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This section is your ultimate resource for latest news and developments in real estate market of Vancouver , Burnaby , Richmond , New Westminster , Surrey and other cities of Fraser Valley. The articles posted here are handpicked by Real Estate Experts based on the fact that Buying or selling a property is a big decision and everyone should have access to all sources of information related to these deals in this ever changing real estate market of North America. We are always maintaining archives of the news articles and this content is searchable using the search functionality below. All the articles are always linked to the main source of the information.

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# Article Publish Date Source
1 Latimer Village 8242 200 Street Langley first two buildings with 100 homes on 2019/11/16 The Vancouver Sun
2 Squamish nation's Kitsilano development promises to be transformative 2019/11/16 The Vancouver Sun
3 New home price index launched to improve data availability 2019/11/15 REP
4 Reverse mortgage growth fuelled by wealthier, more active seniors 2019/11/15 Mortgage Broker News
5 Surrey aims to share in any transit land lift values 2019/11/14 Western Investor
6 Housing market 'normalization' continues in British Columbia 2019/11/14 REP
7 Three Canadian cities among NA's 10 most expensive retail streets 2019/11/14 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
8 Strata insurance coverage is limited to the cause 2019/11/14 The Province
9 GTA to see a massive $1.7B multi-residential sales transaction 2019/11/13 Mortgage Broker News
10 National housing market now characterized by more balanced conditions 2019/11/13 Mortgage Broker News
11 B.C. rental crisis goes far beyond impact of short-term rentals, say experts 2019/11/11 The Vancouver Sun
12 Canada needs to ditch its addiction to real estate and start investing in technology 2019/11/11 The Vancouver Sun
13 Gardner 2838 Livingstone Avenue Abbotsford 77 townhomes in phase 1 by Mosaic 2019/11/09 The Vancouver Sun
14 Airbnb to verify listings, bans house parties following tragedy 2019/11/08 other
15 Vancouver developer Holborn Group wins international property awards 2019/11/08 REM
16 Vancouver project to be among Canada's largest Indigenous developments 2019/11/07 Mortgage Broker News
17 Robust market fundamentals driving Toronto's high-end housing segment 2019/11/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
18 Metro Vancouver First Nations 'buying their own land back' 2019/11/07 The Province
19 Bylaws regulate charging stations 2019/11/07 The Province
20 ERA at 22255 Dewdney Trunk Road Maple Ridge 143 condos in phase 1 by Johnston 2019/11/07 The Province
21 Residential sales across B.C. to rise 10.9% in 2020: BCREA 2019/11/06 Western Investor
22 Squamish Nation development to expand downtown Vancouver's footprint 2019/11/06 The Province
23 Investors flock to purpose-built rental properties 2019/11/05 Mortgage Broker News
24 Real estate sales data now available online 2019/11/04 The Province
25 City of Vancouver green lights overhaul of West End rental building Berkeley Towers 2019/11/02 The Vancouver Sun
26 Fraser 22127 48A Avenue Langley 61 two and four bedroom townhomes by Zenterra 2019/11/02 The Vancouver Sun
27 Metro Vancouver's tallest building: New rendering of the proposed 82-storey tower 2019/10/31 other
28 BC rental market needs tens of thousands of units added 2019/10/31 Mortgage Broker News
29 Strata must comply with Human Rights Code 2019/10/31 The Province
30 New Haven at Tsawwassen Landing 63 single-family homes at Hemlock Way and Corm 2019/10/31 The Province
31 Latimer Heights - Metro Vancouver's 'largest masterplanned community' to cover 2019/10/30 Western Investor
32 Tarion adds new protection for condo buyers 2019/10/30 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
33 New construction projects in Canada now available through Zillow 2019/10/30 REP
34 October Luxury Insights Report Summary: The Growing Appeal of Emerging Markets 2019/10/29 other
35 The real estate agent who's set a world record, twice 2019/10/29 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
36 Public meetings to address mega-mansions and related money laundering in B.C. 2019/10/28 Western Investor
37 BC steps up action against real estate's 'hidden owners' 2019/10/28 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
38 Wren + Raven 31896 Raven Avenue Mission 60 homes in phase 1, 130 total in deve 2019/10/28 The Vancouver Sun
39 Squamish Valley Campground grows garlic 2019/10/26 other
40 Home viewings are getting even more hi-tech at Sotheby's 2019/10/25 REP
41 Property possession and gifts when separating 2019/10/25 REM
42 B.C. Liberals push to change how business properties are taxed 2019/10/24 Western Investor
43 HPI - underlying upward trend, Vancouver prices should stabilize 2019/10/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
44 First tall wood building on Vancouver Island gets a step closer 2019/10/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
45 Online platform promises utmost convenience through full automation 2019/10/24 Mortgage Broker News
46 Canadian commercial investment should begin looking further 2019/10/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
47 Don’t be misled by executive titles 2019/10/24 The Province
48 Keystone Carvolth Village 8485 204th Street Langley 85 three and four bedroom 2019/10/24 The Province
49 Record Mission land deal highlights hot Fraser Valley industrial market 2019/10/23 Western Investor
50 Vancouver approves new housing grant for city's renters 2019/10/23 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
51 Housing policies to expect from Liberal minority government 2019/10/22 Western Investor
52 Big losers in federal election could be foreign homebuyers and homeowners 2019/10/22 The Vancouver Sun
53 Why CRE investors should consider niche assets 2019/10/22 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
54 Demand for condos is driving Victoria's sustained affordability 2019/10/22 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
55 Vancouver House's elegant, expanding form dramatically adds to city skyline 2019/10/20 The Vancouver Sun
56 The most-anticipated recession in history is coming, and it’s tying investor 2019/10/18 The Vancouver Sun
57 Canada's reverse mortgage balance expands anew, exceeding $3.7B 2019/10/17 Mortgage Broker News
58 Hoping for a change to B-20 regulations? Not so fast 2019/10/17 Mortgage Broker News
59 More Canadians using FinTech but 2 things are holding them back 2019/10/17 REP
60 Toronto condo apartment sales up 11% in third quarter 2019/10/17 REP
61 Strata fines never automatically imposed 2019/10/17 The Province
62 The Heights on Austin 344 homes in two towers – East Tower 1045 Austin – W 2019/10/17 The Province
63 Facebook has a 'very significant image problem' as it develops Libra digital currency 2019/10/16 The Vancouver Sun
64 Housing slowdown hasn't harmed BC economy much says TD 2019/10/15 REP
65 This is the largest driver of Canada’s population growth 2019/10/11 Mortgage Broker News
66 Promises, promises: CEO warns election rhetoric could boost home prices 2019/10/11 Mortgage Broker News
67 Colliers makes landmark sale of Vancouver multifamily asset 2019/10/11 Mortgage Broker News
68 New home prices rise for the first time in more than a year 2019/10/11 Mortgage Broker News
69 September home sales surge signals the real estate market is returning to equilibrium 2019/10/11 The Vancouver Sun
70 Teranet partnership takes real estate insights to new heights 2019/10/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
71 Warning for real estate, mortgage pros as cyber attacks increase 2019/10/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
72 Canadian housing activity benefits greatly from population growth 2019/10/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
73 This year's sales continue to outstrip 2018’s, amid weaker starts 2019/10/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
74 Parasitic housing could become infectious 2019/10/10 The Province
75 Stratas obliged to ensure safe access for all residents 2019/10/10 The Province
76 Another major financial organization has reportedly been hacked 2019/10/09 REP
77 Population growth continues to drive Canadian condo market activity 2019/10/09 REP
78 Touring the home of Ukraine’s deposed president Viktor Yanukovych 2019/10/08 REM
79 Canada's condo markets intensify, outstripping the rest of NA 2019/10/08 Mortgage Broker News
80 Vancouver housing market easing towards more balanced conditions 2019/10/08 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
81 Canadian seniors should consider these markets south of the border 2019/10/07 REP
82 Pre-construction investments can be risky to flip 2019/10/07 REM
83 Vancouver housing sales accelerate in September 2019/10/07 Mortgage Broker News
84 13 factors that could significantly lower your home’s resale value 2019/10/05 Livabl
85 Number of realtors in B.C.'s Lower Mainland dropping: study 2019/10/03 Western Investor
86 7 things I wish I knew before buying my first house 2019/10/03 REM
87 Vancouver home sales rebound from last year's slump 2019/10/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
88 Making sure you buy a home right 2019/10/03 The Province
89 Owners entitled to personal info collected by council 2019/10/03 The Province
90 Ebb & Flow 109 homes at 1944 Fullerton Avenue North Vancouver by Woodbridge Ho 2019/10/03 The Province
91 Businessman launches legal fight over B.C. foreign buyer tax 2019/10/02 Western Investor
92 Metro Vancouver residential sales leap 46.3% 2019/10/02 Western Investor
93 Toronto real estate ranked second-highest bubble risk in the world 2019/10/02 Mortgage Broker News
94 CREA predicts stronger home sales for 2019 and 2020 2019/10/02 REP
95 Trends Defining the Future of Real Estate 2019/10/01 other
96 Residential pre-sale activity in Vancouver has become much weaker 2019/10/01 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
97 Land-assembly investor who made $6.67M on flip ordered to pay realtor $1.15M 2019/09/30 Western Investor
98 Vancouver pre-sales activity continues its hard deceleration 2019/09/30 Mortgage Broker News
99 Toronto's luxury housing market is soaring, Vancouver to rebound 2019/09/27 REP
100 Walk strata to determine accuracy of plans 2019/09/26 The Province
101 Roslyn Ridge 84 single family homes at 23192 113B Avenue Maple Ridge by Mornin 2019/09/26 The Province
102 BC sets out plan to modernize housing approvals 2019/09/26 REP
103 BCREA Market Intelligence Report: Potential Uptake of the First-Time Home Buye 2019/09/26 BCREA
104 Chinese house buyers in the US amount to only 1% of the $1.7 Trillion of total 2019/09/26 other
105 Where Could a Median-Income Household Afford Real Estate in Canada? 2019/09/26 other
106 Avalanche of apartment buildings for sale hitting Metro Vancouver market 2019/09/25 Western Investor
107 BCREA: stress tests limiting impact of falling rates 2019/09/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
108 Does the stress test need to be amended? 2019/09/25 Mortgage Broker News
109 Alberta augmented reality platform to facilitate easier buy-and-sell 2019/09/25 REP
110 Vancouver prices suffer decline while much of Canada goes up 2019/09/24 Mortgage Broker News
111 Industry weighs in on Scheer's proposed amortization, B-20 amendments 2019/09/24 Mortgage Broker News
112 Vancouver real estate advisor urges conference goers to ‘Jurock’ this way 2019/09/23 Vancouver Courier
113 Marketing secrets of a luxury broker 2019/09/23 REM
114 The World's Wealthiest Families Are Stockpiling Cash as Recession Fears Grow 2019/09/23 Bloomberg
115 Edgestone 62 four and five bedroom single-family homes at 165B Street and 21st 2019/09/21 The Vancouver Sun
116 Appeal possible in high-stakes Plaza of Nations dispute 2019/09/20 Western Investor
117 Vancouver ranked Canada’s #1 for real estate investment in 2020 2019/09/20 Western Investor
118 Molson Coors move from Vancouver to Fraser Valley 2019/09/19 Western Investor
119 B.C. developers marketing Vancouver condos in Hong Kong 2019/09/19 Western Investor
120 Alberta makes housing trends data readily accessible online 2019/09/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
121 Strata Parking May Get Simpler 2019/09/19 BCREA
122 RE/MAX launches video series showing real homebuyers' journeys 2019/09/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
123 Canadians' wealth reduced as real estate gains are erased 2019/09/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
124 Condo Smarts: Aging receivables should be routinely reviewed 2019/09/19 The Province
125 Buyers of new GTA homes face $222K in government charges 2019/09/18 Mortgage Broker News

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