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This section is your ultimate resource for latest news and developments in real estate market of Vancouver , Burnaby , Richmond , New Westminster , Surrey and other cities of Fraser Valley. The articles posted here are handpicked by Real Estate Experts based on the fact that Buying or selling a property is a big decision and everyone should have access to all sources of information related to these deals in this ever changing real estate market of North America. We are always maintaining archives of the news articles and this content is searchable using the search functionality below. All the articles are always linked to the main source of the information.

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# Article Publish Date Source
1 Custom House 816 Government Street Victoria 57 homes in a 7-storey heritage bu 2018/01/20 The Vancouver Sun
2 Real estate ‘headwinds’ could slow B.C. output 2018/01/20 The Vancouver Sun
3 Major lenders hike rates following BoC decision 2018/01/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
4 What to do if council doesn’t enforce bylaws 2018/01/18 The Province
5 Cascade City 271 homes in two towers 5788 Gilbert Road (tower A) and 5766 Gilb 2018/01/18 The Province
6 No ban on foreign buyers says BC premier 2018/01/17 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
7 Semiah at 1439 George Street White Rock a 14 storey tower with 88 homes by Mar 2018/01/13 The Vancouver Sun
8 BC Home Sales Above 100,000 for Third Consecutive Year 2018/01/12 BCREA
9 Royal Le Page crowns 2017 the 'year of the condo' 2018/01/12 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
10 Housing permits fall for first time in 3 months 2018/01/11 REP
11 Juneau 147 homes at 4465 Juneau Street Burnaby by Amacon 2018/01/11 The Province
12 Tighter rules might boost activity in Canada's mortgage bond market 2018/01/10 REP
13 Luxury living here to stay, says Sotheby's 2018/01/10 REP
14 Home sales in B.C. expected to decline in 2018 2018/01/08 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
15 Micro-suites should be no small consideration in 2018 2018/01/08 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
16 The Morrison at 649 East 3rd Street North Vancouver 40 townhomes by CREO Devel 2018/01/06 The Vancouver Sun
17 City intends to build temporary modular homes near Olympic Village station 2018/01/06 The Vancouver Sun
18 New Mortgage Stress Tests Now in Effect, GTA Sales Plunge, Vancouver’s Prici 2018/01/05 other
19 No new regulations, drastic home price increases in 2018 – analysis 2018/01/05 REP
20 Normality returns for Metro Vancouver home sales 2018/01/04 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
21 Paying down debts the top priority for Canadians this year 2018/01/04 Mortgage Broker News
22 2018 forecast - Will the housing market crash by year's end 2018/01/04 Mortgage Broker News
23 Review agency agreements before signing on the dotted line 2018/01/04 The Province
24 Clayton Walk 18505 Laurensen Place Surrey 143 townhomes by Anthem Properties 2018/01/04 The Province
25 B.C. ups homeowner grant threshold 2018/01/04 The Province
26 Victoria developers unleash new real estate projects 2018/01/03 Western Investor
27 New rules will further stoke hunger for unregulated lending options 2018/01/03 REP
28 Vancouver has Canada's priciest premium properties 2018/01/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
29 Commercial property values to increase up to 50 per cent: BC Assessment 2018/01/02 Western Investor
30 Housing Market Facing Headwinds Despite Strong Economy 2017/12/28 BCREA
31 Foreign ownership data just ‘tip of the iceberg’ 2017/12/28 The Province
32 At less than an acre, this Vancouver restaurant site just sold for $245M 2017/12/22 other
33 Year in Review: Juwai Top Stories of 2017 2017/12/22 other
34 White Spot site on West Georgia sells for whopping $245 million 2017/12/21 The Vancouver Sun
35 Fraser Valley benchmark home prices nearing $1M 2017/12/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
36 Heather and Seventeenth 717 West 17th Avenue 16 homes in a 4 storey low rise b 2017/12/16 The Vancouver Sun
37 Shadow lending growing as Canadians chase housing dream 2017/12/15 Bloomberg
38 Stress test, supply issues will limit home prices says Royal Le Page 2017/12/14 REP
39 CREA cuts 2017, 2018 forecast due to incoming tighter mortgage rules 2017/12/14 REP
40 Opportunities Everything investors need to know about rent-to-own opportunities 2017/12/14 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
41 REALTOR News December 2017 2017/12/14 other
42 Don't make excuses for strata mismanagement 2017/12/14 The Province
43 Pacific Heights 28 single family homes at 1652 18th Avenue Surrey by Foxridge Homes 2017/12/14 The Province
44 RBC says housing, economy will ease in 2018 2017/12/13 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
45 Metro Vancouver's housing demand swallows industrial land 2017/12/13 Western Investor
46 Vancouver Housing Plan Could Hurt Luxury Market 2017/12/12 other
47 Greater data on foreign ownership is coming 2017/12/12 REP
48 Housing starts jump to 10-year high 2017/12/11 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
49 Greater Vancouver market's home sales volume swells 2017/12/11 REP
50 New restrictive Airbnb legislation could hurt condo investors 2017/12/11 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
51 Condos proposed for former Port Moody TV factory at 50 Electronic Avenue 2017/12/11 Western Investor
52 Cascade City 5788 Gilbert Road (tower A) and 5766 Gilbert Road (tower B) 271 h 2017/12/09 The Vancouver Sun
53 Big changes coming with great anticipation of trading futures, ETFs for crypto 2017/12/09 The Vancouver Sun
54 Home values boost Canadian family net worth 2017/12/08 REP
55 Toronto buyers will have unrestricted access to housing data 2017/12/07 Mortgage Broker News
56 Condo fees unique to each property 2017/12/07 The Province
57 The Pacific 1380 Hornby Street 214 condos and townhouses is a 39 storey tower 2017/12/07 The Province
58 BoC hold interest rate at 1 per cent 2017/12/06 REP
59 Parking space disappearing in new downtown office developments 2017/12/06 The Vancouver Sun
60 Condos a bright spot for recovering markets in Vancouver, Toronto 2017/12/06 The Vancouver Sun
61 Property surtax takes aim at 'free-riding' homeowners 2017/12/06 The Vancouver Sun
62 REBGV reported sales eased 7.5% over October 2017/12/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
63 November Home Sales in Toronto Down 13% Compared to Last Year 2017/12/05 other
64 Juneau at 4465 Juneau Street Burnaby 147 homes in a 23 storey tower by Amacon 2017/12/02 The Vancouver Sun
65 Agent and broker advice will be crucial in 2018 2017/12/01 REP
66 B.C. home sales volume to decline in 2018 2017/12/01 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
67 CMHC insurance in force falls $28 billion from a year ago 2017/11/30 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
68 Vancouver developers fear 'alarming' land prices hinder profit 2017/11/30 Vancouver Courier
69 Vancouver council approves 'bold, ambitious' 10-year housing strategy 2017/11/30 The Vancouver Sun
70 Considerable implications where easements are concerned 2017/11/30 The Province
71 Elenore on Fifth 58 homes in an 8 level terraced building at 2106 Main Street 2017/11/30 The Province
72 BoC flags risk from low-ratio mortgage loans 2017/11/29 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
73 Government meddling in real estate will not fix it – analyst 2017/11/29 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
74 No relief for renters could be boon for investors 2017/11/29 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
75 New initiative to boost purpose built rental development 2017/11/29 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
76 BC Home Sales Forecast to Decline Again Next Year 2017/11/29 REW
77 We must go all-in to solve B.C.’s housing crisis 2017/11/28 Western Investor
78 A 10 day cooling off period for pre-sale condos 2017/11/27 REP
79 Clayton Walk 143 townhomes at 18505 Laurensen Place Surrey by Anthem Properties 2017/11/25 The Vancouver Sun
80 Major department stores struggle to remain relevant 2017/11/24 Western Investor
81 Tech increasingly influential in real estate industry 2017/11/24 REP
82 Vancouver's 10-year housing strategy sees densification of vast swaths of the city 2017/11/24 The Province
83 Low vacancies, rising prices pressuring Vancouver industrial market 2017/11/23 REP
84 Subdividing common property can affect value of each lot 2017/11/23 The Province
85 Viridian 57 townhomes at 3618 150th Street Surrey by Portrait Homes Viridian Ltd 2017/11/23 The Province