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This section is your ultimate resource for latest news and developments in real estate market of Vancouver , Burnaby , Richmond , New Westminster , Surrey and other cities of Fraser Valley. The articles posted here are handpicked by Real Estate Experts based on the fact that Buying or selling a property is a big decision and everyone should have access to all sources of information related to these deals in this ever changing real estate market of North America. We are always maintaining archives of the news articles and this content is searchable using the search functionality below. All the articles are always linked to the main source of the information.

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# Article Publish Date Source
1 Strata rules oversee common facilities 2019/02/14 The Province
2 Redfin comes to Canada with full-service agents in Toronto 2019/02/13 REP
3 New brokerage entices recruits with unique incentives 2019/02/13 REP
4 Red tape is a major influence in Vancouver’s housing scarcity 2019/02/13 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
5 No housing-related ‘brain drain’ from Metro Vancouver, says analyst 2019/02/11 Western Investor
6 Canada’s housing starts remained steady in January 2019/02/11 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
7 Stress testing is a much-needed 'margin of safety' – OSFI 2019/02/11 REP
8 Vancouver's empty homes tax visibly improved vacancy rates, supply 2019/02/11 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
9 Centra 13868 101 Avenue Surrey 24 storey highrise with 167 homes by Everst Group 2019/02/09 The Vancouver Sun
10 Multifamily building permits hit a record high in December 2019/02/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
11 Centra 13852 101 Avenue Surrey 167 homes in a 23 storey tower by Everest Group 2019/02/07 The Province
12 Avani Centre 13586 98 Avenue Surrey 181 homes in a 30 storey tower by Avani In 2019/02/07 The Province
13 Owner's insurance claim can't be blocked 2019/02/07 The Province
14 University District South Tower 10448 University Drive Surrey 431 homes in a 3 2019/02/07 The Province
15 How much have Metro Vancouver homes dropped in value? (INFOGRAPHICS) 2019/02/06 Western Investor
16 Vancouver is a "victim of its own success" says Avison Young 2019/02/06 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
17 Mortgage rules are the prudent approach to underwriting says OSFI 2019/02/06 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
18 This has never happened in the Fraser Valley before 2019/02/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
19 Metro Vancouver has posted the lowest January sales since 2009 2019/02/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
20 Bluebird Self Storage says self-storage market in Canada is underserved 2019/02/05 REM
21 Vancouver home sales fall nearly 40 per cent in January, as prices pull back 2019/02/05 The Province
22 Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver reports another sharp drop in monthly sales 2019/02/04 other
23 Zillow: Fear or the future? 2019/02/04 REM
24 The luxury market’s legs have weakened somewhat 2019/02/04 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
25 Home listings increase while buyers remain in holding pattern 2019/02/04 other
26 Troubled Bitcoin trader QuadrigaCX takes another bizarre turn 2019/02/03 The Province
27 10 Plums Upper Delbrook, District of North Vancouver 10 single family homes 4, 2019/02/02 The Vancouver Sun
28 5 ways to protect yourself and your clients 2019/01/31 REM
29 Falling Vancouver condo prices could spell big trouble for pre-construction buyers 2019/01/31 other
30 Vancouver's single-family homes are now mostly out of reach 2019/01/31 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
31 Vancouver house prices still a shocker 2019/01/31 The Globe and Mail
32 Toronto takes next step to increase affordable housing 2019/01/31 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
33 Review members' duties at the start of each year 2019/01/31 The Province
34 Akimbo a 40 storey tower with 350 homes at 4295 Dawson Street Burnaby by Imani 2019/01/31 The Province
35 Residential property investment to taper off this year - BoC 2019/01/30 Mortgage Broker News
36 Rental demand grows amid rising rates, housing regulations 2019/01/30 Mortgage Broker News
37 Vancouver immigrants spend $820K more on their homes 2019/01/30 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
38 Vancouver office vacancy drops to lowest level since 2008 2019/01/29 Western Investor
39 Loblaws City Market to anchor massive downtown Vancouver post office redevelopment 2019/01/28 Western Investor
40 M3 announces pre-qualification tool, partnership with Purplebricks 2019/01/28 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
41 Winnipeg 14-storey residential building underway this year 2019/01/28 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
42 National sales had the worst decline in 10 years 2019/01/28 REP
43 Housing affordability key issue for upcoming federal election 2019/01/28 REP
44 Zillow fights back against Canadian critics 2019/01/28 REM
45 The Grand at Willow Creek 27358 32nd Avenue Langley 47 one-to-three-bedroom ho 2019/01/26 The Vancouver Sun
46 Oops, sorry about destroying the economy 2019/01/24 Western Investor
47 B.C.'s young professionals are packing up for greener pastures 2019/01/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
48 MPC calls out feds negative impact on housing market 2019/01/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
49 Government recommendations don’t apply to short-term rentals 2019/01/24 The Province
50 Haven 33 three and four bedroom townhomes at 3331 148th Street Surrey by Park 2019/01/24 The Province
51 Here’s the rising number of condo projects expected to flood Greater Vancouv 2019/01/23 other
52 Was real estate a good investment in 2018? 2019/01/23 REM
53 Multi-family rental market booms as demand chases short supply 2019/01/23 Western Investor
54 Feds’ mortgage policies ‘deny homeownership’ to young Canadians: report 2019/01/23 Western Investor
55 Which home features most interest buyers? 2019/01/23 REP
56 Technology disrupts commercial real estate 2019/01/23 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
57 B.C.'s new speculation tax irks even those who don’t pay it 2019/01/22 Western Investor
58 Richmond man accused of cleaning millions of dollars through real estate 2019/01/22 Western Investor
59 Vancouver condo prices negate half a year's worth of gains 2019/01/22 Mortgage Broker News
60 Park George 13778 100 Avenue Surrey 337 homes in a 36 storey tower by Concord Pacific 2019/01/22 other
61 Signs of moderation showing in Victoria says VREB 2019/01/21 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
62 Chinese listings site adds focus on retiring in Canada 2019/01/21 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
63 BC homeowners given deadline to apply for speculation tax exemption 2019/01/20 REP
64 Metro Vancouver residential price decline will bottom in 2019, then reverse: f 2019/01/18 Western Investor
65 More condo project cancellations may be on the way in Vancouver this year, dev 2019/01/18 other
66 Canada lost 13,000 jobs last month says ADP 2019/01/18 REP
67 More rate cuts expected following RBC move 2019/01/18 REP
68 Vacancy Tax Explained 2019/01/18 other
69 The number one reason BC home sales nosedived in 2018, according to the provin 2019/01/17 other
70 Seniors housing touted as 2019's safest investment 2019/01/17 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
71 Ontario Collective and Ontario Regional Technology & Information Systems to merge 2019/01/17 REM
72 Redfin to launch in Canada in March 2019/01/17 REM
73 Vacancy Tax explanation from city of Vancouver 2019/01/17 other
74 RBC cuts 5-year fixed mortgage rate 2019/01/17 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
75 Condo Smarts: Unit-entitlement errors not uncommon 2019/01/17 The Province
76 Cedar Ridge 70 Seaview Drive Port Moody 28 three and four bedroom townhomes by 2019/01/17 The Province
77 In Canada's housing slowdown, Vancouver proves to be the weakest link 2019/01/16 The Vancouver Sun
78 Canadian home prices post biggest decline since 1995. So what’s next? 2019/01/15 other
79 How B-20 impacts family-sized condos 2019/01/15 Mortgage Broker News
80 Transactions hit 18-year low in Vancouver 2019/01/15 Mortgage Broker News
81 US real estate brokerage disruptor to launch in Canada 2019/01/15 REP
82 Reverse mortgage demand hits 8-year high 2019/01/15 Mortgage Magazine
83 Montreal's luxury market attracts outsized sales activity 2019/01/15 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
84 Ins and outs of vendor take-backs 2019/01/15 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
85 Home prices trended lower in the second half of last year 2019/01/15 REP
86 BC Home Sales Decline 25% in 2018 2019/01/15 BCREA
87 High cost of housing sparks exodus from Vancouver 2019/01/14 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
88 Canada’s home prices recovering from "significant correction" 2019/01/14 REP
89 Canadian House Prices To Drop As 'Huge' Wave Of New Homes Arrives: Report 2019/01/13 other
90 Interest rates might remain flat until next year 2019/01/13 REP
91 Vancouver office market's strength at a record high 2019/01/13 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
92 The waning of Vancouver and the waxing of Toronto 2019/01/13 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
93 This BC city just saw its biggest homebuilding boom since 1976 - will it conti 2019/01/12 other
94 Akimbo 4295 Dawson Street 350 homes in a 40 storey tower by Imani Development 2019/01/12 The Vancouver Sun
95 What you need to know about claiming the principal residence exemption on the 2019/01/12 The Vancouver Sun
96 Commercial buildings drive permit growth with 11-year high 2019/01/11 REP
97 HomeEquity Bank reports 26% rise in reverse mortgage originations 2019/01/11 REP
98 Montreal prices accelerate as sales reach new record 2019/01/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
99 GGH region forecast to lead growth in new home sales 2019/01/10 REP
100 Despite concerns there could be 2 rate rises in 2019 2019/01/10 REP
101 Survey owners before proceeding with plan to sell suite 2019/01/10 The Province
102 COURT 153 homes at 2814 Gladwin Road two 6 storey buildings by Heinrichs Developments 2019/01/10 The Province
103 Bank of Canada announces interest rate decision 2019/01/09 REP
104 Montreal closes out 2018 with a new record high 2019/01/09 REP
105 Disruption from adopting new tech is inevitable, but it can be managed 2019/01/09 REP
106 Fraser Valley home sales hit 5-year-low last year 2019/01/08 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
107 Radon: what you need to know 2019/01/08 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
108 Canadians view murkier fiscal, economic prospects in 2019 2019/01/08 REP
109 How to launch a real estate career 2019/01/07 REM
110 Vancouver home sales fall to lowest point since 2000 2019/01/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
111 Toronto posts 16% decline in sales for 2018 2019/01/07 REP
112 I’m grateful for these 5 things in the real estate industry 2019/01/07 REM
113 Home sales plummet in the Tri-Cities 2019/01/04 other
114 Real estate is poised for a tech disruption in 2019 2019/01/04 REP
115 FINTRAC Publishes its First Assessment on Terrorist Activity Financing 2019/01/04 other
116 Vancouver home sales fall to lowest yearly total in 18 years, detached home pr 2019/01/04 The Province
117 Metro condo market at odds with gains in property assessment 2019/01/04 The Province
118 Metro Vancouver home sales decline below historical averages in 2018 2019/01/03 other
119 Fraser Valley can expect "modest" tax assessment change 2019/01/03 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
120 Clarity needed on possible change to rental bylaws 2019/01/03 The Province
121 B.C.’s five most expensive neighbourhoods 2019/01/03 The Province
122 Some Metro homes see decline in assessed value 2019/01/03 The Vancouver Sun
123 British Columbia’s most expensive homes took a value hit in 2018 2019/01/02 other
124 Technology to play bigger role in real estate transactions 2019/01/02 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
125 Vancouver Home Prices Fall Most Since 2008, Extending Declines 2019/01/02 REP
126 The hottest Canadian real estate market in 2019 will be… 2019/01/01 REP
127 Only 2 out of 10 first-time buyers in BC covered their downpayments by themsel 2018/12/31 other
128 Crash? Recovery? 4 Things That Will (And Won’t) Happen In Canada’s Housing 2018/12/30 other
129 Real estate agent barred over sexual messages, offering tenants weed 2018/12/22 other
130 The biggest real estate stories of 2018 2018/12/20 REP
131 Demand surges for strata office space 2018/12/20 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
132 Vancouver empty homes tax to help homeowners, renters 2018/12/20 REP
133 BC’s housing market is in a full-out recession, but it’s not all bad news 2018/12/19 other
134 BC housing market to remain subdued says Central 1 2018/12/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
135 Commercial Real Estate: 20-per-cent drop in commercial property sales 2018/12/18 The Vancouver Sun
136 B.C. housing market in 'mild recession' likely thru 2021: Report 2018/12/18 The Province
137 CIBC economists question BoC’s view of housing market 2018/12/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
138 Sales decline looms large 2018/12/17 Canadian Real Estate Wealth