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This section is your ultimate resource for latest news and developments in real estate market of Vancouver , Burnaby , Richmond , New Westminster , Surrey and other cities of Fraser Valley. The articles posted here are handpicked by Real Estate Experts based on the fact that Buying or selling a property is a big decision and everyone should have access to all sources of information related to these deals in this ever changing real estate market of North America. We are always maintaining archives of the news articles and this content is searchable using the search functionality below. All the articles are always linked to the main source of the information.

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# Article Publish Date Source
1 Facts about Covid-19 2020/04/06 other
2 Brothers in arms: Realtors' solutions for staying productive and sane 2020/04/06 Mortgage Broker News
3 Fine Homes & Luxury properties 2020/04/06 other
4 How to show a property through video chat 2020/04/03 REM
5 COVID-19 slowing the alternative market 2020/04/03 Mortgage Broker News
6 Coronavirus upends GTA condo market 2020/04/03 Mortgage Broker News
7 Making the best of it: staying productive during COVID-19 2020/04/03 Mortgage Broker News
8 'This is freezing the market': Once roaring, Canadian home sales brace for 30% 2020/04/02 The Vancouver Sun
9 New 23-storey office tower planned for downtown Vancouver 2020/04/02 Western Investor
10 If possible, try to maintain business as normal 2020/04/02 The Province
11 Amson Square 14412 and 14462 72nd Avenue Surrey 90 homes is two buildings by A 2020/04/02 The Province
12 Companies can learn from top firms that survived last recession 2020/04/01 Western Investor
13 Commercial investments poised to weather COVID-19 2020/03/31 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
14 Properly launches home price predictor in Calgary 2020/03/31 REM
15 Meter parking temporarily suspended in City of Vancouver 2020/03/30 other
16 Big Six banks cut prime lending rates yet again 2020/03/30 Mortgage Broker News
17 COVID-19: More Support Coming for Canadian Businesses 2020/03/30 other
18 Vancouver April Market Report 2020/03/28 other
19 The Impact of COVID-19 to the Real Estate Market Vs the 2008 Financial Crisis 2020/03/28 REW
20 Local real estate market frozen over COVID-19 uncertainty 2020/03/27 The Province
21 COVID-19 Market Activity Update - March 27, 2020 2020/03/27 REW
22 Bank of Canada battles coronavirus fallout with third rate cut 2020/03/27 Livabl
23 Vancouver luxury condo sales drop 46% in early March data 2020/03/27 Livabl
24 COVID-19 is Impacting the Market - Here's What the Bank of Canada is Doing About It 2020/03/27 REW
25 Mortgage rates to go upward until the market reaches a 'new normal' 2020/03/27 Mortgage Broker News
26 Feds roll out new measures to help small, medium-sized businesses weather COVI 2020/03/27 Western Investor
27 B.C.’s new rental support measures leave landlords in lurch 2020/03/27 Western Investor
28 B.C. real estate market frozen over COVID-19 uncertainty 2020/03/27 The Province
29 Mortgage Rate Forecast 2020/03/27 BCREA
30 Landlords, renters to get help from British Columbia government 2020/03/27 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
31 Bank of Canada enacts another overnight rate cut 2020/03/27 Mortgage Broker News
32 Point2 Homes: Fewer Canadians are searching for homes 2020/03/26 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
33 The Impact of COVID-19 on REALTORS 2020/03/26 BCREA
34 Online data shows real estate activity plummeting 2020/03/26 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
35 Luxury home market still a bright spot 2020/03/26 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
36 Do we have to continue paying strata fees in these tough times 2020/03/26 The Province
37 Skagen 606 Foster Avenue Coquitlam 52 three and four bedroom townhomes by Eigh 2020/03/26 The Province
38 Staying ahead of the proptech revolution 2020/03/25 REM
39 Groups urge realtors to stop open houses 2020/03/25 REP
40 Struggling borrowers to be prioritised by lenders - CMHC 2020/03/25 REP
41 Vancouver home sales posted 59% increase in first half of March 2020/03/25 Livabl
42 Coronavirus could cause 28% drop in Canadian home construction: Altus 2020/03/24 Livabl
43 Federal gov't promises support for the Canadian mortgage industry 2020/03/24 Mortgage Broker News
44 Will house prices in BC fall amid the COVID-19 outbreak? 2020/03/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
45 Real estate in the time of COVID-19 2020/03/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
46 Investing in CRE? Devastation could be ahead warns lender 2020/03/23 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
47 Canadians have become much less interested in buying homes 2020/03/23 Mortgage Broker News
48 How to Get Mortgage Relief 2020/03/23 other
49 Video ***2 Videos for you to reflect on what is happening these days 2020/03/22 other
50 Canada’s Six Big Banks Delay Mortgage Payments Due to COVID-19 2020/03/20 REW
51 COVID-19: How real estate agents can keep safe during the outbreak 2020/03/20 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
52 Interest rates on new mortgages increasing, despite Bank of Canada rate drop 2020/03/20 Western Investor
53 Quarter-acre East Vancouver land parcel assembled for $6.6M 2020/03/20 Western Investor
54 How to reinforce the real estate market to withstand the fallout from COVID-19 2020/03/19 The Vancouver Sun
55 Video: The impact of COVID-19 on business and employees 2020/03/19 Western Investor
56 Home sales poised to moderate but will make a strong recovery once the corona 2020/03/19 REP
57 Some buyers plan to be big fish in a smaller pool of competition 2020/03/19 REP
58 Canadian consumer confidence takes unprecedented slump 2020/03/19 REP
59 Investor demand for apartments heightens in Vancouver 2020/03/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
60 Open houses in the time of COVID-19 2020/03/19 Mortgage Broker News
61 RE/MAX to continue working with mortgage brokers during COVID-19 pandemic 2020/03/19 Mortgage Broker News
62 Central bank’s medicine is a salve for credit markets 2020/03/19 Mortgage Broker News
63 Trudeau unveils $82 billion COVID-19 stimulus 2020/03/19 Mortgage Broker News
64 February home prices up 0.4% 2020/03/19 Mortgage Broker News
65 Managing through a crisis 2020/03/19 The Province
66 Real estate investors should prepare for a snowbird market rebound 2020/03/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
67 'Big Six' banks to allow 6-month mortgage payment deferral 2020/03/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
68 Ottawa to roll out $82BN economic stimulus package 2020/03/18 Western Investor
69 Canada’s big banks, credit union announce mortgage payment deferrals 2020/03/18 Western Investor
70 A discussion with OREA’s new president, Sean Morrison 2020/03/18 REP
71 Tips for Media Relations as Coronavirus Dominates, be human when pitching your 2020/03/18 other
72 Sketching Out the Potential Impact of COVID-19 on the BC Housing Market 2020/03/17 BCREA
73 Is coronavirus about to prompt a house price crash? 2020/03/17 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
74 Province looking at impact of COVID-19 on renters and landlords 2020/03/17 Western Investor
75 COVID-19: Government announces new mortgage buying program 2020/03/17 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
76 Mortgage stress test changes are on hold until further notice 2020/03/16 Mortgage Broker News
77 How much do rental, leasing, and property management firms make? 2020/03/16 Mortgage Broker News
78 Buy a home on an American floodplain and you'll overpay 2020/03/16 Mortgage Broker News
79 What’s in Store for 2020? Zoocasa’s 5 Housing Market Predictions 2020/03/16 other
80 Federal Reserve slashes interest rates to zero as part of wide-ranging emergen 2020/03/15 Washington Post
81 B.C. union calls for suspension of mortgage and rent payments until COVID-19 c 2020/03/15 other
82 Bank of Canada acts to shore up funding liquidity 2020/03/13 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
83 BC home sale values increase by over 40% in February 2020/03/13 Mortgage Broker News
84 How organized real estate must change 2020/03/13 REM
85 Emergency Bank of Canada rate cut will add fuel to housing sales 2020/03/13 Western Investor
86 Value of B.C. home sales in February jumps 41% year over year 2020/03/12 Western Investor
87 Here’s the Down Payment You’ll Need to Buy a House or Apartment in Metro V 2020/03/12 other
88 Royal LePage CEO: BoC rate cut may act as a “relief valve” for overheated market 2020/03/12 Mortgage Broker News
89 Hoping to target millennial buyers? Avoid condo properties, says new report 2020/03/12 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
90 Fed rate cut drives increase in loan applications on blockchain platform 2020/03/12 other
91 Plaza of Nations landowner sues Concord Pacific president for $245M over alleg 2020/03/12 Western Investor
92 Discuss insurance options in advance of renewal time 2020/03/12 The Province
93 Union Park 20712 82nd Avenue Langley 589 homes in four 6-storey buildings by Polygon 2020/03/12 The Province
94 Canada is 'uniquely vulnerable' to coronavirus-induced oil price plunge 2020/03/11 Western Investor
95 Q4 overall consumer-level delinquency rate up 5.61% 2020/03/11 Mortgage Broker News
96 Canadian reverse mortgage debt tops $4BN for first time 2020/03/11 Vancouver Courier
97 What potential millennial clients in Ontario want in a home 2020/03/11 REP
98 Are real estate groups doing enough to fight money laundering? 2020/03/11 REP
99 How BC realtors can help clients alarmed by the province's condo insurance woes 2020/03/11 REP
100 Canada's housing starts down in February 2020/03/10 Mortgage Broker News
101 Is it wise to invest in a pre-con condo? 2020/03/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
102 Morneau - government won't knee-jerk on coronavirus impact 2020/03/10 REP
103 Have the Atlantic Canada cities become too expensive for comfort? 2020/03/09 Mortgage Broker News
104 Federal government to finance new rental housing project in Toronto 2020/03/09 Mortgage Broker News
105 Hard to lose in Surrey housing market 2020/03/09 The Province
106 Reviewing all transactions is serious business 2020/03/09 The Province
107 Chateau Laurier 1009 Laurier 11 luxury condos by Landa Global Properties 2020/03/09 The Province
108 Highpointe 11641 227 Street Maple Ridge 153 homes in a 6 storey building byCon 2020/03/05 The Province
109 Masks on, scissors out - BoC cuts policy rate to 1.25% 2020/03/04 other
110 BC housing taxes caused estimated 12.5% extra sales drop 2020/03/04 REP
111 Vancouver supply struggling to match homebuyer demand 2020/03/04 REP
112 Federal Reserve’s surprise rate cut will force Bank of Canada’s hand 2020/03/04 Mortgage Broker News
113 Robust home sales outpace low inventory in Metro Vancouver last month 2020/03/03 Western Investor
114 Luxury house prices slated to grow 2020/03/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
115 Judge backs condo board in banning online rentals 2020/03/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
116 BCREA Market Intelligence Report: Estimating the Impacts of the Speculation an 2020/03/03 BCREA
117 Developers meet needs of families kept from homeownership 2020/03/02 Mortgage Broker News
118 TRREB welcomes passing of TRESA and benefit for Realtors 2020/03/02 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
119 5 Reasons Why 2020 is The Year To Buy Real Estate 2020/02/29 REW
120 Destressing the 2020 Mortgage Stress Test 2020/02/28 REW
121 Commercial Activity Declined in 2019 Q4 2020/02/28 BCREA
122 What BCREA wants the government to do about money laundering 2020/02/28 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
123 Here’s What First-Time Home Buyers Will Pay in Closing Costs Across Ontario 2020/02/27 other
124 Berkshire Hathaway Home Services is coming to Canada 2020/02/27 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
125 Canada poised to break record for commercial property investment 2020/02/27 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
126 Plan budget, contingency inputs to anticipate future risks 2020/02/27 The Province
127 Aristotle 20203 84 Avenue Langley 173 homes in a 6-storey building by ML Empor 2020/02/27 The Province
128 Fierce tug-of-war dominating Toronto’s high-end housing market 2020/02/26 Mortgage Broker News
129 Mount Pleasant industrial site goes for $344 per buildable square foot 2020/02/26 Western Investor
130 396.8 acre site at 6583-6777 Sechelt Inlet Road Sechelt BC bought by Shishal 2020/02/26 Western Investor
131 Changing the stress test may raise credit risk for banks says Fitch 2020/02/26 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
132 BCREA Calls for Increased Federal-Provincial Cooperation to Tackle Money Laund 2020/02/26 BCREA
133 Stress test adjustment will have a minor impact at best 2020/02/26 Mortgage Broker News
134 Properly: Valuable tool or formidable opponent? 2020/02/26 REP
135 Vancouver developers launched 11k fewer condo units in 2019 versus 2018 2020/02/25 Livabl
136 Metro Vancouver’s luxury home prices forecast to slip further 2020/02/25 Western Investor
137 Is Toronto in a housing bubble? 2020/02/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
138 Investment on apartment construction up in 2019 2020/02/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
139 Is British Columbia’s condo industry about to fall off a cliff? 2020/02/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
140 Victoria housing market hovering at a more vulnerable state 2020/02/25 Mortgage Broker News
141 2019’s Most Searched Neighbourhoods in Vancouver and Toronto 2020/02/24 REW
142 Predicted drop in B.C. housing starts not due to demand: CMHC 2020/02/24 Western Investor
143 Metro Vancouver developers slash condo presale launches as demand drops 2020/02/24 The Vancouver Sun
144 This real estate market shows how fast things can change 2020/02/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
145 Redfin launches new service aimed at luxury housing market 2020/02/21 Mortgage Broker News
146 Bob Rennie cues builders on B.C.'s 'demographic crunch' 2020/02/21 The Vancouver Sun
147 How real estate marketing has changed 2020/02/20 REM
148 Easier Mortgage Stress Test Rate to Come in April 2020/02/20 other
149 Canadian mortgage industry welcomes stress test adjustment 2020/02/20 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
150 At tax time, get strata to consult with accountant 2020/02/20 The Province
151 University Height at The Crescent Squamish 51 single-family homes by Holborn Group 2020/02/20 The Province
152 ‘Savvy’ U.S. firms boost Canadian expansion plans for 2020 2020/02/19 Western Investor
153 BC to change tax thresholds to address the cost of living 2020/02/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
154 CIBC, RE/MAX join forces to help Canadian homebuyers 2020/02/19 REP
155 Impact of coronavirus on real estate will be “modest and temporary at most 2020/02/18 REM
156 Developer purchases land in Burnaby's Brentwood to be part of transformation 2020/02/18 The Province
157 BC condos struggle with insurance renewals 2020/02/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
158 Toronto vs. Vancouver: Which condo market makes more sense? 2020/02/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
159 BC home sales up almost 24% year-over-year in January 2020/02/14 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
160 Condo owners face huge bills from massive strata insurance rate hikes 2020/02/14 Vancouver Courier
161 eXp Realty opens NS operations in the next leg of Canadian expansion 2020/02/14 Mortgage Broker News
162 Some condo buildings unable to buy insurance 2020/02/14 The Province
163 Economic fallout from China’s coronavirus mounts around the world 2020/02/13 other
164 B.C. residential sales, prices jump year over year 2020/02/13 Western Investor
165 BC Housing Markets Off to a Strong Start in 2020 2020/02/13 BCREA
166 Canada’s tallest condo tower coming to downtown Toronto 2020/02/13 Mortgage Broker News
167 Two methods to obtain strata records 2020/02/13 The Province
168 Paradigm 3202 Riverwalk Avenue a 22 storey tower with 268 homes by Wesgroup Pr 2020/02/13 The Province
169 Metro Vancouver’s office vacancy rate to tighten further to record lows 2020/02/12 Western Investor
170 Most brokers say their market is "undervalued" says RE/MAX 2020/02/12 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
171 B.C. stratas on edge after reports of soaring insurance premiums 2020/02/11 The Province
172 Canada's most walkable cities according to Redfin 2020/02/11 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
173 Harry and Meghan have picked the right country report shows 2020/02/11 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
174 Vancouver's empty homes tax is working – city officials 2020/02/11 Mortgage Broker News
175 Landlords to return deposits faster under new BC rules 2020/02/10 REP
176 Canada created 34,500 jobs in January and they were all full time 2020/02/10 REP
177 Toronto market is heating up like early 2016 2020/02/10 REP