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Welcome to the Real Estate news section of BCCondos.net

This section is your ultimate resource for latest news and developments in real estate market of Vancouver , Burnaby , Richmond , New Westminster , Surrey and other cities of Fraser Valley. The articles posted here are handpicked by Real Estate Experts based on the fact that Buying or selling a property is a big decision and everyone should have access to all sources of information related to these deals in this ever changing real estate market of North America. We are always maintaining archives of the news articles and this content is searchable using the search functionality below. All the articles are always linked to the main source of the information.

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# Article Publish Date Source
1 Guidelines on what to expect as a Real Estate regulator 2021/07/30 BCREA
2 Industrial vacancy rate had plunged to a record low 0.7 percent in the mid of 2021 2021/07/30 Western Investor
3 3.22 acres retail centre sells for $21.35 Million located at Delta B.C 2021/07/30 Western Investor
4 1,174 square feet retail strata sells for $825,000 located at East Hasting Vancouver 2021/07/30 Western Investor
5 1.12 acres multi-family rental sells for $9.3 million located at Chilliwack, B.C. 2021/07/30 Western Investor
6 New opportunity waving for Canadian recovering from pandemic 2021/07/29 other
7 Overview of some transactions in financing and insuring a float home type of housing 2021/07/29 BCREA
8 B.C. court ordered to release list also for their privacy and safety concern 2021/07/27 The Vancouver Sun
9 B.C. estimates nearly 20 percent of the eligible population are unvaccinated 2021/07/27 The Vancouver Sun
10 Bosa switched a new Calgary luxury condo tower rental despite rising vacancies 2021/07/26 Western Investor
11 A record-breaking real estate markets in Great Vancouver 2021/07/26 other
12 Belmont mansion sold for the highest price ever in the region for a single fam 2021/07/26 other
13 Strata complex has 28 surveillance camera and 30 fob access point for purposes 2021/07/23 Western Investor
14 Figuring out major deficiencies to fix amidst rising costs in the real estate market 2021/07/23 The Vancouver Sun
15 Canada’s recovery amidst the signs of slowdown in the economy 2021/07/23 other
16 Industrial building sells for $2.3 Million located at Langley, B.C. 2021/07/22 Western Investor
17 0.46 acres multi-unit duplex sells for $762,500 located at Mission,B.C. 2021/07/22 Western Investor
18 Does Canadian first time home buyer foresee problem before 25 years from now? 2021/07/22 other
19 Canadian mortgage market challenges in the current crisis 2021/07/22 other
20 Meeting the demand of housing market sales amidst pandemic 2021/07/21 other
21 What happen to Vancouver housing sales? 2021/07/21 Western Investor
22 Housing supply crisis in Canada issue needs to be address immediately 2021/07/21 The Vancouver Sun
23 Housing market updates in Vancouver’s listing after 25 years 2021/07/20 Livabl
24 Creating transparency in the housing market based on a variety of data sources 2021/07/19 other
25 New normal Checklist on entering borders in Canada 2021/07/17 CBC Radio
26 Homes Listed breathtaking view waterfront in a lesser price than a condo 2021/07/16 Western Investor
27 Canadian home sales has continued to trend downward during the early summer months 2021/07/16 Livabl
28 New townhomes in Vancouver located in the heart of Kitsilano 2021/07/16 Livabl
29 Competitions remains high in Vancouver homes regardless price increase 2021/07/16 Livabl
30 2 Burrard Place takes its cues from world class cities and a connected urban l 2021/07/15 Livabl
31 0.85 Acres Multi-Family rental sells for $91 Million located at 1155 Beach Ave 2021/07/15 Western Investor
32 4.4 Acres land sells for $7.6 Million located at Aldergrove, B.C 2021/07/15 Western Investor
33 0.61 Acres land assembly sells for $4.1 Million located at Surrey, B.C. 2021/07/15 Western Investor
34 0.2 Acres site sells for $1.52 Million located at Wellington Avenue, Chilliwack, B.C. 2021/07/15 Western Investor
35 High demand is leading in B.C. builders amidst pandemic 2021/07/13 Western Investor
36 The building remains vacant after the occupancy permit was revoked 2021/07/12 Western Investor
37 Big break for Alberta’s new robotic hub | hires more than 1000 staff 2021/07/09 Western Investor
38 CMHC admitting“were not as effective as we had anticipated”house price inc 2021/07/08 Mortgage Broker News
39 Pure Sunfarms is expanding its growing space to 2.2 million square feet as its 2021/07/08 Western Investor
40 0.18 acres industrial site sells for $4.2 Million located at 1484 Rupert Stree 2021/07/07 Western Investor
41 Concealing their business back to phase hit by pandemic 2021/07/07 Western Investor
42 100 units sells in two-day row mend in the heart of Vancouver after pre selling event 2021/07/07 Western Investor
43 Sales volume of Real Estate experiencing Slight moderation 2021/07/06 other
44 9.1% is the largest fall in Canadas home sales as pandemic crisis still in the phase 2021/07/06 Mortgage Broker News
45 Lumber prices continue dropping that affect Canada’s housing market 2021/07/05 other
46 Lumber prices will continue to tumble until next year due in part to affordabi 2021/07/05 Mortgage Broker News
47 Would first time home buyers give up a slice of share in their purchase? 2021/07/05 Western Investor
48 3.2 Million boomers in Canada are considering a home purchase by Royal LePage 2021/07/02 Mortgage Broker News
49 BoC warned the potential risk of cryptocurrency 2021/07/02 The Vancouver Sun
50 Vancouver’s post-pandemic real estate recovery 2021/07/02 Western Investor
51 B.C highest court dropped claims not supported by the evidence 2021/07/01 The Vancouver Sun
52 1.22 acres commercial sells for $5.5 Million located at 45676 Yale Road, Chill 2021/07/01 Western Investor
53 0.89 acres land sells for $4.15 Million located at 46539 Yale Road, Chilliwa 2021/07/01 Western Investor
54 Financial risk might happen for Canadians due to pandemic bubble in the long run 2021/06/30 Western Investor
55 Will Canadian housing market prices go up or down? 2021/06/29 Mortgage Broker News
56 Multi-Million investment for funding housing space for homeless residence in V 2021/06/29 Mortgage Broker News
57 The average of down payment in B.C. homebuyer puts down into 22.45% in the Q1 of 2021 2021/06/29 Western Investor
58 Canadian Podcast that educate and entertain more about Canadian real estate market 2021/06/28 REW
59 Average prices are up to 29.4% even the pandemic hammered in 2020 2021/06/28 Western Investor
60 Top 10 Canada’s most desirable cities for millennials 2021/06/28 Mortgage Broker News
61 BC housing market was likely to be the “first casualty” 2021/06/28 Mortgage Broker News
62 Vancouver offers not much incentives for their tenants as other residential la 2021/06/25 Western Investor
63 A step-by-step guide to owning a home in Vancouver 2021/06/25 REW
64 Government gives hope to the condo owners that change is coming while they are 2021/06/25 The Province
65 2.35 acres Sicamous commercial site sells for $740,000 located at  530 Main S 2021/06/24 Western Investor
66 37.54 acres in Abbotsford sells for $4.4 Million located at  2434 264th Avenu 2021/06/24 Western Investor
67 New normal of Canada’s economy recovering from pandemic 2021/06/24 Western Investor
68 Newly appointed CEO and President was announced by TD bank company 2021/06/24 Mortgage Broker News
69 Legal advise of Co-ownership and mechanism for resolving disputes 2021/06/24 BCREA
70 91-suite condominium located at 471 East Broadway Vancouver 2021/06/23 Livabl
71 Average BC home price was “compositional” effect led the monthly decline 2021/06/23 Livabl
72 Peter Aceto - charged and suspended for unlicensed cannabis growing at CannTrust’s 2021/06/22 Mortgage Broker News
73 Fears of Canada’s housing market entering a bubble in the near future 2021/06/22 Mortgage Broker News
74 130,000 square foot bio-tech facility will rise on the 900-block of Evans avenue 2021/06/22 Western Investor
75 Metchosin homes sets new record as the highest selling price in Victoria 2021/06/22 Western Investor
76 Canada’s housing rate increase during covid crisis 2021/06/21 other
77 Securing Land boundary for better future where your piece of paradise begins and ends 2021/06/18 Western Investor
78 Less traffic more business ventures 2021/06/18 Western Investor
79 6,997 square feet sells for $1.57 Million Located at 33761 Essendale Avenue Ab 2021/06/17 Western Investor
80 Sell out of Coquitlam office in a week due to market demand 2021/06/17 Western Investor
81 .49 acres hotel sells for $61.95 Million located at 427 East Hastings Street, 2021/06/17 Western Investor
82 Vancouver retained as the highest rent status in Canada during pandemic 2021/06/17 Western Investor
83 50-storey towers with a commercial space area located at Coquitlam City Centre 2021/06/17 Western Investor
84 Home sales down more than 7% as pandemic continues 2021/06/16 Livabl
85 Guidelines and definitions of anti-money laundering 2021/06/16 other
86 Inflation increase with the fastest annual gain of 3.6% since May 2011 2021/06/16 Bloomberg
87 Canada’s inflation rate increase 3.6 percent in May due to pandemic 2021/06/16 Mortgage Broker News
88 B.C’s top accountants calling a “crisis” in Canada’s housing market 2021/06/16 Western Investor
89 Intensified multi-family market activity pushed Canadian housing starts higher 2021/06/16 Mortgage Broker News
90 Condo price increase is quite convincing despite pandemic bubble 2021/06/16 Mortgage Broker News
91 72 square feet is the tiniest and latest offer and doesn’t need a building permit 2021/06/16 Western Investor
92 Canadian home sales fell 7.4% in May compared from the previous month 2021/06/15 other
93 Opportunity knock in Toronto developer due to the demand of growing population 2021/06/15 Mortgage Broker News
94 Retail assets saw continued strong performance in Q1 2021 with 79 percent incr 2021/06/14 Western Investor
95 Canadian home prices average projected to be increase of 5% in the next half year 2021/06/10 Mortgage Broker News
96 0.53 acres sells for $3.05 Million located at Salisbury Avenue, Port Coquitlam 2021/06/10 Western Investor
97 British Columbia’s hotel industry continue struggling due to pandemic 2021/06/09 Western Investor
98 2 largest shopping centre in Victoria bought by immigrants from China 2021/06/08 Western Investor
99 Canada’s consumer debt hitting nearly $2.1 Trillion despite decreasing credi 2021/06/08 Mortgage Broker News
100 Google’s strategic advertisement change its practices to ensure landmark ant 2021/06/07 other
101 Canada’s major housing markets saw sales transactions fall in May by RBC’s 2021/06/07 Mortgage Broker News
102 The increase demand of purpose built rentals in Vancouver City 2021/06/03 The Vancouver Sun
103 GTA continue to buck down in home sales due to pandemic 2021/06/03 other

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