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This section is your ultimate resource for latest news and developments in real estate market of Vancouver , Burnaby , Richmond , New Westminster , Surrey and other cities of Fraser Valley. The articles posted here are handpicked by Real Estate Experts based on the fact that Buying or selling a property is a big decision and everyone should have access to all sources of information related to these deals in this ever changing real estate market of North America. We are always maintaining archives of the news articles and this content is searchable using the search functionality below. All the articles are always linked to the main source of the information.

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# Article Publish Date Source
1 Need to know about Land Owner Transparency Act 2020/11/18 other
2 October marks a mild high side levels according to chief economis 2020/11/18 Mortgage Broker News
3 HomeEquity sold 12% (CA$100 million) of reverse mortgages to Concentra Bank 2020/11/12 Western Investor
4 Horizon 21 located at corner 218 Blue Mountain Street, Coquitlam, BC 2020/11/11 Livabl
5 Fraser Valley housing boom up to 55% according to BCREA 2020/11/11 Western Investor
6 Gastown and Vancouver neighbourhood retailers glimpse a retail revival 2020/11/10 Western Investor
7 Condo investor bite the bullet despite of CMHC’s warning regarding on low do 2020/11/10 Mortgage Broker News
8 Vancouver housing market remains strong month in November 2020/11/09 Livabl
9 Need to know. The Mortgage Group updated its Employee Policies and Procedures 2020/11/09 Mortgage Broker News
10 Calling all Real Estate Professionals to discontinue open houses 2020/11/05 BCREA
11 Average price range in detached house to hit $1.7 million in 2021 in Greater V 2020/11/05 Western Investor
12 Realtors 3 Common Email Blast Mistake 2020/11/05 other
13 Realtors must do during BC’s Second Wave 2020/11/05 BCREA
14 CIBC: The impact in housing market brought by Covid-19 2020/11/05 Mortgage Broker News
15 Toronto condo investors are scrambling to withdraw due to pandemic 2020/11/04 Mortgage Broker News
16 Canadian housing market continues to strengthen despite pandemic 2020/11/04 Mortgage Broker News
17 Be updated on the latest US Presidential election result 2020/11/04 Mortgage Broker News
18 爱上穆迪港的克莱德 2020/11/03 REW
19 Fall in love with the Clyde at Port Moody 2020/11/03 REW
20 A key change in the commercial rent subsidy plan bypasses landlords 2020/11/03 Western Investor
21 Vancouver real estate: Concord Pacific withdraws public view plan for Molson site 2020/11/03 The Province
22 Vancouver housing market increase by 6% in October amidst in high supply 2020/11/03 Livabl
23 39% Canadians out of 1500 survey respondents have no idea what they do when de 2020/11/02 Mortgage Broker News
24 RBC economist direct pandemic impact the housing Canada’s housing market 2020/11/02 Mortgage Broker News
25 Renters can build more robust credit histories thru rent payment data 2020/11/02 REW
26 RBC Economics: condo prices stagnated over the past six months 2020/10/30 The Georgia Straight
27 BoC’s low rates policy ended up being strong despite the current situation 2020/10/30 Mortgage Broker News
28 MPC 90% of homeowners are positive sentiments purchasing a property during pandemic 2020/10/30 Mortgage Broker News
29 County of Grande Prairie, Alberta ranks #1 destinations for real estate invest 2020/10/29 Western Investor
30 Covid-19 disrupt Vancouver condo owners 2020/10/29 Western Investor
31 Decrease home price, increase unemployment rate factors might to upset banks' 2020/10/29 Mortgage Broker News
32 Popolo: 81 European-inspired in the heart of Vancouver’s most accessible tra 2020/10/29 REW
33 Voyce a Luxury contemporary 6 story building in Westside Vancouver 2020/10/29 REW
34 3 Storey rental apartment sold for $4.8 million, South Granville 2020/10/29 Western Investor
35 6,137 square feet Mixed-use development site sold for $6.6 million in Dunbar S 2020/10/29 Western Investor
36 Mixed used building near Kitsilano transit hub, Vancouver 2020/10/28 Livabl
37 First glimpse of Concord Pacific’s proposed redevelopment plans of the Molso 2020/10/28 other
38 5 Ways Real Estate Agents invest time in learning the basic SEO 2020/10/28 REW
39 Canadian government releases more details regarding its five year Housing Supp 2020/10/28 Mortgage Broker News
40 Keep in touch after closing deals without being annoyance 2020/10/28 REM
41 Condo investor lost much of their down payments during Covid-19 pandemic - analysis 2020/10/27 Mortgage Broker News
42 City of Vancouver, the lowest tax rate for commercial property among major Can 2020/10/26 Western Investor
43 Highlight on 2021 with regards emerging trends in Canadian real estate 2020/10/26 Mortgage Broker News
44 Homeowners - Will the end of forbearance mean a wave of foreclosures? 2020/10/26 other
45 BC housing market remains tight as supply is increasing 2020/10/23 Livabl
46 B.C construction employment slumped by 6.8 % during pandemic 2020/10/23 Western Investor
47 9 out of 35 City of Toronto neighbourhoods where the median detached house pr 2020/10/22 other
48 CMHC previous prediction about home price is no longer applies despite of pandemic 2020/10/22 Mortgage Broker News
49 CMLS Financial appointee expects demand for multifamily properties and develop 2020/10/22 Mortgage Broker News
50 Bank of Canada is still not doing enough to guide the nation out of recession- 2020/10/21 Mortgage Broker News
51 Canada’s housing market sales history in a closer look 2020/10/20 Mortgage Broker News
52 Vancouver housing market sales up nearly 54% in mid-October as recovery continues 2020/10/19 Livabl
53 Pre-construction condo investors need to be vigilant both seller and buyer 2020/10/19 Mortgage Broker News
54 Front Yard, second largest single family landlord closed deal in $2.4 Billion Deal 2020/10/19 Bloomberg
55 Different predictions for Metro Real Estate market 2020/10/19 The Province
56 43 storey curved residential tower is expected to be completed in 2021-22, Vancouver 2020/10/18 The Georgia Straight
57 First prime 40 storey luxury high rise tower in Burnaby 2020/10/16 REW
58 Multi level retail/office sold for $31.2 million in Vancouver 2020/10/15 Western Investor
59 Immigration plunge affecting Vancouver’s rental market 2020/10/15 Western Investor
60 温哥华的房屋市场现在已转移回卖方的市场区域 2020/10/14 Livabl
61 Vancouver housing market is now shifted back into seller’s market territory 2020/10/14 Livabl
62 Stunning architectural design of a 55-storey condo tower approves by Vancouver 2020/10/14 Western Investor
63 Canadian housing market facing a biggest housing bubble risk 2020/10/14 other
64 Travel industry is among the highest affected industry in Covid-19 2020/10/14 other
65 Covid-19 challenge the real estate market will this be an indication of slow r 2020/10/13 Mortgage Broker News
66 Lower rates cut might disrupt Canadian financial system - Macklem 2020/10/13 Mortgage Broker News
67 Canadians need to know on how to handle when someone dies with a home or mortgage 2020/10/09 Mortgage Broker News
68 Slowdown in Toronto’s condo market is a sign of dark dark ahead? 2020/10/09 Mortgage Broker News
69 CMHC: Housing starts sales decline by 20% in just a month 2020/10/09 Mortgage Broker News
70 COV: plan to reduce the value of mixed-used commercial properties 2020/10/08 Western Investor
71 Vancouver homes sales remain strong despite of pandemic 2020/10/08 Mortgage Broker News
72 PM Trudeau unveiled several changes to the existing program CEBA, CEWS and CER 2020/10/08 other
73 Toronto housing market shows no sign of slowing 2020/10/06 Mortgage Broker News
74 Needs to be vigilant in bogus buyers during this pandemic 2020/10/06 Mortgage Broker News
75 Comprehensive online seller tool for real estate industry 2020/10/06 Livabl
76 Vancouver’s housing market soaring high in September sales 2020/10/05 Livabl
77 Whats the forecast says about Canadian home market price 2020/10/01 Mortgage Broker News
78 Multi-family houses takeover closes at $4.5 billion - St. Paul, Alberta 2020/10/01 Western Investor
79 Toronto rank #3 in annual bubble index in North America real estate market 2020/09/30 The Globe and Mail
80 Sublease bulge expected office vacancy rates increases 2020/09/30 Western Investor
81 5 Canadian Cities where its cheaper to purchased a house today than 5 years ago 2020/09/29 other
82 41-acre Luxury resort properties sold for $8.4 million, Pemberton, BC 2020/09/28 Western Investor
83 601 Beach - new 55 storey proposed ‘twisting’ tower with 303 condo units a 2020/09/28 The Vancouver Sun
84 American innovative tool to reduce cost effective and save time 2020/09/25 other
85 Covid disrupt housing market expected by several Canadian 2020/09/25 Mortgage Broker News
86 1.6 acres zoned for Single-family residential sells $1 million over ask 2020/09/24 Western Investor
87 Marriott suffered the worst market decline in 2020 2020/09/23 Western Investor

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