in August 2022/09/20 other
7 Home prices are correcting across the country, but the speed and depth varies 2022/09/19 other
8 Home sales plunge by 32% since March rate hikes – Scotiabank 2022/09/19 other
9 BoC’s historic fight against deflation during the COVID recession 2022/09/17 other
10 Housing starts in Canada fell in August | CMHC 2022/09/17 other
11 3.4-acre industrial site in Coquitlam sold for $24M in Q2 2022 2022/09/16 Western Investor
12 0.22 acres retail site in Kelowna sells for $1.4 Million 2022/09/16 Western Investor
13 National home sales fell only 1% month-over-month in August 2022/09/16 other
14 Area’s housing inventory levels rose 3.2% compared with the 10-year average in 2022 2022/09/16 other
15 Canadian housing starts down 3% in August over the previous month 2022/09/16 other
16 Metro Vancouver office vacancies fall 7.8% during the period, down from 8.4% a 2022/09/16 Western Investor
17 Saskatchewan residential property sales continue to decline from last year 2022/09/15 Western Investor
18 Average home price increase 10.8% in 2022 and sales fall by 14.7% | CREA 2022/09/15 other
19 Sales volumes fall 24.7% year-over-year basis, edged down just 1% from July to August 2022/09/15 The Vancouver Sun
20 B.C. builds far fewer rental units per capita of all municipalities in Metro V 2022/09/14 The Vancouver Sun
21 Bank of Canada announces rate hike to 3.25% 2022/09/14 other
22 BoC rate hike represents a huge strain on consumers Rate hikes hurt consumers 2022/09/14 other
23 Household net worth saw a 6.1% quarterly decrease in Q2 2022/09/13 other
24 Bank’s announces that a three-quarter-point hike in September could be the f 2022/09/13 other
25 Realtors believe in helping Metro Vancouverites make informed, home buying and 2022/09/13 REBGV
26 The province performed better than expected" in Q1, minister says 2022/09/12 Western Investor
27 The perfect excuse to maintain that staycation state of mind 2022/09/11 The Province
28 Few things that one can do around the home and property to get ready to sell 2022/09/08 other
29 Office building sells for $500,000 located in 340 Stafford Street, Winnipeg 2022/09/08 Western Investor
30 3 commercial-industrial assembly sells for $12.6M located in 270 Waterloo Ave 2022/09/08 Western Investor
31 2 units of strata commercial in Vancouver sells in $3.34 Million 2022/09/08 Western Investor
32 BoC to stop sugar coating things and admit that we’re at elevated risk for a 2022/09/08 other
33 Canadian banks increase prime lending rates by 75 basis points to 5.45 percent 2022/09/08 other
34 Fed re-evaluate the stress test in light of a resurgence in housing market act 2022/09/07 other
35 Bank of Canada hikes interest rates by another 75 basis points 2022/09/07 other
36 A total of 2,681 home sales in August, representing a sharp 20% annual decrease 2022/09/07 other
37 Central bank’s move is its first three-quarter-basis-point jump of 2022 2022/09/07 other
38 Residential property sales in Metro Vancouver 2022/09/07 REBGV
39 The government of Canada provide $1.4B loan for Squamish Nation’s Sen̓áḵ 2022/09/06 The Vancouver Sun
40 Toronto housing segment saw a sharp 15% month-over-month increase in sales in August 2022/09/06 other
41 Inflation in Canada has come down a little, but remains far too high | Tiff Macklem 2022/09/06 other
42 Toronto home sales year-over-year dip of 34.2%, up 15% from July | TRREB 2022/09/02 other
43 Nearly 30 per cent below the 10-year August average were last month sales 2022/09/02 The Vancouver Sun
44 Canada’s home price drop 2.8% in August compared the month before to reach C 2022/09/02 other
45 0.52 acres office building in Campbell BC sells for $1.96 million 2022/09/01 Western Investor
46 0.38 acres office in Courtenay BC sells for $1.5 million 2022/09/01 Western Investor
47 B.C. Supreme Court quashes Vancouver bylaws that limit rent increases between 2022/09/01 The Vancouver Sun
48 0.16 acres retail in Kelowna sells for $1.80 million 2022/09/01 Western Investor
49 B.C. Supreme Court Justice Nitya Iyer found that Ginther was not a credible wi 2022/09/01 The Province
50 Service agreement to approve a rate and provision for rush fees until council agree. 2022/09/01 The Province
51 PM announces over $2B investment in affordable housing 2022/08/31 other
52 47% of Canadian businesses reported rising input costs as major roadblock to e 2022/08/31 other
53 Canadian housing market is now close to entering “bear” territory, accordi 2022/08/30 other
54 $2 billion housing plan will help to develop new new homes across the country 2022/08/30 other
55 Volumes decrease for transactional homeowner and multi-unit products on an ann 2022/08/30 other
56 Data from CREA is pointing the beginnings of downward trend 2022/08/30 other
57 The number of home sales will fall 35% over the same time based on their report 2022/08/29 The Vancouver Sun
58 4.07 acres industrial sells for $13.25M located in 4046 96th Avenue SE, Calgary 2022/08/27 Western Investor
59 Investor Weihong Liu spent $858M buying three B.C. retail centres 2022/08/26 Western Investor
60 13.57 acres industrial land in Manitoba sells for $3.39 Million 2022/08/26 Western Investor
61 80 acres of raw land sells for $3.4M located in Rosser, Manitoba 2022/08/26 Western Investor
62 Average rental in GTA surge 19% in July 2022/08/26 other
63 Canadian mortgage debt reached more than $1.6 trillion in Q2 2022 | CMHC 2022/08/26 other
64 Downtown vacancies fall to 4.7% in the first half of 2022 | CBRE 2022/08/25 Mortgage Magazine
65 Pre-Construction facing its own share of new changes 2022/08/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
66 Canadian home prices fall 5.3% in July, biggest declines since the crash began 2022/08/25 other
67 Higher than analysts’ average projected profit for the bank of $2.04 per dil 2022/08/25 other
68 Canada’s housing market is cooling, as higher interest rates have curbed fev 2022/08/24 The Vancouver Sun
69 Home buying is the top priority - especially younger millennials 2022/08/24 The Vancouver Sun
70 $15M estimate for the Squamish Nation to build a transit hub on the Burrard Bridge 2022/08/24 Western Investor
71 RBC’s net income plummet by 17% in Q3 2022 2022/08/24 other
72 National Bank of Canada’s profit for Q3 2022 down from year ago 2022/08/24 other
73 A $500M mixed-use development represents the tallest residential tower in Vancouver 2022/08/24 Western Investor
74 Calgary’s industrial real estate market sees record high activity after a CO 2022/08/24 The Vancouver Sun
75 4,026 square feet industrial lot in Vancouver sells for $2.46 million 2022/08/23 Western Investor
76 Scotiabank is the first of Canada’s traditional Big Six banks to post its ea 2022/08/23 other
77 4,026-square-foot industrial lot sells for $2.46M located in 1321 Graveley Str 2022/08/23 Western Investor
78 Metro Vancouver markets saw home price declines in Q3 2022/08/23 Western Investor
79 Here are a few possible reasons why townhouses can be hard to sell 2022/08/22 other
80 64-unit Cottages at Southgate housing complex opens in Lethbridge, Alberta 2022/08/22 other
81 City of Vancouver and community groups worked together to address the neighbou 2022/08/21 The Province
82 Designs were announced for a 40-storey wooden building at 1745 West 8th in Vancouver 2022/08/20 The Vancouver Sun
83 1.39 acres industrial land in Maple Ridge sells for $6.88 Million 2022/08/19 Western Investor
84 Q2 detached home sales up in 40% of GTA pockets, 31% of GVA, compared to Q1 2022/08/18 other
85 Legal dispute over the billion-dollar development of one of Vancouver’s last 2022/08/18 The Vancouver Sun
86 Canada’s inflation rate hit 8.1% in June 2022/08/18 other
87 Canadian seeking detached homes have return to the market amid softer values in Q2 2022/08/18 The Vancouver Sun
88 Canada’s housing affordability continue to decline in Q2 2022 2022/08/18 other
89 Canada softwood lumber and panel prices drop 11% from the previous week 2022/08/18 other
90 Vancouver-area housing starts and sales continue to cool 2022/08/17 Western Investor
91 Canadian MLS systems dropped by 5.3% between June and July 2022/08/16 other
92 Canada's annual pace of housing starts up 1.1% in July 2022/08/16 other
93 Canada’s annual inflation rate slow to 7.6% in July 2022 2022/08/16 other
94 Canadian home sales drop for fifth consecutive month 2022/08/15 The Vancouver Sun
95 The expansive vista of Howe Sound, a new community site that is steeped in BC 2022/08/12 The Vancouver Sun
96 4,151 square feet retail in Yale Road sells for $1.35 million 2022/08/12 Western Investor
97 17.6 acres land in McCarthy Road sells for $3.4 million 2022/08/12 Western Investor
98 Off market with long-term tenant in place, retail sells for $2.65 million 2022/08/12 Western Investor
99 Canada house prices – could a 25% drop be coming? 2022/08/12 other
100 Canadians are slowly but surely making their return to downtown cores 2022/08/12 other
101 Residential building construction price index rose by 5.3% in Q2 2022 2022/08/12 other
102 Cost difference to rent vs. buy in 9 GTA cities 2022/08/12 other
103 Future conditions could mean many recent approvals will never become completions 2022/08/11 The Vancouver Sun
104 Unforeseen delays caused by a new layer of B.C. red tape and months of COVID s 2022/08/10 The Vancouver Sun
105 More than half of Canadian home buyers opted for variable-rate mortgages since 2022/08/10 other
106 Andrew Lis new director of economics and data scientist specializing in real e 2022/08/10 REBGV
107 Metro Vancouver purchase 97 hectares of land for a new regional park on Bowen Island 2022/08/10 The Vancouver Sun
108 Edmonton real estate investments bounced back from a slow with a surge in comm 2022/08/10 Western Investor
109 20-storey building has no ETA for the elevator service to be restored 2022/08/09 The Vancouver Sun
110 Housing boom after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic 2022/08/08 other
111 Managerial and financial fire power needed on the new board | Mike Harcourt 2022/08/07 The Vancouver Sun
112 Multi family rental in Kamloops sells for $2.3 million 2022/08/05 Western Investor
113 Sales activity drop for the fourth straight month amid sustained interest rate hikes 2022/08/05 other
114 House prices in Quebec appear to have remained robust throughout the adjustment 2022/08/05 other
115 Cratering home sales to a recession to institutional investors “gobbling up 2022/08/04 other
116 A massive 43.3% Home sales annual drop | REBGV 2022/08/04 other
117 Canada’s once-hottest housing markets continues to gather pace 2022/08/04 other
118 Average home prices actually rose marginally on a monthly basis in June | TD Report 2022/08/03 other
119 Home buyers are exercising more caution in today’s market in response to ris 2022/08/03 REBGV
120 New system save brokers valuable time and effort as strengthen their relations 2022/08/03 other
121 Canada had a total reverse mortgage volume of $6B as of Q1 2022 2022/08/03 other
122 Metro Vancouver home sales down again in July | REBGV 2022/08/03 The Vancouver Sun
123 The 5 most affordable place to live in B.C. in 2022 2022/08/02 The Vancouver Sun
124 Residential sale values across Toronto having fallen by 3.3% 2022/08/02 other
125 Victoria plans to build an 18-storey tower with 180 rental units of affordable 2022/08/02 Western Investor
126 BoC raises its interest rates to 2.5% since 1998 2022/07/30 BCREA
127 $7M from Feds to assist builders of the 11-storey tower to meet “net zero en 2022/07/29 Western Investor
128 Canadians’ ultimate ambition to own a home appears undimmed 2022/07/29 other
129 19,227 sqft multi-family sells for $7.5 Million located in 14333 104 Avenue, Surrey 2022/07/29 Western Investor
130 B.C. announces 3-day cooling period to allow buyers to conduct due diligence 2022/07/29 other
131 GTA average rent reaches new high in Q2 as competition heats up 2022/07/29 other
132 78.8 acres land in Squamish District sells for $5.8 million 2022/07/28 Western Investor
133 Long-term growth is expected to continue despite fears surrounding higher inte 2022/07/28 other
134 National average home price drop 1.8% in June, despite rising interest rate 2022/07/27 other
135 Most dense highrise development ever proposed for Canada 2022/07/27 The Vancouver Sun
136 New development proposal for downtown Kelowna has been turned down by city council 2022/07/27 Western Investor
137 Kitsilano supportive housing project approved by Vancouver City Council 2022/07/27 The Vancouver Sun