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This section is your ultimate resource for latest news and developments in real estate market of Vancouver , Burnaby , Richmond , New Westminster , Surrey and other cities of Fraser Valley. The articles posted here are handpicked by Real Estate Experts based on the fact that Buying or selling a property is a big decision and everyone should have access to all sources of information related to these deals in this ever changing real estate market of North America. We are always maintaining archives of the news articles and this content is searchable using the search functionality below. All the articles are always linked to the main source of the information.

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# Article Publish Date Source
1 Stress test 2.0? What a 10% minimum down payment requirement would mean for Ca 2020/05/25 Mortgage Broker News
2 Expect rapid post-pandemic recovery – BoC's Poloz 2020/05/25 Mortgage Broker News
3 Why it's time for companies to change or be changed 2020/05/23 The Vancouver Sun
4 Who will buy Vancouver housing in a time of COVID-19? 2020/05/23 The Vancouver Sun
5 Some business better off staying closed 2020/05/22 Western Investor
6 What if your staff isn't comfortable working from home? 2020/05/21 Mortgage Broker News
7 Virtual home staging thrives during pandemic 2020/05/20 REM
8 How the pandemic will reshape the rental market 2020/05/19 REM
9 Conservative MPs urge feds to eliminate First-Time Homebuyer Incentive 2020/05/15 Mortgage Broker News
10 COVID-19 will create new real estate winners 2020/05/15 Bloomberg
11 Redfin co-founder sues company 2020/05/15 other
12 Make updates and reduce risks to tame rising insurance cost 2020/05/14 The Province
13 Altus 1526 Finlay Street White Rock 126 homes in a 13 storey building by Ovied 2020/05/14 The Province
14 Distressed landlords are flocking to the alternative sector - analyst 2020/05/11 Mortgage Broker News
15 Atrium Mortgage pledges stability in the age of COVID-19 2020/05/11 Mortgage Broker News
16 How Canada's biggest mortgage company is approaching the post-COVID-19 recovery 2020/05/11 Mortgage Broker News
17 Airbnb slashes nearly 2,000 jobs, scales back investments 2020/05/08 other
18 47% of U.S. Realtors expect COVID-19 to decrease business by at least half 2020/05/08 other
19 Leadership lessons during the COVID crisis – Sotheby’s 2020/05/08 REM
20 Why flying is about to get a lot more expensive - for good 2020/05/08 other
21 From Hong Kong to New York, luxury properties are getting cheaper 2020/05/07 Bloomberg
22 What real estate will look like post-COVID-19 - The old normal, now normal and 2020/05/07 REM
23 Reverse Mortgages being used as a financing option to aid family in the wake o 2020/05/07 Mortgage Broker News
24 CMHC braces for multi-year impact of the coronavirus outbreak 2020/05/07 Mortgage Broker News
25 What's fuelling Canadians' demand for reverse mortgages? 2020/05/07 Mortgage Broker News
26 COVID-19 might kill the rental property industry 2020/05/07 REM
27 Electronic meetings under emergency orders 2020/05/07 The Province
28 Carson 2328 167A Street Surrey 40 three bedroom or three bedroom and a den tow 2020/05/07 The Province
29 Airbnb owners will be forced to sell - COVID-19 immigration to weigh upon Vanc 2020/05/06 Mortgage Broker News
30 Real estate market to rebound due to Pent up demand in Last Qtr Defying COVID- 2020/05/06 Mortgage Broker News
31 Moving in the midst of COVID-19 2020/05/06 REM
32 REBGV 2019 Annual Report 2020/05/05 REBGV
33 Toronto Region Homes Sales in Steep Double-Digit Decline Due to COVID-19: TRREB 2020/05/05 other
34 Reduced selling will propel post-COVID-19 recovery – TD Economics 2020/05/05 Mortgage Broker News
35 Housing will bear the full impact of COVID-19 by next year – CIBC 2020/05/05 Mortgage Broker News
36 COVID-19 to push the housing sector on a downward slope – Moody's 2020/05/05 Mortgage Broker News
37 Survey says majority of realtors expect COVID-19 to shrink business by at least 50% 2020/05/05 Mortgage Broker News
38 Metro Vancouver home sales hit 38-year low in April, prices hold steady 2020/05/05 The Province
39 Metro housing sales fall to 38-year low but prices increase 2020/05/04 Western Investor
40 COVID-19 crisis set to hammer Metro housing prices 2020/05/02 The Vancouver Sun
41 Office and industrial tenants seek fewest rent relief 2020/05/01 Western Investor
42 Missed mortgage payments will be disastrous for Vancouver 2020/05/01 Mortgage Broker News
43 There’s no such thing as a balanced market 2020/05/01 REM
44 How to Use Video to Stay Connected With Your Clients 2020/04/30 REW
45 Scotiabank preparing for widespread post-pandemic changes 2020/04/30 Mortgage Broker News
46 Manufacturers swivel to arm front-line workers 2020/04/30 Western Investor
47 House prices will fall 10% before recovery: Moody’s 2020/04/30 Western Investor
48 COVID-19 brings Canada's commercial mortgage market to a halt 2020/04/30 Mortgage Broker News
49 Don’t cut corners to accommodate hardships 2020/04/30 The Province
50 The Hillcrest 188 West King Edward 17 stacked townhomes by Vertex Developments 2020/04/30 The Province
51 More Listings Now Showing Price History on 2020/04/30 other
52 Thinking about deferring your mortgage? 2020/04/29 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
53 Reduced purchasing power more apparent in Canada's largest markets 2020/04/29 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
54 Winning the listing: The consultation 2020/04/28 REM
55 Affordability in Vancouver remains an ever-distant dream – RE/MAX 2020/04/28 Mortgage Broker News
56 Small landlords bear brunt of chaotic rental scene 2020/04/28 Mortgage Magazine
57 When a brokerage goes insolvent, do agents get their commissions? 2020/04/27 REM
58 B.C. restaurants could start reopening May 1 2020/04/27 Western Investor
59 COVID-19: Frequently Asked Questions About Government Programs 2020/04/27 other
60 COVID-19Real Estate Industry Survey 2020/04/27 REW
61 6 Reasons This is Not a Housing Crisis 2020/04/26 other
62 THE NUMBERS From Statistics Canada 2020/04/25 Western Investor
63 Here’s How GTA Home Prices and Sales Changed One Month After COVID-19 Measur 2020/04/24 other
64 Vancouver home sales fall 34% midway through April 2020/04/23 Livabl
65 BCREA Market Intelligence Report 2020/04/23 BCREA
66 Electronic meeting check list for annual or special general meetings 2020/04/23 The Province
67 The Marq 2225 Acadia Road 22 homes in a four-storey building by Westland 2020/04/23 The Province
68 Housing sales could plunge 40% 2020/04/23 Western Investor
69 COVID-19-related shutdowns helped underpin home prices in March 2020/04/22 other
70 Commercial sector to become more valuable after COVID-19 – CBRE 2020/04/22 Mortgage Broker News
71 Home sellers to wrestle with persistent low price points 2020/04/22 Mortgage Broker News
72 Risks to household finances will remain after COVID-19 – experts 2020/04/22 Mortgage Broker News
73 Steve Nash Fitness World hunts for buyer 2020/04/21 Western Investor
74 "Nightmare on Main Street" as May rent looms 2020/04/21 Western Investor
75 Recession's on its way. How bad will it be? 2020/04/21 Mortgage Broker News
76 Calgary office market: Heading for disaster? 2020/04/21 Mortgage Broker News
77 Communicating During Stressful Times 2020/04/20 BCREA
78 Home prices have some support despite sales slowdown - RBC Economics 2020/04/20 Mortgage Broker News
79 Sales, prices in Alberta's housing markets going downhill 2020/04/20 Mortgage Broker News
80 Four-building Beach Avenue portfolio transfers for $305 million 2020/04/20 Western Investor
81 Is It Different This Time? Recessions and the BC Housing Market 2020/04/20 BCREA
82 Seize hotels for homeless, Victoria says 2020/04/19 Western Investor
83 Selling your home in a pandemic 2020/04/19 The Province
84 Five stocks positioned to outperform if COVID-19 social distancing drags on 2020/04/18 The Vancouver Sun
85 Vancouver West End’s four Beach Towers sold for over $300 million 2020/04/17 other
86 Should a deposit be part of the damages award? 2020/04/17 REM
87 COVID-19 continues to rattle builder confidence 2020/04/17 other
88 Canadian home prices to weather the worst of the pandemic 2020/04/16 Mortgage Broker News
89 Vancouver rental tower sells for $52 million 2020/04/16 Western Investor
90 Canadian home prices to weather the worst of the pandemic 2020/04/16 Mortgage Broker News
91 Consumer confidence is suffering an unprecedented decline 2020/04/15 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
92 National Home Sales and Listings Drop Sharply in March: CREA 2020/04/15 other
93 Royal LePage forecasts ‘remarkably stable’ home prices during pandemic 2020/04/15 REM
94 Challenges Ahead - Read My Latest Market Update 2020/04/15 other
95 Staying out of Negative Territory: BoC holds policy rate at .25% 2020/04/15 other
96 Lower interest rates to give Canadian households a measure of relief 2020/04/15 Mortgage Broker News
97 Pandemic Halts Sales Activity in March 2020/04/15 BCREA
98 Vancouver is seeing fewer home buyers from China 2020/04/15 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
99 BC housing starts could fall 30% in 2020 2020/04/14 Livabl
100 Defying pandemic predictions, Vancouver prices might continue growing 2020/04/14 Mortgage Broker News
101 Anger mounts as Big Six profit from mortgage deferral programs 2020/04/14 Mortgage Broker News
102 Bank of Canada interest rate forecast report 2020/04/14 other
103 House of Commons passes $73 billion wage subsidy bill 2020/04/12 The Province
104 Online COVID-19 resources for real estate investors, landlords and developers 2020/04/09 Western Investor
105 REBGV COVID=19 Update April 8 Video 2020/04/09 REBGV
106 Value of building permits issued across Canada plummets in March – StatCan 2020/04/09 Mortgage Broker News
107 US News: Veros cuts housing appreciation projections in half 2020/04/09 other
108 Review bylaws before electronic meeting 2020/04/09 The Province
109 Sophia Living 2301 Clark Street Port Moody 30 two and three bedroom townhomes 2020/04/09 The Province
110 Things to do when you’re stuck at home: Indoor activities for the whole family 2020/04/08 other
111 B.C. suspends evictions, offers renters' rebate of up to $500 a month 2020/04/08 other
112 TD Bank chief optimistic of steady recovery after the pandemic 2020/04/08 Mortgage Broker News
113 Canada's residential property market labouring under amplified risk 2020/04/07 Mortgage Broker News
114 Raising the bar on real estate photography 2020/04/07 REM
115 Vast majority of tech CEOs say firms don’t qualify for wage subsidy 2020/04/07 Western Investor
116 Sharp drop in B.C. home sales should be followed by steady recovery: BCREA 2020/04/07 Western Investor
117 Metro Vancouver experiences adjustment in home buying activity in March 2020/04/06 Mortgage Broker News
118 Here’s how Realtors will survive this challenge 2020/04/06 REM
119 Facts about Covid-19 2020/04/06 other
120 Brothers in arms: Realtors' solutions for staying productive and sane 2020/04/06 Mortgage Broker News
121 Fine Homes & Luxury properties 2020/04/06 other
122 Vancouver home sales dropped 33% in late March as pandemic fears intensified 2020/04/03 Livabl
123 Toronto Region March Home Sales Taper in Response to COVID-19: TRREB 2020/04/03 other
124 How to show a property through video chat 2020/04/03 REM
125 COVID-19 slowing the alternative market 2020/04/03 Mortgage Broker News
126 Coronavirus upends GTA condo market 2020/04/03 Mortgage Broker News
127 Making the best of it: staying productive during COVID-19 2020/04/03 Mortgage Broker News
128 Landlords learn to navigate rent payment uncertainty during COVID-19 crisis 2020/04/02 Livabl
129 Canadian housing market recovery may begin by early summer: RBC 2020/04/02 Livabl
130 COVID-19 Government Aid for Homeowners and Renters 2020/04/02 REW
131 'This is freezing the market': Once roaring, Canadian home sales brace for 30% 2020/04/02 The Vancouver Sun
132 New 23-storey office tower planned for downtown Vancouver 2020/04/02 Western Investor
133 If possible, try to maintain business as normal 2020/04/02 The Province
134 Amson Square 14412 and 14462 72nd Avenue Surrey 90 homes is two buildings by A 2020/04/02 The Province
135 Companies can learn from top firms that survived last recession 2020/04/01 Western Investor
136 Pent up housing demand during COVID-19 may lead to summer market rebound 2020/03/31 Livabl
137 Commercial investments poised to weather COVID-19 2020/03/31 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
138 Properly launches home price predictor in Calgary 2020/03/31 REM
139 Meter parking temporarily suspended in City of Vancouver 2020/03/30 other
140 Big Six banks cut prime lending rates yet again 2020/03/30 Mortgage Broker News
141 COVID-19: More Support Coming for Canadian Businesses 2020/03/30 other
142 Vancouver April Market Report 2020/03/28 other
143 The Impact of COVID-19 to the Real Estate Market Vs the 2008 Financial Crisis 2020/03/28 REW
144 Local real estate market frozen over COVID-19 uncertainty 2020/03/27 The Province
145 COVID-19 Market Activity Update - March 27, 2020 2020/03/27 REW
146 Bank of Canada battles coronavirus fallout with third rate cut 2020/03/27 Livabl
147 Vancouver luxury condo sales drop 46% in early March data 2020/03/27 Livabl
148 COVID-19 is Impacting the Market - Here's What the Bank of Canada is Doing About It 2020/03/27 REW
149 Mortgage rates to go upward until the market reaches a 'new normal' 2020/03/27 Mortgage Broker News
150 Feds roll out new measures to help small, medium-sized businesses weather COVI 2020/03/27 Western Investor
151 B.C.’s new rental support measures leave landlords in lurch 2020/03/27 Western Investor
152 B.C. real estate market frozen over COVID-19 uncertainty 2020/03/27 The Province
153 Mortgage Rate Forecast 2020/03/27 BCREA
154 Landlords, renters to get help from British Columbia government 2020/03/27 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
155 Bank of Canada enacts another overnight rate cut 2020/03/27 Mortgage Broker News
156 Point2 Homes: Fewer Canadians are searching for homes 2020/03/26 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
157 The Impact of COVID-19 on REALTORS 2020/03/26 BCREA
158 Online data shows real estate activity plummeting 2020/03/26 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
159 Luxury home market still a bright spot 2020/03/26 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
160 Do we have to continue paying strata fees in these tough times 2020/03/26 The Province
161 Skagen 606 Foster Avenue Coquitlam 52 three and four bedroom townhomes by Eigh 2020/03/26 The Province