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This section is your ultimate resource for latest news and developments in real estate market of Vancouver , Burnaby , Richmond , New Westminster , Surrey and other cities of Fraser Valley. The articles posted here are handpicked by Real Estate Experts based on the fact that Buying or selling a property is a big decision and everyone should have access to all sources of information related to these deals in this ever changing real estate market of North America. We are always maintaining archives of the news articles and this content is searchable using the search functionality below. All the articles are always linked to the main source of the information.

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# Article Publish Date Source
1 Council goes against strata act 2019/07/18 The Province
2 Council goes against strata act 2019/07/18 The Province
3 Orchard Park has 80 townhomes located at 16650 25A Avenue Surrey developed by 2019/07/18 The Province
4 Presale condo project sales rates hit new lows in Metro Vancouver 2019/07/18 The Province
5 BC home sales constrained by static qualifying mortgage rate 2019/07/16 Mortgage Broker News
6 Canadian home sales were flat last month says CREA 2019/07/16 Mortgage Broker News
7 Legal issues to consider when buying a cottage 2019/07/16 REM
8 Lone Wolf partners with REW 2019/07/15 REM
9 What’s New in Speculation and Vacancy Tax 2019/07/13 other
10 Southgate 2627 Gore Street Kelowna 19 homes in a 4 storey building by Teano holdings 2019/07/13 The Vancouver Sun
11 Vancouver axes rental developments in White Rock despite near-zero vacancy rates 2019/07/12 Mortgage Broker News
12 Foreign owners, non-residents pay most of BC speculation tax 2019/07/12 REP
13 New house prices down slightly after 3 months unchanged 2019/07/12 REP
14 The Big Picture: Average Rental Prices Across the Country 2019/07/11 other
15 BoC notes improvement in housing market as interest rates hold 2019/07/11 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
16 Wording of any bylaw vote resolution must be included with the meeting notice 2019/07/11 The Province
17 Aalto 76 three and four bedroom townhomes at 1228 Hudson Street Coquitlam by I 2019/07/11 The Province
18 Interest Rates Stay Steady At 1.75% in BoC July Announcement 2019/07/10 other
19 Sold data availability causing surge of exclusive listings 2019/07/10 REP
20 Toronto, Vancouver tied for lowest office vacancy rate in NA 2019/07/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
21 Purplebrick real estate company pulls out of US market 2019/07/10 other
22 Toronto among fastest-growing flexible workspace markets 2019/07/09 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
23 Almost two out of five Toronto condos are not owner-occupied 2019/07/09 Mortgage Broker News
24 Fraud, real estate laundering are exploiting the same vulnerabilities 2019/07/09 Mortgage Broker News
25 The Impact of the B20 Stress Test on BC Home Sales in 2018 2019/07/09 BCREA
26 The Awesome Appeal of Pre-Sale Condos 2019/07/08 REW
27 Even starter condos are tough to sell in Vancouver right now 2019/07/08 Livabl
28 Launch date and other info about First Time Home Buyer Incentive 2019/07/08 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
29 The News 34375 Gladys Avenue Abbotsford 282 homes in two 6 storey buildings by 2019/07/06 The Vancouver Sun
30 Vancouver council continues Vision's crisis management of development 2019/07/06 The Vancouver Sun
31 Victoria council eyes rezoning 500 buildings into forever rentals 2019/07/06 The Vancouver Sun
32 Vancouver housing falls further while Toronto prices climb higher 2019/07/05 Livabl
33 Toronto condo apartment rentals up 15% in June 2019/07/05 REP
34 The mansion owner at 1138 Matthews Avenue, listed by Sonja Pedersen of Remax C 2019/07/05 CBC Radio
35 The $22.5 billion drop: Figures show Vancouver real estate coming 'back to rea 2019/07/05 The Vancouver Sun
36 Advances in mortgage tech should keep humans in the loop 2019/07/05 Mortgage Broker News
37 The owner of 1138 Matthews Avenue fighting vacancy tax bill 2019/07/05 The Vancouver Sun
38 Home sales remain well below historical levels in the Fraser Valley 2019/07/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
39 Victoria’s residential market posts a subdued performance in June 2019/07/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
40 Blockchain for real estate is taking very slow steps to success 2019/07/05 REP
41 Marketing For Agents: Seven Marketing Habits of Effective Agents 2019/07/04 REW
42 June Home Sales Continue Double-Digit Growth as Listings Stay Flat 2019/07/04 other
43 Stubborn Vancouver home sellers aren’t dropping their list prices 2019/07/04 Livabl
44 Vancouver home sales post weakest June in almost 20 years 2019/07/04 Mortgage Broker News
45 Condo Smarts: No one answer to water damage issues 2019/07/04 The Province
46 Boardwalk 19 three bedroom townhomes at 4294 Wolf Way Tsawwassen by Aquilini T 2019/07/04 The Province
47 Greater Vancouver homes for sale stockpile as buyers slow, prices slide: report 2019/07/04 The Province
48 Housing supply up, home sales and prices down in June 2019/07/04 REBGV
49 Owners of controversial site in Shaughnessy to build single mansion instead of 2019/07/03 The Vancouver Sun
50 1 in 13 Vancouver families can afford homeownership 2019/07/03 REP
51 Young adults among the groups most vulnerable in the housing market 2019/07/03 Mortgage Broker News
52 Toronto is still the number 1 Canadian migration city 2019/07/02 REP
53 Debt servicing growing harder for more and more Canadians 2019/07/02 Mortgage Broker News
54 Only 7% of Vancouver families can afford homeownership 2019/07/02 Mortgage Broker News
55 Orchard Park 16650 25A Avenue Surrey 80 two and three towhhomes by StreetSide 2019/07/02 The Vancouver Sun
56 Making sense of Vancouver's luxury condo market 2019/07/02 The Province
57 Eagleview heights 464 Eaglecrest Drive Gibsons 87 condos and townhomes by TCD 2019/06/29 The Vancouver Sun
58 Lower construction employment coincided with fewer starts 2019/06/28 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
59 Economics Mortgage Rate Forecast 2019/06/28 BCREA
60 BC government leads by example on green buildings 2019/06/28 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
61 BC home sales will surge in 2020: forecast 2019/06/27 Livabl
62 Difficult for stratas to put limits on proxies 2019/06/27 The Province
63 Amber 633 West King Edward Avenue 31 one, two and three bedroom homes by Arago 2019/06/27 The Province
64 Cushman & Wakefield aims to revolutionize CRE search 2019/06/26 REP
65 New regulations might benefit Vancouver long-term rental supply 2019/06/26 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
66 now in the Okanagan 2019/06/26 REW
67 Slower growth for new condo prices in Q1 says StatsCan 2019/06/25 Mortgage Broker News
68 Toronto’s 'Google City' will get $1.3 billion investment 2019/06/25 REP
69 Slower growth for new condo prices in Q1 says StatsCan 2019/06/25 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
70 Condo incentives ramp up, but can they save slow-selling projects? 2019/06/24 Western Investor
71 Purplebricks poised to expand in Canada 2019/06/24 REM
72 Investment in multifamily construction reaches new heights 2019/06/24 REP
73 Political unrest in Hong Kong is bad news for Vancouver millennials 2019/06/24 Mortgage Broker News
74 AutoProp is now available to 18,000 realtors – a MyLTSA product 2019/06/24 REP
75 Owners aren’t actually present in nearly half of Vancouver’s condos 2019/06/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
76 Magnum Projects’ new development Soleil in White rock offers 8% return on do 2019/06/24 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
77 Owner of $24 million Point Grey home goes to court to fight $249,000 vacancy tax bill 2019/06/22 The Vancouver Sun
78 Where Can the First-Time Home Buyer Incentive Be Used in Toronto? INFOGRAPHIC 2019/06/21 other
79 B.C. money-laundering estimates may be wildly off the mark, admits report author 2019/06/21 Western Investor
80 These 2 Canadian housing markets keep reaching new all-time price highs 2019/06/20 Livabl
81 Vancouver office building managers’ response to homeless people has shifted 2019/06/20 Western Investor
82 Several options are available to address needed repairs 2019/06/20 The Province
83 Which Metro Vancouver areas are still seeing strong real estate sales? 2019/06/19 Western Investor
84 Lower Mainland CRE sales down sharply in first quarter 2019/06/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
85 Pent up demand will drive BC home sales in 2020 2019/06/19 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
86 BC home sales increased last month despite stress test struggles 2019/06/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
87 Ottawa to help first time buyers lower mortgage payments 2019/06/18 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
88 Many Canadian provinces unprepared to house Hong Kong expats 2019/06/18 Mortgage Broker News
89 BC Home Sales to Rise in 2020 2019/06/18 BCREA
90 B.C. farm families caught in housing limbo with tighter ALR rules 2019/06/17 The Vancouver Sun
91 Time to ditch that parking spot 2019/06/17 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
92 CREA Updates Forecast as Sales Return to Normalcy in May 2019/06/17 other
93 Vancouver leads major global markets for office rent growth 2019/06/17 REP
94 Canadian home sales returned to historical average last month 2019/06/17 REP
95 New details emerge about federal First-Time Home Buyer Incentive 2019/06/16 other
96 Greater Vancouver commercial real estate sales down 49%: Altus Group 2019/06/14 Vancouver Courier
97 BC Home Sales on the Rise in May 2019/06/14 BCREA
98 Feds announce $10M for RCMP to fight money laundering after ministers' meeting 2019/06/13 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
99 new school tax calculation for properties over $3M in BC 2019/06/13 other
100 Chinese crime baron linked to major laundering operation in BC 2019/06/13 Mortgage Broker News
101 Millennials need a major home price drop or sharp wage increase 2019/06/13 REP
102 Condo Smarts: Council has a duty to keep building secure 2019/06/13 The Province
103 HonestDoor website offers Edmonton sold prices, history 2019/06/12 REM
104 Legions 13525 106th Avenue Surrey a 20 storey mixed use building and a 26 stor 2019/06/12 Western Investor
105 BC leads permits to record high but there’s a good reason why 2019/06/11 REP
106 CRA issues warning about real estate investment schemes 2019/06/11 REP
107 Beware of real estate investment schemes promising tax write-offs, warns CRA 2019/06/11 Western Investor
108 Down payments are the biggest fear for first-time buyers 2019/06/10 REP
109 Sotheby’s International Realty Canada franchise rights sold 2019/06/10 REP
110 May housing starts cause for concern? 2019/06/10 REP
111 Market collapse appears less likely says RBC 2019/06/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
112 Vancouver commercial investment is not having a good 2019 so far 2019/06/10 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
113 Vancouver’s luxury home market is very attractive because you can dump your 2019/06/09 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
114 Millennials are buying recreational property rather than a main home 2019/06/07 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
115 Vancouver condo launches picked up steam in May after slow April 2019/06/07 Livabl
116 Toronto is steadily becoming a sellers’ market - TREB analysis 2019/06/06 Mortgage Broker News
117 Running a brokerage is harder than you think 2019/06/06 Mortgage Broker News
118 Single-family detached homes give boost to Fraser Valley sales 2019/06/06 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
119 Developer postpones pre-sales for high-rise towers in Burnaby and Coquitlam 2019/06/06 The Province
120 Condo Smarts: Strata act spells out rules regarding interest 2019/06/06 The Province
121 Toppen Ridge 24 two and three bedroom townhomes at 237 Ridgeway Avenue North V 2019/06/06 The Province
122 CLIPoints to Stabilizing Commercial Activity in 2019 Q1 2019/06/05 BCREA
123 Toronto-Area Average Home Prices Up 3.6% From Last May 2019/06/05 other
124 Aragon Properties to build condos before opening sales 2019/06/05 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
125 65-storey Burnaby tower at two Gilmore Place will be tallest in region 2019/06/05 The Vancouver Sun
126 How to lose money developing a big-city casino 2019/06/04 Vancouver Courier
127 All levels of government inflaming housing crisis: Ipsos poll 2019/06/04 Mortgage Broker News
128 BC’s housing market to bounce back from Vancouver price correction by 2021 2019/06/03 Livabl
129 Ottawa needs more commercial space to avoid economic risk 2019/06/03 REP
130 GTA new home sales jumped 123% in April 2019/06/03 REP
131 Seniors’ housing segment across Canada in flux 2019/06/02 Mortgage Broker News
132 Unlicensed broker arranges $511.6 million in mortgages 2019/06/02 Mortgage Broker News
133 Conditions in BC not conducive to housing activity – analysis 2019/06/02 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
134 Conditions in BC not conducive to housing activity – analysis 2019/06/02 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
135 Toronto Is The Fastest-Growing City In U.S. And Canada, And That’s Not Good 2019/06/01 other
136 Willow + Oak 11272 240th Street Maple Ridge 54 two, three and four bedroom tow 2019/06/01 The Vancouver Sun
137 Realtors reeling as Vancouver real estate frenzy ends 2019/05/31 other
138 Only the 1% can afford a house in Vancouver today 2019/05/30 Livabl
139 LandlordBC on Burnaby's rental policy: 'The numbers just aren't going to work' 2019/05/30 Western Investor
140 Principal Residence + Short-Term Rentals + Resale = Capital Gains Tax 2019/05/30 REW
141 6 Apps that make home buying a smooth and convenient experience 2019/05/30 REW
142 Metro renters pummelled by demovictions and gentrification 2019/05/30 The Vancouver Sun
143 Stress test responsible for $8b decline in low-rise construction in 2019 2019/05/30 REP
144 CRA identifies over $1b in tax evasion since 2015 2019/05/30 Mortgage Broker News
145 Strata looks for guidance over federal election signs 2019/05/30 Times Colonist
146 Kira 116 one, two and three bedroom homes in a six-storey wood frame building 2019/05/30 The Province
147 Equitable Bank Q1 growth supported by alternative lending activity 2019/05/29 Mortgage Broker News
148 Current policy regime is stifling BC home resales – analysis 2019/05/29 Mortgage Broker News
149 B-20 will kill $8b worth of new low-rise construction in 2019 2019/05/29 Mortgage Broker News
150 Economist forecasts stability to return to Metro Vancouver's detached housing market 2019/05/29 The Province
151 New website informs buyers of homes' last sold price 2019/05/29 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
152 Mixed-use developments in Metro Vancouver are ripe for investment 2019/05/29 REP
153 ‘Marshmallow soft’ B.C. home sales to fall 11 per cent, prices to keep sli 2019/05/28 Western Investor
154 Regional condo sales trends continue to diverge 2019/05/27 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
155 Metro Vancouver's urban enclaves promise even more investment 2019/05/27 Canadian Real Estate Wealth
156 Seaside 4638 Orca Way Tsawwassen 125 two, three and four bedroom rowhomes by Mosaic 2019/05/25 The Vancouver Sun
157 Starchitects still coming with big designs to change Vancouver skyline 2019/05/25 The Vancouver Sun
158 Developers step up quirky incentive game to lure new condo buyers 2019/05/24 Western Investor
159 Latest Vancouver real estate pitch: Free wine for a year with pre-sale condo purchase 2019/05/24 The Vancouver Sun
160 Developers hit pause on riskier, highrise condo projects: Urban Analytics 2019/05/24 The Vancouver Sun
161 First Time homebuyer Land Transfer Tax Rebate 2019/05/24 other
162 High-stakes Burnaby bowling-alley sale, unenforceable, ‘tainted by illegalit 2019/05/23 Western Investor
163 How Have Ontario Home Prices Changed Since the Introduction of the Fair Housing Plan? 2019/05/23 other
164 Developers could possess information about money launderers 2019/05/23 Mortgage Broker News
165 Amid taxes, values of Metro Vancouver properties fall substantially 2019/05/23 Mortgage Broker News
166 Variations apply to strata rental bylaws 2019/05/23 The Province
167 Cedar walk at Lelem 140 apartments and townhomes at 5410 Shortcut Road by Poly 2019/05/23 The Province