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This section is your ultimate resource for latest news and developments in real estate market of Vancouver , Burnaby , Richmond , New Westminster , Surrey and other cities of Fraser Valley. The articles posted here are handpicked by Real Estate Experts based on the fact that Buying or selling a property is a big decision and everyone should have access to all sources of information related to these deals in this ever changing real estate market of North America. We are always maintaining archives of the news articles and this content is searchable using the search functionality below. All the articles are always linked to the main source of the information.

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# Article Publish Date Source
1 Strata council can't make a policy change to how notice is issued or received 2018/04/19 The Province
2 Fraser Commons 725 Southeast Marine Drive 363 homes in the complex by Serracan 2018/04/19 The Province
3 Bank of Canada makes interest rate announcement 2018/04/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
4 B.C. market sustains sustain upward trend in prices 2018/04/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
5 Provincial government leaves mark on Vancouver housing market 2018/04/16 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
6 The Residences on Marine 1347 Marine Drive West Vancouver 16 condos in a 3 sto 2018/04/14 The Vancouver Sun
7 B.C. and United Church partner on affordable housing initiative 2018/04/14 The Vancouver Sun
8 B20 has tightened demand but done little for supply in BC 2018/04/13 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
9 Sales decline not reflected in prices 2018/04/13 REP
10 CREA releases national stats for March 2018/04/13 REP
11 B.C. government strikes ‘affordable housing’ deal with United Church of Canada 2018/04/13 Vancouver Courier
12 Policy Induced Demand Slide Does Little to Impact Supply 2018/04/12 BCREA
13 1 in 4 homebuyers pressured by stress test but spring still looks good 2018/04/12 REP
14 Nearly half of mortgages face renewal in 2018: CIBC 2018/04/12 The Vancouver Sun
15 Closely examine terms of pre-sale agreement 2018/04/12 The Province
16 The Links Residences 55 townhomes at 7979 152nd Street Surrey by Infinity Properties 2018/04/12 The Province
17 B.C. government forms Rental Housing Task Force 2018/04/11 Western Investor
18 Metro Van housing starts roar as sales go quiet 2018/04/11 Western Investor
19 AREAA Celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Fair Housing Act of 1968 2018/04/11 Asian Pacific Post
20 Canadian banks troubled by housing market slowdown, fintech 2018/04/11 REP
21 Vancouver tackling vacancy issue 2018/04/11 REP
22 2018 one of busiest years ever for Canadian brokers 2018/04/11 REP
23 Vancouver senior is 'collateral damage' of empty-home tax 2018/04/10 Western Investor
24 Vancouver and BC Taxes Guide from 2018 Budget 2018/04/09 other
25 City of Vancouver Empty Homes Tax FAQ 2018/04/09 other
26 Vancouver home sales slow down, but prices remain inflamed 2018/04/09 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
27 Apartment Source - Year End 2017 Highlights 2018/04/07 other
28 Edgemont Walk 1133 Ridgewood Drivee North Vancouver 24 townhomes by Boffo Properties 2018/04/07 The Vancouver Sun
29 Canada’s housing affordability improved except in Vancouver 2018/04/06 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
30 The Conference Board of Canada predicted that housing starts will decline by 2 2018/04/06 Mortgage Broker News
31 RBC's dire warning to Alberta deconstructed 2018/04/06 Mortgage Broker News
32 Cryptocurrency touted as gateway to deeper buyer pool 2018/04/06 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
33 Move over Walk Score - this tool provides accurate valuations 2018/04/06 REP
34 Luxury home sales are low and prices dropping in Toronto 2018/04/05 REP
35 Metro Vancouver home sales down nearly 30 per cent in March 2018/04/05 The Vancouver Sun
36 Lower Mainland condo prices soar but there are signs of softness at the top end 2018/04/05 The Vancouver Sun
37 Stratas can’t ignore B.C. regulations 2018/04/05 The Province
38 Landmark on Robson 237 suites in two high-rise towers at 1400 Robson Street by 2018/04/05 The Province
39 Nanos Canadian Confidence Index continued to tumble in March 2018/04/04 REP
40 Higher-priced house markets nailed by tax hike 2018/04/04 Western Investor
41 Montreal - the tallest residential tower in the city will be built by Broccoli 2018/04/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
42 Juwai real estate portal has made a deal with to start selling homes online 2018/04/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
43 Detached home buyers need 53% down payment says DBRS 2018/04/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
44 Government may inadvertently damage B.C.'s housing sector 2018/04/02 REP
45 Brokers expect major tax impact for BC housing market 2018/04/02 REP
46 The Links Residences 7979 152 Street Surrey 55 townhouses next to Guildford Go 2018/03/31 The Vancouver Sun
47 Backlash keeps blistering B.C. government 2018/03/29 Mortgage Broker News
48 Repair claims require strict oversight 2018/03/29 The Province
49 Canopy 302 townhomes by Tynehead Park at 9718 161A Street Surrey by StreetSide 2018/03/29 The Province
50 B.C. and Vancouver home taxes: Some in the city will pay twice 2018/03/29 The Province
51 BCREA calls for more clarity on speculation tax 2018/03/28 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
52 B.C. clarifies speculation tax provisions 2018/03/28 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
53 Rents fall in Canada’s priciest cities – including Vancouver, Burnaby 2018/03/27 Western Investor
54 B.C. government folds under pressure 2018/03/27 REP
55 BC government says less than 1% will face speculation tax 2018/03/27 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
56 Speculation Tax: Clarity Appreciated; More Needed 2018/03/27 BCREA
57 Supreme Court approves permits on massive Gibsons development 2018/03/26 Western Investor
58 Failure to disclose murder costs homeowner 2018/03/25 REP
59 Fraser Commons 725 Southeast Marine Drive Vancouver 363 homes in four building 2018/03/24 The Vancouver Sun
60 Perfect storm of factors could push down home values, leave those who purchase 2018/03/24 The Vancouver Sun
61 B.C. privacy commissioner says landlords overstepping bounds 2018/03/22 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
62 Jolt of reality when dealing with EVs 2018/03/22 The Province
63 Main and Twentieth by Landa Global Properties 42 homes at 209 East 20th Avenue 2018/03/22 The Province
64 Virtually sold: Advancements in virtual staging software 2018/03/21 REM
65 West Vancouver council looking to curb monster mansions 2018/03/20 Western Investor
66 Barclay Street home in West End for sale for almost $7 million 2018/03/20 The Province
67 Eight-year high for uninsured mortgages 2018/03/20 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
68 How to sell houses stigmatized by murder, suicide 2018/03/19 REP
69 Uninsured mortgages buck housing trends across country 2018/03/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
70 National home price index posts first February decline for 5 years 2018/03/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
71 Landmark on Robson a twin tower development of 237 suites at 1400 Robson Stree 2018/03/17 The Vancouver Sun
72 A Tale Of Two Markets 2018/03/16 The Vancouver Sun
73 Victoria realtor gets tepid response to speculation-tax home-selling ad 2018/03/16 The Province
74 Kelowna latest municipality to raise the alarm about 'damaging' B.C. speculation tax 2018/03/16 The Province
75 Condo for 35 bitcoins? How one Canadian property agent brought cryptos to the 2018/03/16 The Vancouver Sun
76 B.C. cracking down on suspicious real estate activity 2018/03/16 REP
77 'Secret' document reveals government confusion about debt crisis 2018/03/16 REP
78 New anonymous tipline for reporting real estate misconduct 2018/03/15 other
79 Judge rules Vancouver West End condo, Barclay Terrace at 1075 Barclay Street, 2018/03/15 The Vancouver Sun
80 Tighter lending restrictions are making an impact in BC 2018/03/15 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
81 B.C.'s new tax sparks fears of damaged economies across province 2018/03/15 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
82 Toronto, Vancouver trending in opposite direction from rest of country 2018/03/15 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
83 New mortgage rules behind slide in B.C. home sales 2018/03/15 The Vancouver Sun
84 Strata council obliged to give residents notice of expense issues as soon as possible 2018/03/15 The Province
85 Fairwyas 22 townhomes in four buildings at 303 171 Street Surrey by Zenterra D 2018/03/15 The Province
86 BC home sales see double digit decline since introduction of stricter mortgage rules 2018/03/14 other
87 New Mortgage Qualification Rules Temper Housing Demand 2018/03/14 BCREA
88 Undisclosed Shaughnessy gangland murder quashes deal 2018/03/14 REP
89 Tough mortgage rules reason for drop in housing demand 2018/03/14 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
90 Moody’s Investors Service has warned that Canada’s banking system is faci 2018/03/13 Mortgage Broker News
91 GTHA luxury market unrecognizable this year 2018/03/13 REP
92 Condos, rental apartments lead home construction 2018/03/12 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
93 Don’t Let Keyword Stuffing Kill Your SEO 2018/03/12 other
94 Canopy 9718 161A Street Surrey 302 townhomes by StreetSide Developments 2018/03/10 The Vancouver Sun
95 Six False Creek affordable housing lots still empty after three decades 2018/03/10 The Vancouver Sun
96 Tsawwassen Mills shopping centre is attracted shoppers and real estate developers 2018/03/09 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
97 Real estate experts in British Columbia predict residential home sales will di 2018/03/09 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
98 BC Housing Demand To Slow Through 2019 2018/03/09 BCREA
99 Housing supply-demand gap largest in Toronto and Vancouver, says CHMC 2018/03/08 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
100 Over 98% of Vancouver homeowners declare for Empty Homes Tax 2018/03/08 REP
101 Vancouver has highest construction costs in Canada 2018/03/08 Western Investor
102 B.C. may revise new tax 2018/03/08 REP
103 Stress test effect is showing nationwide says RBC 2018/03/08 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
104 Thousands face empty homes tax in Vancouver as declaration deadline passes 2018/03/08 The Vancouver Sun
105 Hillcrest at Sullivan Ridge 29 single family homes at 6119 146 Street Surrey B 2018/03/08 The Province
106 B.C.'s finance minister appears ready to tweak housing speculation tax 2018/03/08 The Province
107 Chinese buyers aren't quitting Canadian homes any time soon 2018/03/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
108 Bank of Canada makes interest rate announcement 2018/03/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
109 Empty Homes Tax registers 8,481 vacant, exempt or undeclared homes in Vancouver 2018/03/07 Vancouver Courier
110 More than 2,000 homeowners to be taxed under Vancouver's empty homes tax 2018/03/07 The Vancouver Sun
111 Crucial to keep conflicts in the open 2018/03/07 Times Colonist
112 Murder, suicide, ghosts…What must be disclosed? 2018/03/05 REM
113 Spire Development has announced its new 95-unit energy-friendly apartment 2018/03/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
114 Vancouver feeling mortgage changes, interest rates 2018/03/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
115 Trends in condo design driven by residents' needs 2018/03/03 The Vancouver Sun
116 Evolv35 at 312 Moody Avenue North Vancouver has legal suite rentals known as 2018/03/03 The Vancouver Sun
117 Main and Twentieth 42 homes at 209 East 20th Avenue by Landa Global Properties 2018/03/03 The Vancouver Sun
118 Vancouver home sales fall in February amid mortgage, interest rate changes 2018/03/03 The Vancouver Sun
119 Ground broken on Fairview project at 725-799 West 14th Avenue 2018/03/03 The Vancouver Sun
120 The west continues to lead provincial growth 2018/03/01 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
121 Property Transfer Tax Calculator 2018/03/01 other
122 Strata corporation must turn over copies of requested documents 2018/03/01 The Province
123 Hensley 264 homes in a 33 storey tower at 450 Westview Street Coquitlam by Cre 2018/03/01 The Province
124 Juwai reveals 'Top 10 Chinese Buyer Picks for 2017' report 2018/02/28 other
125 B.C.’s new taxes on $3M homes could lean hard on Vancouver’s west side, maps show 2018/02/28 other
126 Canada among four record-breaking countries in 2017 2018/02/28 REP
127 Modular housing plan on city-owned land currently used as an off-leash dog par 2018/02/28 The Vancouver Sun
128 Smart REITs are playing the land development card 2018/02/27 Western Investor
129 Chinese government takes control of Canadian real estate assets 2018/02/26 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
130 B.C.'s real estate taxes to impact activity in southern areas 2018/02/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
131 Fairways 303 171 Street Surrey 22 townhomes backing on Peace Portal Golf Cours 2018/02/24 The Vancouver Sun
132 Metro Vancouver directors torn on controversial Hazelmere development in south Surrey 2018/02/24 The Vancouver Sun
133 10-year ‘tax holiday’ for buyers at Customs House draws fire 2018/02/23 Times Colonist